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WoW 4.3: Rockin’ Nozdormu Picture (Or Is It Murozond?)

A massive slew of info and pictures outta MMO Champion today.  One in particular I focused on was a shot of an actual, updated Dragon-form model of Nozdormu and the less-than-curious and more-than-obvious similarly shaped Murozond. (As I already touched on this a few posts ago, Murozond = Evil Nozdormu.  Or, more accurately, “already existant in the future, Evil Nozdormu.”)  But as visuals go a lot further than words alone, here are the two snappies to prove it.



Anyone else note the resemblance?  (Is that racist to dragons?  Dragonism, or something?)

Now, at first glance I thought that Murozond was merely a negative swap of Nozdorumu’s original colors which would be cool yet incredibly lazy on the graphics department.  For the record, if you DO invert colors it comes out pretty close XD  They did tweak a few things here an there, like his eyes stay blue and the tail and chest actually get brighter instead of lighter.  I still think they at the very least wanted to mimic the Inverted Nozdormu look, but what I found to be way, WAY cooler is an Inverted Murozond!  Check this image out!

WoW 4.3: Murozond Inverted

I’m a huge fan of the albino drake mount, but I would TOTALLY ride a mount that looks like this until the end of time.  Doesn’t he look wicked?

WoW 4.3: “End Time” Anagram Isn’t Too Hard

You might have caught the ginormous update on MMO-Champion yesterday, and it was a doozy.  First off, the Diablo 3 beta has kicked off, so that’s awesome.  Secondly, they laid out all the new five mans, that is what they will be about and likely bosses and all that.

Something that caught my attention back in BC was that no one could figure out who this nasty time-altering dragons were.  Bronze dragons who just *know* everything and when it will happen had no idea how or where these Infinite Dragonflight dudes were coming from.  Suspicious.  In Dragonblight you even have a quest to help out your future self in killing some of these which culminates in revealing the leader of the bad guys are….

Nozdormu suddenly appears instead.  How odd, your future self says, that he would appear instead of the big-bad in charge of them all.  Also curious is how often ol’ Noz has been AWOL since Burning Crusade…

But then right in the first new five-man named “End Time” they state that “…the maniacal figure blocking Nozdormu’s vision will be revealed at the Bronze Dragonshrine. None of the Dragon Aspects could have predicted what entity would have such power to interrupt the sight of the Timeless One… the ability to create a new and infinite dragonflight.”  Then to seal the deal we get this impossible anagram: “Only by destroying a mysterious dragon known as Murozond will you give Azeroth’s protectors the opportunity to avoid the potential outcome to which your eyes bear witness.”

Nozdormu. Murozond.  Happen to notice all those letters are present, buddeh’.

I know they state this is only one potential outcome… but those dragons already DO exist.  We’ve been fighting them for like four years now at least, in-game time for over a decade.  Their existence is not probable, but definite.  This will lead to a whole bunch of questions that you much approach fourth-dimensionally, but in the short of it: Noz will go bad, in time.  Quasi-intentional pun.

There’s a whole lot to read, but that detail caught my eye.  Reminds me of when someone noticed one of the vendors near the new Void Storage was named Warpweaver Hashom which is a cheeky anagram for “A WoW Rehash/Revamp.”

World of Warcraft: Schadenfreude Is the New Emo

“…They found you amusing for a little while. … But the one thing they love to see more than a hero, is to see a hero fail. Fall; die trying.  In spite of everything you have done for them, eventually they will hate you.

Why bother?”

-Green Goblin from Spider-Man (2002)

Everybody loves an underdog.  David n’ Goliath. Rebels n’ the Empire.  The Chicago Cubs n’ the game of baseball.  You name it, people will generally go out of their way to root for the ‘Little Sister’ instead of a ‘Big Daddy.’

Fight the good fight, viva la whatever your slogan happens to be, etc.  I get the general appeal.  So and so is huge, and the other guy is tiny.  If you are going to lend a hand at all, might as well give the tiny guy a boost.  He’ll likely lose anyway, but you did your part.  And if he wins, hot dog!  It doesn’t take a horse-betting fanatic to know how well an upset pays out.

Enter the biggest subscription-based game to date.  World of Warcraft has somewhat in the range of over 11,000,000 active subscribers, but you wouldn’t know that based on the current ‘news’ on the web.  Every Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Sue online is not only stating the sky is falling, but that they are rejoicing the ‘fact.’ This ‘fact’ is not only law, which they will repeat constantly as if it really were, but it is also expected to be common knowledge because anyone who still likes that game is clearly behind the times.  Nearly all of those comments need to be read with a flared velvet top hat, smoking pipe, and a well-polished monocle accompanied with a drolling, nasal voice for the full effect of smarm and smug.

WoW has been so big for so long that it is now not only fashionable to hate on WoW, but to do so is an almost a right-of-passage-like fad.  (Apparently it is guaranteed to make your e-peen huge and your crits even crittier.  I haven’t seen the ad for it, but that’s what I gather from the commotion.)  Granted, I have raged about the game quite a bit in the past and I always joke that it’s my inner-Warrior burning through.  While I disapprove the direction it was headed, I don’t think I’d ever see myself gleefully doing the worm on its casket as it is lowered ceremoniously into its final resting space.

The game has been going on for quite some time now, I am well aware. I also know that if it was not for a two month time card I got for Christmas and the Misses wanting to play the game, my account would have likely remained frozen since a month after Cata came out.  Believe me, I understand the problems with the game.  (Personally I think this is more of a Powers That Be issue more than Blizzards losing its touch.)  While I dislike a lot and can easily see the formulas in place, I will not outright pray to the flying spaghetti monster wriggling in the heavens above for the game to fail, nor will I sadistically cheer it’s death throes for several reasons.

One, you’ve got a long, long time for that to happen.  Admitting ‘victory’ now is at best ignorant and a clear sign of your favoritism, be it conscious or not.  As everyone was mentioning recently, they are opening markets in Brazil and China and all that. Even if all of the US/EU subs magically disappear into the Nether the game will live on for at least another five years easily without a moment’s pause.  They will continue to do what they are doing until it is no longer tangible to generate revenue.

Note: Remember WAR and how that was the next game changer?  Remember how terribly fast people flocked back to WoW spouting “it burns us!” ?  WAR is still hanging on.  It is in a full body cast with an erratic pulse,  but the life support is still plugged in.  Heck, from what I hear it’s coming out with a DotA mode.  Good luck with that but hey, I’m not gonna cheer if/when it does actually die off.

Two, cheering for anything’s demise?  Not a silent nod that it’s pain is over, but blatant jubilation?  The last time I heard someone do that was Jon Stewart openly admitting he was too biased to cover Bin Laden’s death.  Ignoring the admission of bias for the sake of comparison, you have inadvertently placed a man who thought up plans to kill thousands in the same category of an online video game.  Bravo.

Not everyone is jumping on the Schadenfreude Express, though.  Syp made a very good post two weeks back which didn’t throw a single jab WoW’s way.  It was a casual and friendly look at WoW and how it might be the end of an era.  Not the end of a game as some read it, but an era.  Zee proof:

Just because the WoW era might be over doesn’t mean WoW is, and even after this next year’s worth of releases, it’ll still be alive and strong.  I just hope that as it rejoins the MMO crowd, WoW will forgo an ego about its former position and embrace a new, smarter attitude.  I think we could see great things if it did.


For better or worse the game will continue as long as it turns a profit.  Any diehard anti-WoWers out there know three magical words that can bring even the dead back to life:  Free. To. Play.  (If it worked on a dreadful, dreeeadful game like DDO, it’ll do far more than just keep WoW afloat.)

As for my thoughts on the game itself, I remain unsubbed.  Till the Misses gets back into the game, I will not touch it.  The 4.3 changes did pique my interest though, and that alone is a milestone.  Since virtually December, nothing has been going on in WoW that interested me in the slightest iota as everything seemed teeming with greedy intentions on the developer(s) part.  But, seeing Actiblizzard revoke the charge on Real ID grouping and then follow it up with LFRaid, that did capture my attention.

It is fairly safe to say I’ll give it a go for a month once it arrives, but I am more than happy to play Minecraft and wait for the adventure patch 1.8.  Or design symbols and songs in APB.  Or shoot it up in Team Fortress 2.  Or read up on news for Guild Wars 2, or look forward to playing Twisted Metal in maybe February, or whatever else I’m interested in.  Will all of these games make a mistake somewhere?  Most already have.  But it doesn’t mean I’m going to sign my name with the blood of the innocent just to clamor and cheer at a video game’s funeral.  As David Jaffe recently said via twitter:

It’s all so f—ing Win/lose with people. What have we been conditioned into?!? It’s like the gamers and the biz folks have been so trained to only care about who wins and who gets their a– kicked that there is no room to appreciate a game can do well enough to turn a profit and please many fans. But doesn’t have to win awards like ‘most money made in a weekend by an entertainment product’. Sure we all want that success but it’s not the only definition of financial, social, creative, or execution success. There ARE still some shades of gray.

WoW Patch 4.3: Revenge of the Re-subs!

Welp, this is kinda funny.  I had my younger cousin visiting for a while and we got to talking about WoW.  Namely he wanted to play it, and I did not.  And since his character is on my account, I opted to keep the account frozen as there is nothing in-game right now that tickles my fancy.  The funny bit I mentioned above was we got on the topic of what worked in WoW, what didn’t, and just that whole line of thought.  He asked if they ever will do a ‘looking for raid’ sort of thing they added way back in 3.3 with the dungeon finder.  I said it’s possible, but who knows how long it will take them to do it, while grudgingly admitting I might even resub if a lot of the potential kinks in the raid setting were handled.  (People can’t get out of fire in the ZG/ZA instances, I can only imagine the repairs…)

I was actually thinking about doing a “So what if…?” post about how having a Raid Finder sort of thing would likely boost WoW right back and net a hefty amount of those subs that dropped off.  Well, looks like Blizz beat me to it!  MMO Champion reports that there IS going to be a raid finder in 4.3, among a lot more nifty stuff!

-Deathwing raid will be available (mind you, it took months for Arthas to unlock so don’t expect to jump right into him, they need to stall for the next xpack after all -_^)

-New 5-mans, one supposedly dealing with the War of the Ancients in the Caverns of Time.  Insert your own DotA joke huah’.

-Darkmoon Faire will have it’s own island.  And at least one new game, Whack-A-Gnome.  Male gnome subscribers under the age of thirty just skyrocketed by that admission alone, I’m sure.

Transmogrification – A process to turn the look of your current gear into other, older or just different, gear.  If you really like the look of Tier 5, for example, you pay the Etheral NPCs to change the appearance of your current item into that same model.  You can’t turn plate into a cloth item though, and it seems you’ll need the original item you wish to ‘steal’ the look of for this to work.  Which is annoying as most people never even got a shot at Tier 2, and that’s really the only tier I’d ever want to wear on my Warrior.

-Transmogrification Bank – Place to store all these items.  It will lose all the enhancements and gems and that placed upon them, but the storage is huge!  Like 100+ slots.  My entire bank will be finally opened up.  I still got like five guns and bows from BC that I thought looked awesome.

-Raid Finder – As I mentioned already, this will be in-game.  MMO specifically states: “The Raid Finder will be introduced in Patch 4.3, it will work like the Dungeon Finder.”  Short and sweet.  Just bring a bag full of hope, and another bag full of gold.  I’m sure this trip is going to be a bumpy ride.


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