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“Why Can’t I Make A Pandaren!”

If you find yourself yelling into the night the title of this post, “Why Can’t I Make a Pandaren?!” then you are probably in the same boat as me.  Luckily for some, patience shall be rewarded!  You have, at this moment, fifty-seven minutes until Mists of Pandaria launches.  So, if you are like me and got the game at a Midnight release (though you might have already done this last expansion and that xpack turned out god-awful >.>), you still have to wait just a little longer, yall.

You’ll get in soon enough.

Mists of Pandaria Enjoyment Tip: Give It Three Days

The most common problem with games, namely MMOs, is a toss-up between Burn Out and Lack of Content.  As MoP is an expansion I hope this is more or less immune, but as new game releases have clearly shown (Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3) a great deal of things can go very, very wrong and *fast*.

My advice to avoid all that, and I know this goes entirely against the unspoken Gamer Law, but why not just let it sit for a few days before diving in?  The content will all be there just the same. Jumping in at the very first moment might sound good in theory, but with so many people doing just that the quest items, mobs, and lord knows with the new Cross Servers being added, it is likely no zones will be barren and ripe for the XP pickings for long.  And, going on that topic, if you were to lead the leveling pack, just to what end does that get ya?  Capped fast and content starved.  Aye, there is a great deal added just for level 90s, a whole randomified zone in fact (kudos to Blizz for that extra mile), but even so, you just deprived yourself of all the stuff you already did just to get there.  Next time you see it, you’ll be rolling both your alt and your eyes at all the stuff you skimmed over in the first place.  And for what!

I mean, I love standing in town for hours in queues like everyone else (or randomly doing laps on foot while constantly jumping as I talk about nothing particular on vent), but I think we can raise the bar just a smidge this expansion pack, no?

Let Us Not Forget the Tale of the Turtle Mount and the Brown Rabbit Companion…

“If rushing to the end doesn’t exactly win the game, why not just do a little bit of everything all at once!”  Good replacement to the bull outta the gates strategy, but still a bit flawed.  While rushing to the end has a clear goal you can also avoid, a constantly wondering attention span to all the New Shinies being added can be just as detrimental if you do too much too fast. Instead of impatiently humming to yourself as you re-read the quest text for the fifth time trying to see why you can’t turn the darn thing in (forgot to take that *one* quest item off the shelf, didn’t cha’?) you’ll be scrolling through three of every maxed out Poke-panion you have while wearing a mixed set of pvp, heirloom, and raiding gear completely transmogrified into either A: Tier 2 of your class, or B. a full set of Challenge “Bronze be darned, the gear is still quasi-rare and I had to put up with ten afk DPS to get this pirate hat so I’m gonna wear it!” Mode items.

First off, get a glass of warm milk and a crate of muscle relaxers (ya got this forehead twitch thing goin’ on) and secondly, why not just do one thing at a time?  While the game doesn’t officially start at max level this time around (finally!), you also can’t jump into everything at once because you are still over-consuming the content.

Patience is the Key and Moderation is the Lock

Let’s be honest, even if you get the digital copy odds are the servers are gonna be laggy from all the people coming out of the treants to get the game downloaded and up to date because Elune knows they could not have just downloaded it like the rest of us a month prior.

(Don’t tell this to any one of the ‘them,’ of course.  It’ll somehow end up your fault, but don’t worry too much. You’ll get the last laugh as odds are they’ll jump in, hit the level cap, then complain the game sucks just like they have done the past three expansions. “Man, you just don’t know how badass classic was.  Forty man raids, dude.  Four. Tea. Talkin’ Hillsbrad pvp, none of this flying mount bs.  And pallies were on Alliance, like it should be…!”)

My suggestion is to purchase the game as you normally would, but give it at least two full days before hopping on.  Any lag, or at least most of it will have subsided, quest mobs will be a possible to click on, but the pace should still be pretty fast.  Heck, why pass the time and start an alt to relearn all the new skill/ability/talent crap they decided to completely overhaul a second expansion in a row?  (But just not a Monk or Panda, as those zones and classes are going to swarm the servers like locusts at first.)

Mind you this *is* just a suggestion for most casual folk out there.  Any World First-ers, auction house kingpins, and achievement junkies need not apply.  At the end of the day it is your game and yall see fit to enjoy it as you like, just posting a passing thought that some people might not have thought about.  But a word of caution:

If you have thought the same thing I did, you just shared something I also thought up.  Be afraid, my friend.  Now, I’m not saying you definitely are going to have a psychotic episode… but try to avoid sharp cutlery, cinnamon-flavored floss, and japanese eggplant for a few days just to be safe.  (If you do, you kinda might possibly wake up with an extra arm badly stitched atop your belly button.)  Then you’ll have to spend the rest of the day figuring out what grave it came from so you can return it and… ya knowwhat?  Who needs details?

Avoid the dang eggplant, just sayin’.

Mists of Pandaria : Item Squishing – The Great Lootralizer

Interesting topic at the WoW Developer Water Cooler blog feature this week, namely the topic of Item Squishing or Item “Compression”.  The conundrum of it all is pretty simple: Items and stats are growing exponentially fast.  So fast that stats are starting to get a little ridiculous.  Ludicrous, even. Items in the theoretical 5.3 patch will have +thousands to stats and 6.3 would have over tens of thousands.

The bigger picture problem that Blizzard was trying to sell home was that computers will not be able to handle dealing with that many variables when it comes to damage, as tens of thousands of stats on every item logically would equate to doing millions of damage.  That million plus damage is the root problem of this all as the game requires both the servers and your game clients to be precise.  Ten million four hundred thirty-six thousand nine hundred and forty-two, kind of precise.  That is as annoying to read out like that as it is strenuous for a server to process.  Maybe not one player at a time, but imagine Alterac Valley.

That is a LOT of virtual dice to keep rolling every time your DoTs tick.  Something has to change.

The first of several ideas started minor and even comical.  Of these my favorite was simply rounding off damage at “10k” or “2m” instead of thousands and millions, but they displayed it in such a way as to make fun of the people who will inevitably be the largest group of nay-sayers to these proposed ideas.

While that could work, it would only really delay the inevitable.  Later on the honest ideas started rolling out, which is the whole point of this post ^_^  Item Squishing is the act of taking existing items and squishing them down to more manageable levels, and lowering damage output as well.  The developers made it very clear we would still do the same percentage of damage as we do now, only the numbers itself will shrink.

The loudest group against this proposed change is those who claim to only enjoy seeing big numbers when they do damage.  The bigger the number, the better.  While I can understand seeing big numbers is great, it really is secondary to the process.  You don’t care about the number itself, you just care at how BIG the number is compared to normal.  People don’t seem to be grasping that on the forums, though.

Let me give you an opposite example.  Was playing Black Ops with a bud over the weekend and one mode was Team Deathmatch or something similar.  I noticed in this particular mode that every kill the respective team got earned them exactly 100 points.  Not ten, not fifty, but 100.  That changed everything.  The shiny bars at the bottom keeping score surged forward, but for what?  It was first to 2,000 wins, but we were never really playing that game.  We were playing to twenty.  As with the rest of that FPS ‘series’, it was merely over-inflated hype.  I don’t know if anyone playing even noticed, but it certainly rubbed me the wrong way for being misleading.

WoW is trying to avoid getting to that by nipping it here and now.  Damage is related to the content you are in.  It doesn’t matter if you do 20 or 10 million if each hit takes off 10% of the mob’s health bar.  For that reason, I am also in support of the change.  But, I am not so for it that I can’t see potential issues.  If you take a gander at the graph they released, you’ll see the new proposed item levels they sorta have in mind.

The lighter shades above show where we are presently, the darker colors are where they plan to be.  This isn’t 100% going to happen, but come on.  It’s a graph.  This is Science.

My two concerns with this change is, first, Cataclysm still has a huge impact on the item level, or “ilevel”.  Based on the numbers you go from ilevel 75 to 175 from 80 to 85.  .  That’s basically all of 1-60 made up in five levels.  If that math keeps up, we’ll need *another* round of squishing, another Great Lootralizer to even the scales, at the start of the very next expansion after Mists of Pandaria.  (175/75 = 2.3ish.  Cata ends at 175, multiply that by the 2.3 and poof, 402.  Conveniently where Cata is at presently based on that graph.)

Secondly, is that 1-60 content is seemingly not going to change.  If our items at level 85 before getting tier gear are marginally better than tier gear from Classic content… how the heck are we gonna raid outdated stuff solo?  I don’t do this often, but I have helped out friends in the past, and I do like checking out old 5mans for Transmogrification… if our stats get lowered not only will damage we deliver go down, so will the amount we can take.  Add in Warriors and the like blocking percentage damage instead of whole amounts like we did in Wrath, and that makes old content a lot less soloable than now.  There was a post made about this issue on the forums, but avoiding giving direct answers only solidifies the worry some people are having about this.  The Blue in question is Daxxarri, and they said:

It seems to me that some of those that have expressed misgivings about the squish are worried about feeling ‘nerfed’ when facing older content, but the item squish shouldn’t mean that soloing older raid content will die, necessarily. Though we appreciate the feedback, I think it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t want anyone to turn their back on the idea purely out of concern for losing the ability to take down older raids solo or in small groups.


Wudya mean, “shouldn’t mean that soloing older raid content will die, necessarily”?  Is that the PR way of saying ‘You can still do it, stupid.  Just bring 39 others with ya!’?  Ending the comment with “small groups” adds another clue, in my opinion.

Daxx, if you go through with the squish, if everything goes smooth/properly do you guys see it affecting the numbers needed for old BC/WotLK raids etc? If so, how much?

It’s very early days yet, and as Ghostcrawler indicated in the Watercooler, we don’t even know which direction we’d be going in yet (if we end up pulling the trigger on it at all). So, with that in mind, I’m just not in a position to comment on it at the moment, but we are interested in the feedback that we’ve seen, including support for the idea.


In short, ‘Even though you asked be a very obvious question and could say the answer to it right now… I can’t legally.  Sorry.’

This leaves a massive door open for both good and bad comments to be crammed into this posters mouth.  Again, I am for the idea.  But I never think that limiting the player ever ends well, especially after many have grown so accustomed to the idea of running old content solo.

Perhaps add solo dungeons to the list of things to include in PvE Scenarios?  Fast groups with items that look identical to the originals so Transmog Hunters can still have fun with modernized Old Content?

I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough.  Last I remember that ol’ business conference call with Blizzard stated a Q2 released of Mists of Pandaria.  I dunno if Diablo 3’s delay pushed it back any, but things are definitely on the conveyor belt to launch at this point.  Also, patch 4.3 is starting to appear on the Blizzard (Background) Downloader.  So you know what that means.

Cata is almost over!  It is almost over, friends!

/happily sobbing a la Tom Hanks in Money Pit

After nearly a year of pointless nothingness, we are coming upon a shiny new continent and a new race and class.  We have stared into the xpack and the xpack stared back into us.  Though many have fallen, we the proud remain.

Cata is almost gone, thank the flying spaghetti monster! XD

Patching Problems: WoW 4.2 – Frost Mage vs Frost DK

Now, I know that patching predictions change constantly so what MMO-Champion lists on one day might not make it to the next, just the mere idea of this change bothers me.  As in, not only did it get conjured up in some dev’s brain, it was uttered aloud.  Then other devs thought it was just fine, so it got so far as to be given the green light and actually placed in the current PTR.

These two tweaks specifically bother me, as they are very similar, but two completely different play styles:

 Mage – Frost

  • Ring of Frost is now instant, down from 1.5 sec cast time.

Death Knight – Frost

  • Hungering Cold now has 1.5 sec cast time, up from instant

Just… what?!

Frost mages *really* needed a buff to that ability, well… any of their abilities?  But the one that prevents people from getting to the flag in the far-too-popular Node capturing BGs?  The by-far most annoying fight for a melee class gets another buff.  Amazing.

I’ll be honest, DKs are a lot easier to play than my ol’ faithful class: Warrior.  You got death grip, bunch of slows and just plain cool abilities.  I am aware a DK crying foul doesn’t hold much water… but this is about Frost mages here.  That supersedes all complaining about a mere DK in comparison.  Let’s see the pros and cons of this terrible idea.

Mages get an instant-cast, persistent, ranged, aoe-lockdown.  DKs have a one time use melee-based lockdown with a 1.5 second cast.  Both can be trinketed out of, only the Mage one will be instantly re-applied.  The mage one also remains intact while the person takes damage, while the DK ability breaks to any additional damage instantly (barring existing diseases) and cannot be re-applied.

If the Mage version is Mass Dispelled, the Mage can pop Cold Snap and place another down, instantly.

Not including Frost Nova, the ever-present and constant lock-down procs from their numerous instant-cast abilities, that they crit insanely high when you *are* locked down, or that they can also cast a one-shot version of this abilty via their pet.

Death Knights have one Death Grip.  That can resist or be immune.  They can slow with Icy Chains, or if they glyph for it, apply a short immobilize with IC and a slow with Howling Blast (if frost spec’d). Other than that, all they have are slows.  If you fire off the DG too early, or slip and use it right after your glyphed immobilize, it’s spent and you do not have a chance at all against the mage, while that mage has gobs of backup abilities to keep you right where you are and a shield that not only absorbs a great deal, but can be reapplied far more often than the DK counterpart, AND it generally locks down any melee that got ‘lucky’ enough to break it.

Oh, the agony of playing a ranged class…

Zee’ Summary

Aye, this could very well be voided tomorrow, but I still call “Shenanigans!”
 on it.  The abilities are quite similar, yet the ranged class that can choose precisely where they want it, gets to use it in an instant.  But the melee class that has to constantly run around to hit they very ranged class, has to stand still for awhile to cast very similar ability?  (Thus negating the ability entirely when attempting to catch up with a runner.) If I find it annoying on my pvp geared out DK, I can only imagine the amount of frustration and rage (lawl class in-joke) I will have when my Warrior gets up to level cap >.>

Minecraft Monday: Look at me still talking when there’s SCIENCE to do…

Another week, another post-y post!  Notch, yet again, has nothing on his blog for two weeks running.  Well, he did update it twice but, bleh.  Sigh.  Okay, I’ll talk about it…


We’re Out of Beta and Releasing on Time

A few ago, Notch said 11/11/2011 would be the official release date of Minecraft.  The game will not be very different from what it is now, and it will continue to be updated.  So… honestly other than dropping off “Beta” from the end of it, not much will change from how it works right now.  Either way, he wanted to have a get together as he has done in the past, and since “he freaking loves the place,” he wanted it to be held in Las Vegas.  There’d be contests like dressing up (five bucks on Creepers being as prominent as people doing the Troll dance at Blizzcon!), to speed building, and even a live reveal and release of Minecraft going retail on stage.

I honestly didn’t think much of this news, but know some people go gaga over stuff like this.  I put more money into WoW than the ‘Craft and had no urge to go to any of their conventions.  Heck, even for the pet I didn’t want to get the TV access.  But if ya’ll want to wait in line wearing green duct tape-covered card board boxes and “sss”-ing at each other like a pylon of pythons, feel free XD

The actual juicy bits come from his twitter feed, which normally I just gloss over the recent stuff, but there is quality to be found this week!  For starters:

  • They are currently doing larger and less frequent patches, but will do nightly and smaller builds “eventually” source
  • He’s considering adding a new mob to the next patch source
  • Killed off Mine cart boosters, now only booster tracks will be able to propel you source
  • Greatly reduced the speed of boat’s floating up when submerged in water, thus making boat and water elevators still viable, but much slower source
  • Increasing the speed of Powered Mine carts and Powered Rails source source
  • Has quite a few posts related to coffee, adding that he was going to add something just for fun vs bug fixes.  Potentially hinting at coffee beans/coca beans being added for reals? Coffee Machine drink?  Or just crazy coder-speak? source
  • Trapdoors!  Only they do not let water through, and are only 1 block wide.  So think doors, but opening down instead of sideways.  And one block tall instead of two ^_^ source
  • The Nether in multiplayer is almost ready!  Also, as it will be a different zone, so people can still use beds to make it day/not thunderstorming while others are dying to Ghasts and lava. source source

Quite a haul, wouldn’t ya say?  No word on Pistons, but he said he’ll list all the bugs he fixed when the patch releases.


Buildin’ Newz!

So, few weeks back muh ol’ buddy Ben invited me onto his server, but the Misses and I didn’t really have a lot of time that day so we sort of took the tour and that was that.  This past week we did manage to squeeze in some… well okay a *lot* of time and ended up making this!

Uh… My bad >.> I kinda forgot that we didn’t take down the dirt scaffolding and walls around the base.   Awkward.  Well, uh… good news!  I know what I’ll be posting about next time!  More good news, you totally were curious about how to build a tree farm weren’t you?  Well!  We’d be in luck then, so how about I go and take a few screen shots and then we’re both golden, ‘kay?


Tree Farmin’

Ugh, to top it off, I go to upload pictures and a bit later it looks like wordpress decided not to save anything after this point, so I’mma have to work on what I recall >.<  (I was all done too’s! Gah!)

I started out wanting to grow trees underground to force them to grow straight up, no limbs and stuffs to get in the way.  This was touchy at best, but lead to some *gnarly* looking trees as I think it messed with the coding a bit.  For awhile there I simply planted trees close to one another, waited for all of ’em to pop, then light their leaves on fire.

Minecraft Day 2: Fires Upclose and Distant

Glorious. Sexy-time. Fire.

But Notch went and got rid of ever-burning tree stumpz :(  So I lost my urge to go tree hunting for a while, but as we needed a great deal of coal recently, I found that ol’ itch re-surfacing, and of course, I needed a way to do it efficiently.

I went back to the underground idea, even testing it with the new alpine and birch saplings.  Neither did much, but, again, the original trees geeked right the heck out!  Massive in size and randomness.  But man can they hold a flame… /sinister giggle


The Birch and the Bees

At first I thought alpine trees would be best, but man-oh-man alive did I bet on the wrong horse!  Birch, baby!  That’s where the lumber is at!  If you are looking for a great source of lumber, go right on out there and find yourself a few birch saplings.  The birch tree is the mother of them, of course.  So just pry them from her wooden hands and get plantin’!  Kill off the poor girl if needed, *then* wrench them from her petrifying digits and plant ’em!  Got like ten of them now?   Excellent!  (What?  Tree hunting is serious bid’ness!  Did you SEE Wizard of Oz?  Vicious coniferous brutes!)

I planted them in a few different patterns, and each worked.  The one I like the best of them all is a “torch-sapling-torch-torch-sapling-torch” line.  That is you place a sapling, move three blocks to one side and plant another sapling.  Repeat.  Then go back and place torches down on both sides of every sapling.  Multiply rows as needed, but again, leave space.  Here’s what I’m talking about if that was too confusin’:

The white being Birch saplings, orange (more of a ‘acorn squash’, really.  But that’s getting technical…) are torches placed on the ground, and green is grass.  Silly.

The one on the far left is my favorite.  It has bad efficiency with torches, but produces the most lumber in the same amount of time.  If you want something more compact, feel free to try out the other two options I got up there.  Where they have good to great torch-efficiency, they lose out on actual trees.  The bigger one almost always can have all saplings pop into trees without your help, while the smaller grids need you to cut down a few first before others pop up in their place.  Here’s a shot of the two smaller ones in action:

Minecraft Online: Birch Tree Farm

Left side is super clustered grid, right side is the smaller but still compact grid.  See all the saplings?  This isn’t bad, mind you.  In fact if you wanna get lazy one day and just chop down what is there and leave you can do so as the others will get right on-a growin’ as soon as the air above them is clear.  That’s not to say the bigger grid is slow, not at all.  If every tree pops and you go about replanting them as you hack them down, you’ll commonly find yourself in a bit of a loop or whack-a-tree circuit as Birches grow crazy-fast.

Tip: Birches only grow straight up but sometimes just tall enough that you cannot reach the top.  How I got around this is to cut the eye-level log and up.  If the tree is ‘too’ tall, jump on the stump you left, chop down the final blocky segment, aim down and get rid of the stump, and plant a sapling!  That’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in action, folks!

Great way to bank a huge amount of coal, too.  (As logs turn into coal in the furnace.)  I’m sure I said that already, but just in case ya missed it:  Simply put a wooden log (log, mind you.  Not a plank.  A Log.  LOG, I says!) into a furnace and cook it.  It’ll turn into Charcoal which is the same as coal.  If you are tight on space and need coal in a pinch, turn one log into coal, and that one charcoal can turn another eight logs into more charcoal.  Setting the snow-ball effect of ashy-awesome a-growin’!

The obviously Portal-related pictures I originally was going to post will have to wait until next time.  I’m currently playing WoW with the Misses, so no guarantees if the pictures will be up tomorrow or next week.  But, as a sign of  thanks that you made it this far, here’s a shot of us leveling up in Western Plaguelands.

Back 2 WoW: Twins!

Ain't we just precious?

Minecraft Monday: Gone to the Dogs

I gotta say, for having such a short patch list made up of mostly minor bits and things, the bed spawning and wolf additions are the two that really made the most changes in my gameplay the past week.

With the patch going live, basically all addons were unable to work on the server we play on.  Supposedly they will be up tomorrow, but we’ll see when that happens. Meanwhile, two thugs logged into the game and griefed two homes, burning them to the ground.  (Again, I iterate not to make buildings out of wood to avoid such situations.  Dirt, cobble, or smooth stone is all it takes, folks!  Easily remake it with dirt, and cobble don’t burn worth a darn!) In short, admin reloaded an old save when 1.4 first appeared on the server.  Bad news was that was two days before the patch.  Worse news was he loaded it up two days AFTER the patch, making this four days old. 

My mining area got almost complete reset, but I recalled most of my mistakes and reforged it all in short order.  The Misses’ Egyptian village was not as lucky, and needed many, many hours to recoup.  Along the way to see her and help out, I tamed a small pack of wolves to cheer us up.  They worked like a charm, and I was sure to keep them seated near me as I worked.

Minecraft Co-op: Wolf Puppies!

Ain't they the cutest little things you ever did see?

I like how that one is avoiding eye contact and feigning shyness.

After terraforming for her for a few hours she got tired and hit the hay, prompting me to go out and explore a bit after all the shovels she made me broke.  I was set on capturing as many roses and yellow flowers as possible… (one, to sell to the NPC vendors the admin had in place before the patch that should be re-arriving again soon, and two, to keep demand high as others cannot access them so easily after I picked the nearby areas clean :D),  …I came upon this scene and had to get a shot with the sun just in the right spot.

Minecraft Co-op: Sunlit Winter Landscape

I liked the color scheme goin’ on, red roses in front, snow-capped pumpkins in the back bottom and sun in the top left, added up into a nice mix of seasons.  In case the quality wasn’t good for anyone with a large monitor, I took an extreme close up.

Minecraft Co-op: Snow Pumpkin

Photojournalists: Eat your heart out.

Rawr!  Though they are really cold, so it’s more of a “Brrrr-aaawr! /teeth chattering.”  I haven’t seen pumpkins with snow on them yet, so I was sure to document that visually before smacking them in the face with my axe.

Finally, earlier in the week (just before the backup save was, well, saved) the Admin granted me infinite materials and requested that I remake my Cloud Cutter near the spawn point and town.  It went up a LOT faster this time around, I tell you what :P 

One odd yet awesome detail you guys might not know: Putting a torch behind iron or gold makes it shine like a neon light at night from the front.  This made my massive weapon even more bad-arse than planned.  Look at this bad boy glaring awesomely into the night’s obsidian skies, striking terror into even a Creeper’s bulbous and lurid heart.

Minecraft Co-Op: The Cloud Cutter (Complete)

Greyskull wishes it had it so good.

I am still undecided in terms of leaving the skin tone cobble or not, as I might like the smooth stone… but for now I’m saying that it would look too similar to the blade of the weapon, and the cobble’s ‘cracks’ give the titan holding it a The Thing cred.

Side note, I did have a Corrupted Ashbringer version planned, but shifting it diagonally as I did for this sword makes the size multiply, and well, just the floating skull bit alone would be about half as tall and wide as this mammoth tool of war.  I might try to keep it horizontal, as in that version the skull is only twenty blocks tall; far more reasonable.

And finally, randomly off-topic:  Did you check out Minecrafts April Fools joke?  He talked about it on his blog, but here is a screen shot of it as that part of the site has been taken down already. Zomg, I have a limited edition something of Minecraft! Gush!

Minecraft: April Fools

A bit... *busy* ...isn't it?

ECTmmo Reblogging: Its Called Reblogging, Right?

This morning, Kaozz posted a virtual high-five on my idea of using beds as floor tile in Minecraft in my comment section!  This of course lead me to her blog, and I was inspired to respond to her question of “What drives you nuts with groups? Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right?” at the end of her most recent post.

This (of course) lead to a some 500 word reply, and for some reason it didn’t take.  Too long, most likely.  -Edit- Was’s fault after all!  Crisis diverted! -Edit- Or maybe it went through?  I’m not familiar with Blogger.  Heck, I’m barely familiar with WordPress :D 

But in response to her question:  Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right?

Constantly.  Whenever I queued DPS I rarely had issue, maybe a tank had terrible threat generation now and then, but I had ways around that depending on my class.  (Pull out the blueberry on my lock for a shield and life drain the bejesus out of the mob, or  blink, frozen nova, sheep, ice block, invis as a mage, Feign Death at the first sign of a wipe on my hunter, etc.)  Healers generally were ok, unless they were partnered up with another jerk in the group, usually a tank.  They’d still heal, but it was a pain to get through the full run with them spouting constantly as they knew they could reque instantly while we DPS could not.

Now, when I queue as a tank, completely different story.  (And this part answers the “What drives you nuts in groups?” half of the question) I might be able to list off a handful of good things that happened to me while tanking, but I could go on for ages about the bad.  DPS that don’t wait for healers to have full mana or buff, rogues trying to sneak ahead but run over fire and aggro entire rooms or wings, hunters misdirecting to me if someone was taking too long, DPS refusing to CC, DPS pulling instead of me, DPS popping cooldowns AND trinkets just to top the charts, people needing gear they cannot even use. 

Mobs who constantly stun, disarm, drop aggro and attack whatever they want, when they want.  (Hard enough to keep aggro, why does Blizz need to constantly punish the tank?  Can’t they stun ranged more often, for example?) DKs who death grip and Boomkins/other DPS that can knockback and do so without doing so to keep the healer safe in the process/moving them closer to me. DKs using Army.  Hunters trying to tame mobs during the friggin’ pull without alerting anyone in the party, or asking, then complaining when aggro is pulled off from random AoE.

It wasn’t too uncommon to go from one bad group to the next, add in higher frequency of terri-bad players at low levels and the random popping of Halls of Reflection or Forge of Souls(murder on a warrior tank.  Possible, but I’d rather avoid the place >.>) If it wasn’t for my friends needing tokens and the amount of gold I got per run, I would not have done it as long as I did.

Though, that was a bit of a rant, so I’ll add a dollop of positivity to it:  My favorite thing to do in Wrath dungeons was to rocket boot down the ramp leading to Anub’Arak, then pop my cloak to coast down at a super speed and pull the boss on landing ^_^  Oh!  And after finally getting decent gear, rocket booting down the long hallway towards the dude who flies on a blue dragon in Utgarde Pinnacle.  That always felt awesome, like that one scene in 300 when the guys in the back supported and propelled the guys in front forward, in the process pushing the enemies back.

…and randomly spinning Anub’ around to see if he would one-shot my cousin if he wasn’t paying attention.  Hee hee hee.  Of course he was the healer, but that is certainly one lively way to learn how to time your tanking cooldowns ^_^


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