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Minecraft Monday: Endermen Portals, Flying Dragons, and Stronghold Locators, oh my!

Herro and welcome to another week o’ Minecraft Monday!  There was a lot of info out the past few days about zee impending 1.9 patch, but ironically nothing new today just yet.

Minecraft News

I gotta call it as I see it, and by golly one of our longtime readers nailed me on an upcoming feature I was completely unaware about.  Turns out last time I posted a Minecraft Monday I added a video about some weird and dimensional goop that was just added to the game by Notch.  Allaweh mentioned people were making comments on youtube about it being some sort of portal dealing with Endermen.

I thought that was weird as Enders were just added and no other mob has their own zone, and Notch even said what the goop was something you’d almost never see.  Logic be darned, that’s exactly what Notch n’ Jeb did.  So a full on Tip o’ the Hat to you, Allaweh!  Be sure to check out her blog, too.  She’s working on a Minecraft world that is a fully fleshed out version of the lands of Hyrule from Zelda and plans on releasing it for all to play on their own, so get your iron swords and leather booties down there and take a gander!  After all, it’s dangerous to go alone -_^

Speaking of that new portal, Jeb posted a livestream of himself playing the current version of the beta 1.9 pre-release patch (which is up to four at this point), showing how to use new items to actually hunt down and find those nifty strongholds.  The process is pretty easy, add a Ender Pearl and a Blaze Powder together and throw it into the air.  Notice what direction it flys and that is your kinda compass to the nearest Stronghold.  Sorta has a Dragon Ball locator feel to it, but I think it’s awesome.

Within these Strongholds lies the creepy Ender or Air portal (conflicting reports), but Jeb was unable to open it in time as he played for about three hours at that point and needed to get to bed XD  Here’s what it looks like with two of the eyes in place, the rest waiting anxiously vacant.

In other News, Notch has added Dragons to the game.  Behold!

Here’s a work in progress of him attempting to texture this beast.  I get a kick out of it.

Personally, I think it looks like the remains of a melted box of crayons poured over a pile of Legos, but it is still totally awesome.  Doubt he’ll stick with this look, but I like it all the same ^_^

When Will Patch 1.9 Finally Release?

As all the stuff was supposed to be ready and good to go in just about eight days, I originally would have said the date they already mentioned, October 18th.  But just yesterday I noticed this rather jarring information on twitter:

At today’s meeting @notch suggested that should keep doing prereleases all the way to Minecon, so my previous tweet about 1.9 is obsolete :)


And another one just forty minutes ago from Jeb_, again:

PLEASE REPLY Jeb, is the 1.9 release will be out for october or november?

@Moliuj Notch wanted to wait with the update until Minecon

This goes completely against what they already stated for a few weeks, that the major stuff would be in place and ready to play eight days from today.  Suddenly there will be no official patch of 1.9 until a MONTH later.  This annoys me.

The Twins are not amused, either.

The Pre-Releases are basically the rough draft of the patch the Mojang crew adds things to and updates internally.  When they are polished, they are released officially to the public as patch 1.9 or whatever they are up to.  They are now only focusing on updating these Pre-Releases and seemingly forgetting a great deal of people are waiting for the actual update.  Heck, the only reason we have access to these at all was due to them getting sloppy with 1.8, forcing them to leak the patch out to subdue the growing amount of nerdrage when the past two stated release dates in a row and took the weekend off anyway.  Suddenly changing the whole patching process like this is a major wrong move in my opinion.  Pre-releases are buggy at best, and certainly not optimized with their code.  Most people will not run those Pre-Releases and Mojang is up to its fourth iteration of patch 1.9 already.

I am grateful of all the gobs of new content.  I would be even more grateful if they would actually release it as a usable, public-friendly, patch.  And not a month later than previously stated, when all the stuff that I was looking forward to in 1.8 got pushed back to 1.9 in the first place >.<

Still crossing my fingers they get a decent, public, and relatively bug-free patch 1.9 on October 18th, but it is looking unlikely unless they change their sudden tune.  Hope your week treats you well!  Looking forward for anything specific in the upcoming patch(es)?  I think I’ll go ahead and predict that the first swarm of Silverfish the Misses sees will cause her to hysterically freak out.  Well, it’ll be hysterical for me to watch, anyway XD

Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release Available! Talk of the Adventure Patch 1.10, and a New Friendly Snow Biome Mob!

Well color me all sorts of surprised.  I thought it would be weeks before another update, and already Team Mojang has released Minecraft Beta 1.9 Pre-Release as well as mentioned there will be another patch before November, 1.10!

We’ll do a 1.9 pre-release today, and a full release after feedback. More Adventure Mode content will come in 1.10, we’re splitting it up! (source)

Shortly after, lead programmer o’ Minecraft Jeb posted the link!

Minecraft Beta 1.9 prerelease can be found here, (server jar also available) (source)

According to Notch, they are doing another push to get the content out before November, but hearing about splitting the content into yet another patch is surprising.  NPC Villages will have villagers in 1.9, but they won’t do much. (source) Also, possibly the goofiest of news, Notch revealed a new mob, the Snow Golem!

Currently it has been stated that the mobs will be friendly and craftable by the player! (I’m predicting the recipe to be three blocks of snow, two sticks, and some coal ^_^) Currently they will follow you around, spreading snow where ever they go, but will melt in warmer biomes.  They also can throw snowballs, but since snowballs do not actually do any damage, it just annoys other hostile mobs and becomes a bit of a ranged meat shield.  Perhaps we can heal them with snowballs like how we can heal wolves with food?

On the more daring Adventuring side of things, Jeb has been hard at work adding more stuffs to The Nether!  Two new hostile mobs are on the way for that zone, with one being a re-texture attempt.  Add in the new bridges or ruins or whatever they are that he added just the other day and the Nether is finally getting some life back into it!

Two other random tidbits I found were that Endermen are apparently no longer going to be able to move blocks. (source)  If they still can in the future, it will be extremely limited.   Also, the mushroom cow I posted a link to yesterday is going to be called a “Mooshroom.”  Ha!

So that’s all we know for now, but sheesh!  This is just the Pre-release and it’s like four hours old!  Can’t wait to see what they add before it becomes an official Adventure patch XD

Minecraft PAtch 1.8 Livestream from PAX Prime – Part 2

Turns out there was a second video!  I had no idea haha  I kept adding notes to yesterday’s post and called it a day.  It was not until I checked out the site of long time blog bud Ben that I not only found out the livestream continued later on yesterday, but that the ponytail clad lass shown in the video is actually EZ herself!  I almost made a comment about her yesterday as to how she shares similar features with Christina Ricci but didn’t know that was his wife.  Color me surprised!

Anyway, thought I’d do a Cliff’s Notes of the second part of his livestream for completions sake.  There was a lot of repeated stuff I already covered yesterday, but still it’s news-y so here’s the video and the notes follow!

  • The start was mostly footage of a Creeper box-head raffle but about twenty minutes in Notch started to play the game for the crowd.  (All the footage of yesterday was just before anyone was allowed into the place.  In the last ten minutes or so you can hear Minecraft Chick mention they officially opened the doors.)
  • 18:50 –  Jeb tells the crowd how the hunger bar works. As I predicted a few weeks ago, keeping your hunger meter full and you’ll regenerate health over time similarly to how Peaceful mode works.  But if you let the bar get too low you’ll start *losing* health over time as well.  There will also be a cooldown on how often you can eat of a minute or so. Keep a stack of bread handy on your travels, which will be even easier now as food is finally stackable.
  • 20:00 – You can eat cooked chicken and beef, but at quite the cost.  If an animal dies off, it stays dead.  This was mentioned weeks ago and now seems to be official.  (Re-popping mobs is such a part of the game it’s actually hard to imagine, so it might help to think of them as moving versions of iron ore.)  Animal breeding will be added to the game as well, going hand-in-hand with farming wheat, reeds, and soon to be pumpkins and melons.
  • 21:00 – Creative Mode close-up of the items available.  Fans of Classic will recognize the similarities.  Also, you can fly and make servers be full-on creative havens at start-up.
  • 22:00 – Live Q n’ A starts, but the audio quality combined with the loud white noise of the massive crowds in attendance making this really hard to hear.
  • 22:20 – Question about TNT and how can you move it.  You can, of course.  (This was actually added in 1.7 a month or so ago.)
  • 22:50 – Will there be any more music from C415?  Yes!
  • 23:00 – Will there be new geography?  Yup, buncha new biome code.
  • 24:00 – Giant ravine!  Even without being filled with lava I was flashing back to the new Barrens in Cata.
  • 24:40 – Nothing new planned for redstone in 1.8.  It’s mostly about combat, and the explorer fans of Minecraft *have* been waiting for some love for quite a while.
  • The audio isn’t quite garbage, but I’ll just say the interference is amazing at this point.  Listen on at your own curiosity, but even though I’m a fan of the game I had to skip past most of this to the ending.  I could hear Minecraft Chick just fine, but the people asking questions and Notch were very quiet compared to the loud surroundings.

Luckily, most of the good stuff was found directly from Notch in the first part of the livestream I commented on yesterday, but there’s part two for all those inclined.  I did read a tweet that Notch made stating that “the rumors of 1.8 this sunday are greatly exaggerated. We’ll be in the air on our way to Sweden at that time.” (source)

While that shoots down this Sunday’s release, that doesn’t damping both the excitement and the knowledge that everything we saw yesterday and today are already up and running with working code.  Minus a few tweaks, that baby’s all done!  Keep being patient, buds!  Patch 1.8 and all the adventure goodness it will provide is just a short distance away ^_^

Minecraft 1.8 – Livestream from PAX Prime with Notch!

Just caught this linky from Notch’s twitter feed and have been watching it since.  WordPress won’t let me embed it, so click away if you are curious on the new goings on!

If you wish to view it, feel free.  I’ll be typing up a Cliff’s Notes version with a timestamp so you can see the topic at hand!  I’ll be editing the post frequently to keep updating the new info as I type it all out ^_^  Happy viewing!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • Right away you’ll be greeted with cheers and “woots!”, but most importantly a brand new title screen with rolling vistas and shinies!
  • 2:19 – Something interesting I read the other day was Jeb said old maps wouldn’t work with 1.8, yet I can clearly see a world save that states it is a Survival Mode.  Could this just be a fresh save named ‘survival’ to differ with the Classic mode that will also be packed in?
  • 2:40ish – Notch makes a new Creative Mode world and begins flying around in search of villages!
  • 3:22 – Lava, ho!  Looks quite bright, and Notch comments about the new bigger and unique-looking biome code that is in 1.8.  Hilly vs desert will look more hilly and more deserty, respectively. Still looking for a village.
  • 3:37 Found a village!  Took two worlds but it was a successful operation ^_^  Notch comments that the NPC villages will usually spawn near your first spawn point to make things easier, as trading and all that will play a part in 1.8 and on.  Can’t trade with people you can’t find, after all.
  • 4:20 – Watermelon – Currently not in the game.
  • 4:30 – The water and village code might need a tweak, the place looks trashed and he thankfully doesn’t dwell there long.
  • 4:46 – The new and improved Click-to-Charge bow!  Looks mighty spiffy in action and makes me harken to the Huntsman from Team Fortress 2 hee hee
  • 5:20 – Eating animation is in, and looks awesome!  I’m sure someone is going to rip Notch’s “om-nom-nom” ‘s and make a custom ringtone out of it.
  • 5:55 – He starts messing with time to show the new ‘no-lag’ lighting effects in game.
  • 6:15ish – Mentions skill points and xp.  He specifically mentions you cannot yet spend the points, which is a good hint at the upcoming patch.  If you have to spend the points, you can pick and choose (at least in which order) what abilities you want to get.  Some games you ding and poof, you have a set ability that is hard-coded to the linear leveling process.  Having the option to spend them means you won’t be forced to get what the developers give you.  I hope this idea sticks.
  • 6:45 – The camera man’s years at college and life’s choices are brought into question when he proceeds to wonder why the feed suddenly grew dark.  I’ll be nice and go out on a limb for the poor guy and say it was his closeness to the aura of awesome that encircles Notch that distracted him.
  • 7:40 – Notch fires off a few of the new dash attacks.
  • 9:49 – Endermen spotted!
  • 10:06 – First death.  You get a glimpse at just how tall the Endermen are compared to other baddies at least.
  • 10:40 – You can see just how far those arrows can fly with the new charging mechanic. Spoiler: Quite far ^_^
  • 10:50 – Notch says current worlds will work in 1.8, but it will not have new content.  Previous patches required you to run to new areas to spawn the new stuff, but it seems like this will not be the case.  The audio quality got a little iffy so I couldn’t make it out perfectly, I could be off.
  • 11:38 – Notch shows off the new Creative Mode item list where you can place any item in the world.  This will be a welcome addition to people who aren’t huge on adding mods, plus I’ve been needed to tinker with redstone and mining all the components is quite a hassle.  As I’d only need to hop on and try out an idea, something like this would be a great help and huge time saver.
  • 13:00 – Fish confirmed.  School of fish?  Silver fish? Tuna fish?  Couldn’t quite make it out, but whatever it is, it’s in ^_^
  • 13:49 – Massive underground area spotted.  Includes a mineshaft with railroad tracks, wooden beams, and cobwebs.
  • 15:00 – Notch shows off how seamlessly days and nights now change the landscape.  Again, it’s on a beefy PC, but Notch did convert the code to be far less of a drag on servers and RAM and all that.
  • 16:20 – In Creative Mode at least, you can destroy bedrock.  Notch then shows there is no infinite world below the ‘bottom’ of the world.  It is now filled with particles.  And death.
  • 19:30 – The xp spheres!  Look a lot like Scott Pilgrim coins to me.  Either way, you kill something and they suck towards ya like in Kingdom Hearts.  No use for em yet, still cool though.
  • 19:50 – My favorite part of the video so far.  An NPC blacksmith!  It just looks so cool! XD
  • 20:26 – Re-confirmed spendage of xp spheres on specific abilities of your choosing.
  • 22:35 A River leading to an ocean.  It’s actually pretty big, I thought the river’s would be small, but these are like 6+ blocks across.
  • 23:42 – He might add Rainforests, “I think so, yeah. And swamps.  I really want swamps.”
  • 25:45 – Second death.
  • 28:00 – New graphic sliders for brightness and whatnots.
  • 29:59   – Gets hit with a weird green thing, poison damage from a skeleton’s arrow, perhaps?
  • 32:00 Up-close and personal with Endermen! Apparently they die in water though.
  • 32:52 – Shows how different biome generation is taking shape. Just random to look cool while avoiding being too ‘busy’.
  • 34:30 – Quite a big pumpkin patch.
  • 38:00 – Xperia’s Minecraft in action
  • 38:50 – While the movement doesn’t help the quality at all, I think anyone can make out that pink ‘do from a mile away.  Minecraft Chick was in attendance!
  • 40:00 – Big ol’ NPC village and a huge house or town hall or something.
  • 40:15  – The town well!  Nice touch, wasn’t expecting to see on of those haha
  • 43:00 – Cobalt in action, another game in the works.  Looks like a side-scroller shooter with capture the flag elements, at least in the mode showcased.
  • 45:00 – Hands-on with Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • 46:25 – Classic Minecraft music chords playing in the background, along with random snarls and damage sounds from other players nearby.  Just wanted to give that music a shout out of its own :P
  • 48:36 – Minecraft Chick takes a shot of Jakob taking a shot of her.  Trippy.

There were also a few Official “Maybe” ‘d items from Notch during his narration, namely Whales, Ships or even larger vehicles, Volcanoes (“Kinda easy to do in the new biome code.”), as well as Rainforest and swamp biomes.  I’d like to see alligators or crocs’ in the swamp with hanging moss, but that’s another topic.

No official release date yet set, but it HAS to come out before November 18th or so.  So much is already in there, and a few times they mentioned they are likely to release 1.8 then a 1.8.2 or something to fit it all in.  They mentioned maybe Nether stuff in 1.9 or later, but adventure and combat specifically had to go in before launch in November.  So cross your fingers and don’t hold your breath!  Patch 1.8 is right around the corner and I’m guessing sometime in the middle of next month.

Minecraft Monday: Endermen Pictures Revealed! Notch is Getting Married, AND Sued! What A ‘Lucky’ Guy!

Hiyas!  Last week I talked about the mysterious and haunting Endermen!  This week I got a picture of em!  Two in fact.  Plus a skeleton shooting a zombie, a lot of trees, an NPC village, and a dude wearing a pumpkin.  (Minecraft’s a busy place.)

I will not reveal the mechanics of how Endermen works so there will be none of that spoiling your fun if you want to be left out in the dark.  But I will be posting how he looks!  I don’t consider it a spoiler, but just in case I’m adding a “more” tag here so you can click to the next page if you wish to see him and a bit more Minecraft News!

Read the rest of this entry


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