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Minecraft Monday: Top Notch! Team Fortress 2 Hat and “Fair Enough” Madness!

Busy, busy week for Notch this Minecraft Monday.  From virtual and boxy trophies to outright slander n’ libel with some Yogscast brew-ha-ha.  Let’s take a look at what went down!

Minecraft News

As Notch has praised the awesome that is Quake 3 in the past via his tweets, it comes as no surprise that the man is a fan of shooters.  Team Fortress 2 popped up a few times recently and I even posted the video of his match with Valve and other internet celebs a few weeks ago.  Since then, Valve suddenly gave Notch his very own hat to use in-game!

Basically it is a cardboard box decorated with colored bits of cardboard boxes.  With a hat.  It looks clunky, angry, and awesome, but also makes me warp back to Aqua Teen’s Boxxy Brown:

There’s a minor bit of language in there a minute or so in, so a slight NSFW warning.

To further emphasize the importance of the hat, they gave it possibly the longest detail text of any item in Team Fortress 2:

Welcome to a secret society so exclusive it makes the Illuminati look like a Costco. How exclusive? You are the only member. This is the only item of its kind in all of existence. So don’t craft it, Miney

Tongue-in-cheek with the ‘don’t craft it, Miney’ of course relating to Minecraft, but also because you *can* craft in TF2.  Just… when you do, the item breaks into bare components.  And I don’t think cardboard is really a major aspect to more than a handful of items.

“Fair Enough”

Oy, this one is a doozy and a half.  Short version of it is, allegedly, Notch got wasted during the after-party of Minecon and started trashing Yogscast quite badly.  Which lead to Yog’s site getting DDOS’d several days making their website inaccessible and… yeah.  Bad stuffs.

Yogscast ended up posting a detailed play-by-play here, stating they not only had to pay for their own airfare but that Notch sold the video rights to IGN without their consent.  Their podcast of the event was going to be property of IGN.  And they weren’t going to be paid for attending, either.  Shortly after Notch tweeted a picture of a brand new watch he got for $5,000.  Bad timing?  Bad taste? Eh, just plain ol’ bad I say.

After that long post by Yog that they had to post on reddit because their site was more or less taken down by the DDOS attack, Notch responded with only “Fair enough.”  Those two words exploded the comment section, possibly converting any that were still on Notch’s side by his cryptic and nearly shrugging statement.  Yog put in a lot of time and effort that went unrewarded minus meeting many fans, who quickly turned against them by the ranting of Notch. That very ranting hurt the Yog’s crew pretty deeply.  After making their statement available, Notch merely dismissed it with “Fair enough.” and that was that.

Stranger still is that just hours prior they held a pretty lengthy interview where the three were carrying on like long-time friends.

Strange indeed.  Hope this gets worked out soon, as Notch is pretty much getting some nasty PR beatings while his game is getting glowing reviews.

I heard a tad about this here and there, but would not have really known much about this bit if it were not for bud of the blog, Banhammer’s post. Give ’em a look-see!

Hope your week goes a bit smoother than Notch’s, everyone!  Happy crafting, and see you never Minecraft Monday!

Minecraft Monday: Notch Is Nervous About Minecraft 1.0!

Welcome to another Minecraft Monday everybody!  Actually got a few nifty things to link and talk about this week, which is nice.  It’s only been like a month since anything exciting happened.  Last week I talked about Halloween and mentioned at the bottom to see if you could find anyone in a Minecraft outfit.  Ironically, I did!  Was only about fifteen minutes after I hit Publish and I didn’t have a camera on hand.  Was a kid, bout ten or so tops.  Only had the torso and arms on, but ya knew what they were dressed up as XD

Minecraft News

Notch is nervous!  He is worried that it might get ripped to shreds by the press when the shield of “beta” is removed and the game goes retail in just a few weeks time.  I don’t think he has much to worry about from the press.  At this point saying something negative about the game doesn’t seem to go over to well with the massive supply of avid fans of the game.  That doesn’t mean I do not have my own gripes of my own about the game, but he does have a ‘by’ as he will continue updating it even after it is released.  Personally, I’d like all the stuff that was supposed to be in 1.8 actually make it into Minecraft 1.0, but hey, I didn’t program it.  Well, I guess since not all the content will be in 1.0, they didn’t program it either XD  Oh well, 1.1 or whatever will hopefully have the stuff that I’ve been looking forward to.

Some of my rage has been diverted!  We got square Sun and Moons again!

The sun and the moon are square again. Yep. :D #consistency (source)

Here’s a shot of the new Moon Phases in action.

Also, Jeb commented that not only will there be Boss battles available in 1.0, but they will also work on multiplayer as well!

@jeb_ So I hear after reading notch’s word that there is a boss fight, is this just a single player thing or SMP also? :O

@acidcobra2002 It will work in multiplayer too
 That’s about it for this news brief.  There is a video showing Notch and a buncha other internet celebrities and Valve peeps playing Team Fortress 2, in case you were interested.
Just about eleven days till Minecon and the release!  Happy Crafting!

Minecraft Monday: Patch 1.9 Pre-Release 5 is Live

Welcome to another Minecraft Monday everyone!  Team Mojang has been pretty tame in terms of news and twitter, but I did find a handful of nifty things to mention.  First of all, and likely the most prominent is of Patch 1.9 Pre-Release 5 which can be found right huah’.  One interesting thing on the change list is that iron blocks now look different.  Instead of totally silvery and flat, they have many ‘ridges’ and almost look like a stack of iron bars.  Was that what they were going for?  I have no idea XD

Minecraft News

Minecraft was awarded the GameCity videogame arts prize.  It was a new one they apparently just sprang at the last second, and while I’d like to avoid an Obama Nobel Peace Prize connection, I will admit that I find it funny how a game based on blocks and tiny graphics won an award for art even though I saw a screenshot for From Dust on the very page of this article.  I’m not gonna deny Minecraft doesn’t look super pretty, just think it to be kinda funny it won an award for it ^_^

Minecon might have had a minor setback as lead programmer Jeb was curiously locked out of/in an office for four hours this week.  Here is the shot of the alleged door in question.

The benefits of only crafting wooden doors is never depending on levers to open them

It took two security teams to get him freed.  Either that’s one heck of a door, or that’s one heck of a lackluster security they got over there :P

In other news, Notch tweeted not only that he is a playing and enjoying Battlefield 3, but even his in-game name which is apparently “Nizzotch” which I am fairly certain matches his youtube name. (source)  So if you enjoy shooters, Minecraft, and have Battlefield 3, like someone I know -_^, feel free to hunt down and claim his dogtags.  Can you still get people’s dogtags, or was that a BF2142-only thing?

Minecraft Halloween Mod!

Minecraft Monday ON the day of Halloween!?  This is some cause for celebration!

Happy Hallows, Everyone!

That picture took way too long to make haha  Next year I just might torch an NPC village or something to save some time XD

Also, be sure to check out this awesome Halloween Mod.  It is really cool, has a bunch of nifty things from new mobs like “Jumpkins” that pretend to be pumpkins, zombies that reach out of the ground to get you, and Halloween creepers that blow up and give you candy!  Here’s a video of it in action.

Have a great week everyone!  Get plenty of sweets but be sure to lock up all excess candy (and there is ALWAYs excess candy!) in like a Tupperware thing and seal it.  Not only does it preserve freshness, in just a few days you end up with a wonderful potpourri of soothingly sweet chocolate, caramel, and good ol’ sugar.  Just remember, that smell lasts as long as the candy stays in there, mind you.  So don’t gobble it all up and wonder where that pleasant scent disappeared to.  Happy crafting everybody!  Post any Minecraft related outfits you happen to see this year!

Minecraft Monday: Feature Freeze and Minecraft Pulled of Kongregate

October 18th marked the day that no new features will be added to Minecraft ’till Minecon a month later to the day.  This is the time the team has put aside to tweak the game as good as it can be so it is nearest to flawless as it can be by November 18th.  Personally I’d like a real patch before then as it’ll be about three months since we got one then… but I got a an angel-winged horse and a free Diablo 3 game coming my way eventually so no sweat off my back ^_^

Minecraft News

The only thing really news-worthy this week is that Minecraft was originally put onto game-site Kongregate before being taken down a few days later.  Neither Notch or Kongregate have any admitted hard feelings, but it is nifty how massively popular things in the media are turned down only to rocket to super nova status later on.  Harry Potter and South Park, for example.  Notch called it “a bit of fun trivia.”

As for our own Minecrafting, we haven’t even booted the game up for weeks to be honest.  Last time we played was when I showed the Misses the place I etched out of a ravine on our buddy Ben‘s server, which was probably a month ago :(  I haven’t even thought about playing the game after they mentioned the patch has been yet again postponed till Minecon and I am more than a bit miffed that they settled for such conclusion.  Don’t want to harp on it, would end up a rant and either way they aren’t coming out with it sooner.

Meanwhile we opted to play WoW again.  Started up before 1.8 (as that patch was delayed several times as well /zing) and haven’t really stopped playing since.  Leveled up a few toons, got them pretty high pretty fast considering it takes the Misses ungodly long to level any of her toons.  She is basking in hallow’s end right now, though she has yet to see Sylvanas during that event atop Undercity.  Speaking of which, that should be occurring in just about twenty minutes so I’mma go log on and watch that again.

Happy crafting everyone!  Catch you next week!

Minecraft Monday: 15 Million Registered Players and Counting, Circle Suns and Moons, and a PSA for Project Zomboid

Minecraft Monday!

Hey gang!  Somewhat of a slow news week this time around.  Minecraft will be feature-locked tomorrow as they work on squashing bugs and maybe actually releasing the new content any time soon.  They are still on Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 4, and no new patch in sight.  Still hoping to get one prior to a month from now, but what can ya do?  Onto the curious bits!

Minecraft News

Something that really stood out as annoying to me was Notch’s decision to ditch the old sun and moon graphics and go with a circular model instead.  While the bonus to this change is the moon at least will have cycles (like crescents and full moons and that), the down-side is… it’s a circle.  A circle made of squares… but it is still a circle.  He made a poll and ‘promises’ to honor the result.  But he also mentioned that he added up all the people who voted “do not care” as “round”, putting his preferred look in favor over the actual results.  So while the poll clearly states an advantage sticking with the old square version, he will up and change it anyway.  People have asked to make it a choice in-game to choose from square or circle which Notch outright denied.

I know the first thing that I will be changing once I get my hands on 1.9 >.>

In lighter news, Notch also mentioned that they just hit 15 million registered users.  That’s  six zeros, folks (15,000,000, see?  Six!).  ‘Only’ about 25% of them have paid for the game thus far, but even that is huuuge in terms of marketing and carry over.  Getting people to jump from free to pay is a hefty task, but Minecraft is still finding a way to do it ^_^

Project Zomboid

In a bit of sad news, Project Zomboid has fallen on some really rotten luck recently.  I’ve been checking up on this game from time to time, as it is fully decked out RPG survival game all about living with zombies.  Well, living as long as you can with zombies XD (Including barricading doors, finding supplies, and keeping yourself and any living person you meet sane.  If not they might just up and walk out the door one day.  And if that happens when you are asleep, guess who is going to be starting over in the morning -_^)

The short version of it is they sold their game through PayPal till that got mistakenly frozen.  They went and make a Google Checkout account and made a huge boost of sales through that, but that, too, got frozen.  PayPal has since noted their error and got that account back up, but Google is refusing to release about 80% of their income at this time.  Pirates are copying their game, as all online games seem to draw this crowd, but recently the noticed some pirates were able to access their real deal servers and update their clients to the current content.  It went from old and outdated copies being passed around to full-blown clients being stolen.  To make matters worse, they use a Cloud system and get charged every time someone downloads something from it.  The pirates not only are stealing the game, but charging them to do so.

Over the weekend their apartment got trashed by a burgalar.

Among the emotional damage, they took off with the two laptops with a massive cache of game-related content and code.  While they found a semi-recent backup online, this still was a pretty devastating blow.   To make matters worse, there are a bunch of people dogging the game for delays in spite of these giant obstacles.  Any single one of those would have put a lot of people out straight away, but these guys have taken each one on the chin and continued on.

I just caught a glimpse of in-game footage and highly recommend you guys plunk down the tiny cost of this one for the game as well as to help these guys get back on their feet yet again.  (It costs 5 in Brit-cash, so probably 7ish American.) The game is coming along really well, and even in such early stages it looks like a blast.  If you cannot afford it at this time, at least send them an encouraging email for support.

That’s it for this Minecraft Monday.  Happy Crafting, and we hope you all are gearin’ up for Halloween!  Just a few short weeks away, gettin’ ready?  We leave you this week with some pre-alpha footage of Project Zomboid from the always humorous youtuber paulsoaresjr.

Minecraft Monday: Endermen Portals, Flying Dragons, and Stronghold Locators, oh my!

Herro and welcome to another week o’ Minecraft Monday!  There was a lot of info out the past few days about zee impending 1.9 patch, but ironically nothing new today just yet.

Minecraft News

I gotta call it as I see it, and by golly one of our longtime readers nailed me on an upcoming feature I was completely unaware about.  Turns out last time I posted a Minecraft Monday I added a video about some weird and dimensional goop that was just added to the game by Notch.  Allaweh mentioned people were making comments on youtube about it being some sort of portal dealing with Endermen.

I thought that was weird as Enders were just added and no other mob has their own zone, and Notch even said what the goop was something you’d almost never see.  Logic be darned, that’s exactly what Notch n’ Jeb did.  So a full on Tip o’ the Hat to you, Allaweh!  Be sure to check out her blog, too.  She’s working on a Minecraft world that is a fully fleshed out version of the lands of Hyrule from Zelda and plans on releasing it for all to play on their own, so get your iron swords and leather booties down there and take a gander!  After all, it’s dangerous to go alone -_^

Speaking of that new portal, Jeb posted a livestream of himself playing the current version of the beta 1.9 pre-release patch (which is up to four at this point), showing how to use new items to actually hunt down and find those nifty strongholds.  The process is pretty easy, add a Ender Pearl and a Blaze Powder together and throw it into the air.  Notice what direction it flys and that is your kinda compass to the nearest Stronghold.  Sorta has a Dragon Ball locator feel to it, but I think it’s awesome.

Within these Strongholds lies the creepy Ender or Air portal (conflicting reports), but Jeb was unable to open it in time as he played for about three hours at that point and needed to get to bed XD  Here’s what it looks like with two of the eyes in place, the rest waiting anxiously vacant.

In other News, Notch has added Dragons to the game.  Behold!

Here’s a work in progress of him attempting to texture this beast.  I get a kick out of it.

Personally, I think it looks like the remains of a melted box of crayons poured over a pile of Legos, but it is still totally awesome.  Doubt he’ll stick with this look, but I like it all the same ^_^

When Will Patch 1.9 Finally Release?

As all the stuff was supposed to be ready and good to go in just about eight days, I originally would have said the date they already mentioned, October 18th.  But just yesterday I noticed this rather jarring information on twitter:

At today’s meeting @notch suggested that should keep doing prereleases all the way to Minecon, so my previous tweet about 1.9 is obsolete :)


And another one just forty minutes ago from Jeb_, again:

PLEASE REPLY Jeb, is the 1.9 release will be out for october or november?

@Moliuj Notch wanted to wait with the update until Minecon

This goes completely against what they already stated for a few weeks, that the major stuff would be in place and ready to play eight days from today.  Suddenly there will be no official patch of 1.9 until a MONTH later.  This annoys me.

The Twins are not amused, either.

The Pre-Releases are basically the rough draft of the patch the Mojang crew adds things to and updates internally.  When they are polished, they are released officially to the public as patch 1.9 or whatever they are up to.  They are now only focusing on updating these Pre-Releases and seemingly forgetting a great deal of people are waiting for the actual update.  Heck, the only reason we have access to these at all was due to them getting sloppy with 1.8, forcing them to leak the patch out to subdue the growing amount of nerdrage when the past two stated release dates in a row and took the weekend off anyway.  Suddenly changing the whole patching process like this is a major wrong move in my opinion.  Pre-releases are buggy at best, and certainly not optimized with their code.  Most people will not run those Pre-Releases and Mojang is up to its fourth iteration of patch 1.9 already.

I am grateful of all the gobs of new content.  I would be even more grateful if they would actually release it as a usable, public-friendly, patch.  And not a month later than previously stated, when all the stuff that I was looking forward to in 1.8 got pushed back to 1.9 in the first place >.<

Still crossing my fingers they get a decent, public, and relatively bug-free patch 1.9 on October 18th, but it is looking unlikely unless they change their sudden tune.  Hope your week treats you well!  Looking forward for anything specific in the upcoming patch(es)?  I think I’ll go ahead and predict that the first swarm of Silverfish the Misses sees will cause her to hysterically freak out.  Well, it’ll be hysterical for me to watch, anyway XD

Minecraft Monday: Enchanting, Breeding, and Brewing Potions

I know last week I talked a bit about potions and breedin’ and all that, but this week I has shiny, shiny pictures!  Spoiler Alert:  Baby animals are cute ^_^

Minecraft News

With fifteen days until all the major features planned for release to be implemented prior to MineCon, a whole flurry of news has come out in the past few days.  Namely Enchanting, some more info about Breeding, and Brewing or Potion Making.


Enchanting is the act of trying to empower your weapons and armor with a random and completely unknown beforehand Enchant.  Notch likes the random nature of this, magic is rather unpredictable after all.  All that you will know before hand is what item you are Enchanting and how much the cost will be.  Based on screen shots it will cost from 3, 7, or 15 skill points.  (Finally a documented use for the things!)

Here is a shot of the Enchanting table’s outer appearance.  Based on looks it appears to require stone, diamond(s), and a book.  I’m trying not to photo-spam, so here’s a link to Notch wearing enchanted armor.  He claims it looks really pink right now, but the appearance is a lot better in-game.


So far Notch has stated animals will follow you once you show them that you have food in your hand.  Feed them wheat and they enter ‘Love Mode’ and if another animal of the same species is also in Love Mode they will breed.  What we have not seen yet is the results.  Well, we did get a colossal mountain of sheep, but that was just a bug and a placeholder.  Behold!  Baby critters!

Fear their innate Kawaaai!

They’ll pop back to normal size in time.  Once then do you can hack and slash or multiply again.  Personally I’d like a Veal option…

Brewing and Potion Making

Currently there are 161 brewable potions in the second 1.9 Pre-release.  According to Jeb_, there will be up to 2,653.  While that is rather high, I’d like to offer a little bit of a warning and say it is an extremely inflated number.  Not only will the ingredients matter, but their number and ORDER with also matter.  Also, there will be varying effects that pop up in multiple potions, including negative effects.

This is a minor point in Minecraft but a definite rant about marketing games in the past and present,  “x combinations” is misleading and an empty promise to your gathered fans.  What really matters are the core options and variables.   (It is quite easy to rack up a high number of character selection combinations by including, say, twenty different eye colors instead of a slider.)

As far as Minecraft goes, there will still be a lot of fun potions to try and tinker with, but don’t expect to see thousands of completely distinct effects is all I’m saying XD

Here is the current list of simple and clean potions people have found in the second pre-release.  Some nifty options, but I’d like to see some crazy combinations really changing stuff with leaps and bounds in the full-fledged version.  Interestingly, Jeb also mentioned difficulty implementing potions recently, making me wonder if potions are getting pushed back to 1.10, or added at all.

Not even a new GUI could save the potion brewing system. I need new inspiration, so I’ll work on something else for a while now =) (source)

Hope you enjoyed the current events and goings-on in Minecraft this week, folks!  The Misses graciously gifted me a bit more than her stuffy nose so I’mma go ahead and have another double dose of chicken soup.  Not the good stuff, of course.  That would be the stellar and salty greatness of chicken stars.

That is what I should be consuming, but alas I am apparently not worth the extra effort and got stuck with a generic brand.  Tune in next week where I am forced to lick a bouillon cube when we inevitably run out of beef flavored Ramen, while we miraculously maintain an endless supply of Nutella.


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