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Nyan Pig Returns!

Greetings, Encrazed Nation! I bring you great tidings this day! For the past two weeks the Misses and I have been a bit lax in terms of updates, and we were really hoping to get this out on time for the official Minecraft 1.0 release date and all that, but it ended up taking a dash of time longer.

You may very well recall our precious Nyan Pig/Cat parody that we posted months back. It is a cross stitch pattern that we posted up on etsy. This eventually lead to a bit of a partnership, and in the end, we done got an animation completed for it! Posted it juts a few minutes ago up on youtube. Check it out, but before getting too comfy, I suggest grabbing a pair of CSI-style sunglasses to keep your liquified eyes in their sockets because your mind is about to be blown.

Happy Turkey Day, all!  Have a good one, and eat lots!  May we recommend bacon? XD

Pfft! Who Needs Nyan Cat? We Have BACON!

Granted, the melodic rhythm of the Nyan Cat ‘theme’ can be quite enthralling, but do not fall for its siren song!  Nay, my friends.  For too long that feline idol has poisoned our ears and turned our brains into giggling, “kawaaaai!”-ing puddles of goo.

We have the cure.

How long has it been since you’ve thanked a pig from Minecraft for its trusty service?  It not only amuses and can randomly carry you along its travels with the proper attire, but it more often than not goes the way of the tauntaun. Only instead of sleeping in it, we hack it to bits to eat its gummy innards. Does it not deserve our praise?

I say we replace the kitty idol of old (heck, they conquered Egypt years ago.  They had their time!) and instead raise our pink friend to new heights!  Live long and amongst the stars, little one.

We salute you.


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