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Nyan Pig Returns!

Greetings, Encrazed Nation! I bring you great tidings this day! For the past two weeks the Misses and I have been a bit lax in terms of updates, and we were really hoping to get this out on time for the official Minecraft 1.0 release date and all that, but it ended up taking a dash of time longer.

You may very well recall our precious Nyan Pig/Cat parody that we posted months back. It is a cross stitch pattern that we posted up on etsy. This eventually lead to a bit of a partnership, and in the end, we done got an animation completed for it! Posted it juts a few minutes ago up on youtube. Check it out, but before getting too comfy, I suggest grabbing a pair of CSI-style sunglasses to keep your liquified eyes in their sockets because your mind is about to be blown.

Happy Turkey Day, all!  Have a good one, and eat lots!  May we recommend bacon? XD

Minecraft 1.0 Is LIVE! Finally XD!!!

It is Beta no longer, folks!  Notch and the rest at Team Mojang were very happy to announce on twitter just recently that yes, the game is finally launched and live.

Minecraft 1.0 is out. No longer beta. Thank you, everyone. =D


So break out that Minecraft client, dust off any of those cobwebs it might have sprung.  It’s a-live!  Igor, it’s A-LIVE!!

Mack and Mesh: Indie Month Competition Winners!

We here at Encrazed Crafts are long time fans of internet wizards and legends, Mack and Mesh.  Back before everyone and their uncle was doing Reaction videos on youtube, Mack wrangled his unlucky friend Mesh to play some FPS games in front of a camera.  Mesh is, shall we say, rather excitable and tends to play the games the same way as us, just with the emotional dial cranked up to eleven.  And that’s being modest ^_^

For example, here is the video that quickly earned their place in my heart many years ago.  Normally, Mesh plays with Mack right at his side.  This time he must have lost a bet, as he played the game completely in the dark and alone!  He screams bloody mary during the day and with a friend, so this was quite a sight.

Time passed, they disappeared.

Sad face :( 

But they came back!  Last year they even started a mini-series on Minecraft that quickly became their longest running series yet.  I’ll do a post about that next week for Minecraft Monday.  It’s good stuff, ya’ll love it XD

Too often do big companies completely forget the bottom line, the sole driving force that got them that comfy chair and massive empire of sales: The Consumer.  They have more often than not just set a deadline, tacked on a higher number at the end of the title, and forced games out of the developer’s doors and Mack and Mesh had enough of it.  Thus lead to Indie Month which lasted all of October.  During which they even had little bonuses for the fans in that you could win one of the games they played for the Indie celebration by sending them an email and answering one of their questions at the end of the respective video.

Here is a vlog of a very suave Mesh telling the fans who just won copies of what games, but first we are presented with a lovely rant about the evils of DLC, the very thing that helped spawn the idea of Indie Month in the first place. Here’s a link to a particularly good part, but be mindful of the surroundings when you hit play.  Previous video was bleeped, this one is not.  (The part linked to directly is safe, but just a heads up if you watch it ’till the end at work, etc.)

The question was, if Mesh gave a black berry (the fruit, not the smart phone) to a developer, would they make a DLC out of it?

In case you missed it in his accent or deep, ivory eyes, we won a copy!  Specifically, I won a copy for the Misses.  She doesn’t even know I entered, and she loves tower defense games and mods, so she’ll love this.  I already played the first two levels and had a blast even on the training stuff as I unlocked a bunch of achievements that I cannot seem to erase after two attempts of uninstalling and even wiping out all traces of the game off the computer.  Those achievements will be slightly awkward to explain, but I don’t think she’ll mind too much XD

So there you have it, folks!  Mack and Mesh approved and all that!

Mack and Mesh Approved!

I was going to make this the splash/banner image up top, but that meant I had to crop everything out minus his eyes to the bottom tip of his ‘stash and it got pretty darn creepy awful fast  haha  Sorry Mesh!  Maybe once it’s shaved off I’ll toss one up there.

Check out their youtube page here to see what antics and other crazy-scary games Mack got poor Mesh to play already.  If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe and let your friends know about em!  Their goal is 3,000 subscribers and they are darned close!  Let’s help get it for them!

Minecraft Monday: Rain N’ Thunderstorm Tips N’ Tricks

Was going to start off with a bit of a News Update in terms of Minecraft via Notch’s tumblr, but nadda!  Hasn’t updated it in nearly a week! … Not like I can throw any stones from my glass house for that very reason or anything XD

I do have some random tips for you guys today, though!  Figured this out recently and thought you’d might like to know in case you did not already.


Rain is a trickster, through and through.  It hampers a lot in minor ways and really is darned mischievous!  For example, you are working off in the distance, maybe collecting wood or snow or flowers or wolves, something far away that is keeping you busy.  As you are well aware, nightfall is not the best time to be wondering, so you want to get back before then.  You glance up at the sky, and there is no sun to gauge when to head back.

No sun!  No pixely pad o’ butter in the sky to be found at all!  While this makes a watch more convenient, it makes everything else more inconvenient haha  This also can have some surprising consequences…

Say you are hiding underground because Mr. Watch told you it was the dead of night, so you are toiling away mining or organising, etc.  The clock shows it is just about daybreak so you head topside for a gander.  Tis rainin’!  Oh wells, no big deal!  At least the mobs stopped spawning and pretty soon they will start burning…

…anytime now…

Mobs do not burn during the day when it is raining >.<  Either due to the darker skies or being pelted with drops of water, the end result is that those buggers are there to stay.  And rain can last a long time in Minecraft, sometimes pausing for a day, then going right back on for another long stretch of time.


So rain not only blocks out the sun, making navigation and time-guesstimation difficult, but it also prevents mobs from dying off in the morning.  Thunderstorms up the ante a notch.  Thunderstorms are the same as rain, except lighting starts to go off and the skies get a lot darker.  While this might not seem too bad, as it gets far darker during the night, it seems that Mr. Notch added the ability for mobs to SPAWN within the clouded areas affected by said thunderstorm.

Well isn’t that just peachy?!  And those suckers can form with no warning at ALL.  You could be back in the example above, far stretch away from your base collecting stuffs when *poof*.  Thunderstorm.  Rain, lightning, and now twenty mobs dropping on you, apparently riding the massive droplets falling down from above.  And those zombies do not appear to be Vegan in the slightest.



I keed’, I keed’.  There are a few ways around rain, which I wish registered in my brain sooner than it did.  For starters, as soon as night falls jump in that bed of yours!  (Thunderstorms are dark enough to allow you to sleep no matter what time of day it is, by the way!) Not only will it clock over to day, but it will also wipe out any bit of weather you were having.  That’s one mighty creation of wooden planks an wool ya got thar’!

Minecraft: Shine to the Almighty Bed

Heed the scrallings from the wallings. The Bed speaks with wisdom beyond its years.

If you play more defensively, or build on your land more than you explore, sleeping through it will likely be your best option.  In fact, tighten up those defenses (just in case) and it should hardly affect you at all.  But for you adventurin’ types out there, ya need to plan ahead!  Bring a bed along with you, possibly a watch, and preferably at least one wolf at your side (I like three, myself). 

The bed allows you to sleep through the nasty, the watch will let you know how long you have to get back to base should the sun be blocked out, and the wolves will guard you.  Unless you let them fall off high surfaces.  Then they can’t.  ‘Cuz they’d be dead.  Undead wolves for the Halloween Update this year?  I got my fingers crossed!

Rain supposedly makes things grow a lot faster as well, but I can’t say I’ve noticed as my timing on growing things and rain hasn’t been in sync thus far.  It does put out fires and causes lava blocks to sizzle, but not turn to cobble.  Just sizzle a lot.  To the point Indiana Jones would probably start to freak out.

Some Minecraft here-say is that if lightning strikes a pig it turns into a pig man a la Nether mob, and if it strikes a Creeper its explosion will be much more massive than normal.  Does this mean a bigger TNT may be added in the future (as some mods have done already)?  Time will tell.

Enjoy the weather, me hearties!  Wonder if some leather and sticks could make an umbrella…

Minecraft Monday: Townies

The new and spiffy server is getting fleshed out at a pretty darn good clip at the moment, so I thought I’d take today’s post to highlight how the place is lookin’ so far!  There are a few details, so to avoid a heavy picture flood of a post, I’ll just focus on the /spawn town we got set up.  Maybe try out that gallery option, I haven’t done that yet.

Oh, before I start, did you guys see the footage of thunderstorms and achievements in Minecraft?  It’s only like a week away, tops from being added to the game. Plus. Snow and ice are back!  Woot!

Now that I left you all dumbfounded after that clip, lemme proceed to show you images that are surely more lackluster in comparison -_^ 

Minecraft Co-op: Town Hall

Welcome to the Town Hall!  Mayor_Quimby, presiding.  He oversees all of the selling we perform, as all the sell chests from the Economy mod are located within this building.  (Thus it is possibly the most popular :P)  Beside you will see the Cake Shop (I still gotta names it) and the THT shop.  As the genius bud of mine who built it didn’t give enough space to clearly make it a “TNT” shop.  After some debate, the admin actually let sulfur be sold there at a hefty price.

Minecraft Co-op: Inside The Cake

The Cake Shop is not a Lie!  (Possibly the soon-to-be actual name of the shop… hmm.) I constructed the outside myself outta brown wool, snow blocks, and red wool blocks for the red stuff on the top.  Cherries? Candles?  I dunno.  Red Stuff.  The building is a to-scale rendition of the actual half-cake block, pixel to blocky pixel.  The Misses did all the interior decorating, I like what she done with the place.  Good job, Madam!

Minecraft Co-op: Meat Wagon and the Fuzzy Buzzy Ice Cream Factory

Across from the town hall lies the Meat Wagon!  Actually I dunno if it even has a name, but it’s the meat vendor.  Think hotdog vendor, but Minecraft-style. The admin made this guy all himself.  He made the roof the same way I would of, without me even sayin’.  Great minds, man.  Great minds!

Next to the Meat Wagon lies… oh flying Spaghetti Monsters.  I made the dang thing now I forgot it’s fancy name.  The Fuzzy Buzzy Ice Cream Factory?  Fuzzy Bee?  I’ll go with Fuzzy Buzzy.  This was my contribution to vendor shops, and it focuses on ice-cream related stuff.  (As ice and snow are rare or impossible to hold in your inventory/create currently.)  It also sells slime balls, I called em Slimeball Sherbet–pronounced in the uppity  “sore-bay” La Francis tone.  10 Minecraftolians!  (Even made the Tigole and Furor flavor as an in-joke.)

Minecraft Co-op: Library Reducks

This is inside Madam’s library.  Yes, another library.  This one is run by Belle the NPC, of course!  Unpictured lies Sofie’s Flower Shop with Howl behind the corner, Misses-made as well.  Anime fans will know know about those characters.

Minecraft Co-op: Open Mic, Open Mind

This little place is ‘hidden’ in town.  I can’t reveal its location, but I can take a shot of it’s innards!  This is the Open Mic, Open Mind cafe.  I’d visit it more often, but the pumpkins… the walls and walls of laughing pumpkins mocking my haiku’s and limericks! Their unblinking eyes and ever-smiling grins! Orange visages of unending mocking tones!  The horror!  The horror! /shudder

Minecraft Co-op: Spawn Town Shop Vendors

Finally, here is the wood-working shop on the left, and the weapons and armor shop on the right.  (The diamond stuff is being sold directly from the two NPCs on the roof.)  In the back, the glassy stuff?  That’s the subway entrance, has a bit of a Fallout 3 vibe to it, but even then that game had to base it upon something else so I could be wrong.  Next to that is the Sand Co. Sand Castle Sand Shop (yes I just made the name up) and the Home Deco shop, full of dyes and wools.  To wrap up the town, that ball is a fish shop and disco, and the wooden shop next to the cake is a… a shop.  I think it sells clay.  It’s a clay shop

And of course, Cloud Cutter being all epic in the background.  (Got that day shot of it in, after all!)

Everyone is working on their own individual thang as well, maybe more shots of that stuff next week!

Piggeh! Subtitle: Etsy Shop Finally Got Some Lovin’

Ladies and gents, I am quite happy to announce that we here at Encrazed Crafts are proudly presenting to you are first item up in our shop in… uh… awhile!  Yes, awhile.  Such a precise aeronautic term, I know.  But, after much debating, spell checking, re-spell checking, and spell checking for the thrice time (to make sure the checker itself was not messing up words when we weren’t lookin’) we finally posted our item that’s been created since October.  (I’d say things have been a bit crazy over here, but with a name like Encrazed I’d hoped yall got that already ^_^)

Ladies and Mentlegen, Pirates and Ninjas, Zombies and Robots, I give you…

Pixel Piggy Lap Blanket of AWESOME!

Scaled down to contain the epic levels of pork within...

(Yes, it IS inspired by the pink, four-legged bacon dispensers from Minecraft!)

I know a few people were proddin’ us with suggestions of actually putting things into our store to make that link in the corner worth clickin’, so finally there is something within it. 

/Raises a frosted mug of root beer and skittles

May our shop need be frequently resupplied, and new items continually added! To paraphrase a wise, old Jedi:

Remember, Luke.   The Pork will be with you.



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