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Minecraft 1.8 ‘Adventure Mode’ News: Higher Highs, Lower Lows

Just the other day, my good bud Allahweh asked me if anything new about the Adventure Mode/Patch was going on in the Minecraft loony universe.  Originally I was going to say no, but then I happened upon an interview and WOW.  I was way off!  Check out some of this news right from the Notch-man himself!

One does not merely walk into Mordor...

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Minecraft: Adventure Update… Update!

This is kinda weird!  I checked out Notch’s blog just a few days ago and somehow got the info from an old post and his newest, but missed out in the middle!  Notch posted a big teaser about the Minecraft Adventure Update, or Patch 1.8.  He’re a link to the post directly, but here’s the Cliff’s Notes version.

The Adventure pack will have:

  • “NPC villages
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • New biome code
  • Fully working Creative Mode (and individual admins can enter Creative Mode on a Survival Mode server if they choose)
  • Critical hits
  • Sprinting
  • More farming options”
  • More Content – More things to do, explore, and better combat
  • Patch 1.8 will be the last big update before Minecraft’s release in November, barring a few minor patches to fix any last-minute bugs
  • Modding API is in the works for modders to mod

As they plan on this being the last huge update before release, I’m guessing this will be out at the end of October, but they cannot say and specific date at this time.  All-in-all, excellent list so far, and that isn’t even the big stuff that they are hiding.  I’m really hoping for more in-depth farming stuff, as wheat is okay… but I’d like more options.

Minecraft Monday: Pistons! 1.7! 1.8?! Adventure Patch?! Crazy Times!

Ahoy hoy!  As EvE is currently dictating most of my life for me right now, and yall seem to just eat up the Misses’s stuffs -_^, I’z just going to do the news around the game and hand it off to madam on what she’s built this week.

Minecraft News

First off, Notch posted on his blog that 1.7 will be arriving ahead of schedule, but for a big cost.  1.8 is going to be the actual Adventure Patch now and will take a lot of time to think up (going to be a huge update), but to tide us over the guys at Mojang are going to give us… Pistons!  (Was it that hard to figure out, honestly?  I mean “pistons 1.7” is in the title of post ya know :P)

I found this really helpful video showing what pistons will be capable of thanks to my ol’ Minecraftarian buddy, Ben!

Anyone else think back to Portal once he started moving those brick walls around?  How how about slime balls actually having a use now?  That only took like a year ^_^

Also, the game is officially going to release during the week after 11/11/11.  But no hard dates.  Just that 1.8 is going to be the big adventure patch and it will change how Minecraft plays by quite a bit.  Here’s hoping our current worlds will be compatible!

And now, ladies and gents, skeletons and creepers, empty pumpkins and brightly lit jack-o-lanterns…

The Misses

Hey everyone!  It seems as if space pirates kidnapped the Mr. again. Please don’t harm me, I am only the temp he hired to replace him :D But I must admit after seeing you guys liking my stuff I have been working hard to give you more. See what happens when u say nice thing to me?  I want to be even better XD

Well lets get started on the first thing I wanted to fix, the interior of the hotel entrance.

Minecraft - Reception and Check-In Desk

In this pic I finally made the main desk. Nothing too fancy, I am afraid.  In the pic above you can see you have to walk out to get to the lobby. But if you remember the last pic of the front, all that was there was a balcony outside. Well I made an adjustment. You see when I first made the front desk I had no clue how to make the entrance. If I made it the way I wanted I would lose more than half of my lobby. And I would not let that happen. So I did this. I know not that pretty, but I likes it.

Minecraft - Lobby Terrace

After I did my best to get the front more functional, I needed to do something even better. Something I needed to make you guys go “Wow!” Or at least to have you pretend to say wow, right :P But not yet! Saving the best for last. (But remember this is my best, so don’t expect too much lol).

Before we continue is anyone hungry, anyone? Then please let me help you to the dinning hall. Don’t worry, I rented out the place just for you guys. After all I do own the place XD

Minecraft - Dining Hall

Yes this dining hall is huge. I wanted tons of tables and a balcony for more tables (not done with that yet. Dang you, sheep. I’ll sheer you yet!)

But Heart, as my friends online call me, why so many tables? Because now my hotel could not possibly hold that many people. Yes that is very true. I don’t have many rooms that will be in my hotel. Alas all i have is…

My first railroad and Nether portal, EVER!

Minecraft - The Floating Train and Nether Station

With the help of my Handsome and the fact he has yet to go insane after putting up with me trying to figure out where to place portals once inside the Nether, I made my first railroad track and Nether tele-portal system. So people all around my lovely world can come here to heat. (Zoom out slowly and all you can hear is crickets). Well. When I make the homes that is lol

And finally as I promised, My prized addition. ( Now remember I am still noobish :P)

Minecraft - Regal Ballroom

My ball room! I am afraid I have no one here to dance in it, but I must say I love it. The chandelier is nothing but fences torches and half stones. (Mind you after we made the Nether I was like AHHH MAN GLOW STONES /cry). But I loves it.

After making my ball room I must admit I have an idea for an even better one. But you’ll have to wait for a long bit, after all I still have a japanese shrine and town to make. As well as an Egyptian town and temple. But I’ll probably bore you out by then.

But until then hope you guys loved the pics and also hope to see ya again! Here is my last pic of the day, and this is the outside of the ball room.

Minecraft - Outside Ballroom

As always happy monday mining and build with all your heart.

-Heart :)

Minecraft Monday: E3, Notch, and 2.5 Million Sales!

E3 keep everyone busy this week?  News all over the place!  Twitter, blogs, G4, Spike TV, the whole gambit.  But what about Minecraft?  Considering the flurry of excitement that E3 causes on developers, Notch was still able to  tweet out a few nifty hints of things to come that caught me by surprise. 

Minecraft News

First off, his tumblr blog post!

  • It looks like we need to change the release date for Minecraft to be able to get a good venue for MinecraftCon. 11/11/11 is fully booked. One week later, perhaps? I’ll post more details as soon as we’ve decided and booked a venue.
  • We are working on Minecraft Beta 1.7, which I’m referring to as the “adventure update”. We’re keeping the details secret so people can get surprises. The idea with this update is to flesh out the game a bit, making it reward exploration and combat more. Assuming we like them in play testing, pistons are coming in 1.7.
  • We’re starting the modding support on a small scale with 1.7. We’ll be giving the source code out to a very VERY small group of people before the release of 1.7. We’ll use those experiences to work out the final details, then we’ll get the modding api out as soon as possible after 1.7 has been released. (source)

He also mentioned some other little things that E3 all covered, like xbox360 Minecraft and it works with Kinnect and all that jazz.  As for his twitter, he mentioned that there will no longer be massive chunk updates during the day/night cycle.  All of this will be handled via textures alone. source (I’m hoping this means less lag and not more in the long run.)

This info lead to another tweet, stating that “this means that skylight and blocklight can have different colors now. Nights are brighter, but tinted blue now. Blocklights are warm.” (source)

An odd tweet brought up the ‘dreaded’ lanterns again, stating that he’d like to make them cast the brighter/different toned Skylight to make them stand out, but coding will not permit it. (source)

Finally, and probably the biggest news of the last nine or so hours is that Minecraft officially hit 2.5 million sales just today.  He hit a million back in January, and was at like 100,000 to 300,000 in October, and I know for sure that on December 22nd he was at 855,263 copies sold.  Notch gave an update to the game in celebration of 1 million sold.  The Misses and I have something in the works that’ll time out nicely for this milestone… soon, my friends.  Soon…

While looking up old posts o’ mine to check how many people bought the game when, I noticed my very first Minecraft related post was November 9th last year.  Ironically, that post is related to some Bleh News this week.

Bleh News

In my first Minecraft post I put up a sneak peek at a Twisted Metal level I was working on, and planned on finishing.  That server got reset before I did complete it, though I did get awful far.  I rebuilt that very same megabuild on a new server a friend from the first server made himself.  (The completed Cloud Cutter, the buying and selling mods, the spawn town ‘mall’ and that, all on the same new server.)

So, two days ago I loaded up that server to chip away more at the project o’ mine.  Oddly my location was not where I logged out at, but a quick /spawn or /warp will do the trick.  Those mods are not installed.  Not the first time, new patches always killed the mods for what seemed like an eternity. No bother. 

Except my bud tagging along with me also appeared on the same spot as I.  That’s when we noticed a new guy working on carving out a mountain nearby and he told us several other people have popped onto his server, saying they were looking for another place as well.

‘New’ server is dead.  Project lost.  Again. Teh Sighz!

Well, now this puts me in quite the pickle.  Funny enough, I’m not really mad at all that it’s lost as I’ve been busy jumping around working on other projects all over the place and the server population was dwindling pretty quick.  My only real annoyance is that I didn’t get a recent screen shot, so all work since May 6th is undocumented >.<  (“Can’t wait” to tell the Misses all her stuff is gone as well.  She’s more of a builder than I :X)

This leads to another conundrum.  Do I re-rebuild it?  More than likely.  Though next time I’ll be accepting help to speed it along.  I did it almost entirely solo, (thought it made the build sound more epic), but even with admin powers to spawn items in my inventory it got quite taxing once the majority was in place.  I started looking forward to building it when the Misses helped out earlier in the month.  In a way, I’m glad we didn’t finish it as it would have gotten wiped off anyway ^_^

But where to rebuild?  After tinkerin’ on a buddy’s server I got the idea to possibly build it in the Nether, as it requires a great deal of lava.  The only issues I can think of is that the top of it would need to be encased in glass to prevent getting constantly ruined by Ghast attacks, and I just found out sometimes the Nether’s world gets randomly restarted anew.  At least online. Till that gets fixed, odds are low I’ll dive right back into it.  Furthermore, I don’t wanna post a pic of it not complete, as it ruins the whole reveal in the end.  So not only am I stuck with a pickle, I’m stuck with a pickle that I can’t even eat.  How annoying is that XD

Minecraft Monday: The Mystery of the Block

Well ‘ello, ‘ello!  Mondays always seem to sneak up on me XD  Hows about we get right to it then?

Minecraft News

Busy, busy week for Notch!  After a whole bunch of bugfixes, he needed to fix other bugs that the whole process caused in the first place.  Poor guy.  The biggest news currently is one more batch of bugfixes this week, then a long while of a wait for patch 1.7. 

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is something Notch wanted to do for a while now, and is basically going to be entirely for people who like to… well.. adventure ^_^  The mode is all about going out and slaying baddies, completely opposite of building.  In fact, unless he has changed his mind, you will not be able to place or destroy any type of block in Adventure mode at all.  It’ll just be you going through dungeons and hazards and trying to make it out alive.  Sorta like a Medieval Doom or something :D

This leads to interesting situations. 

  • How do you get weapons and armor? 
  • Are they just given to you at the start? 
  • Do they not break at all, then? 
  • There are chests in the game, will you be granted rewards for completing the dungeon, and if so what? 
  • Will it be completed diamond gear? (As we cannot craft) 
  • Will you be locked into a never-ending challenge area?  (If you can just ‘go around’ the mammoth mountain and skip to the end, you could easily loot the place without doing any of the actual work for it.  Which now makes me wonder…
  • After completing the dungeon, will you have to go alllll the way back out the way you came in?
  • Will there be a key-system in place to prevent looting shenanigans?

But that’s going to be awhile from now.  Easily a month or two.  E3 is coming up and then they got the mobile Minecraft version to be unveiled and all that.  Busy busy!

Mystery of the Block

Since 1.5 came out, the look of my inventory has bothered me.  I run the default textures, but you all might have noticed a slight difference as well.  So, I dug up the files and tinkered a bit to see why things are going on as they are.  I think I may have some results.

The first step was to edit the right file.  And finding that file was deceptively obvious (it is the only one NOT in a certain folder, gah!) so I changed the few that I knew looked off into rather jarring color stripes.

Minecraft Single Player: Texture Editing
This is science is progress, folks. Beautifully hideous science.

The problem wasn’t really with the 3d blocks though, as you can see everything maintains the stripe look, minus distant ones but that is to be expected with a pattern like this.  No, the problems weren’t with the placed blocks, but when you hold the blocks in your inventory.  Specifically dirt, cobble, and wooden planks.  Here is a screen shot I blow’d up to show you what I mean.

On the left is the stripe test look.  In the middle is the post-1.5 patch look, and on the right is the original look.  The cobble is still cobble, but the lighting is different and the pattern looks messy.  In the original, the top is brighter than either side planes, while in the new version almost all sides are evenly lit.  (Admittedly the sides are barely a shade darker than the top, but compared to the original look it is worlds apart.  Furthermore, I have an aging/darkening monitor as well, so the changes should be even less apparent to most others.  End point: He tampered with something to cause this change.)  YesI know dissecting a virtual block is a bit nutty, but we like to continually earn our Encrazed title, ah-thank-you.

The reason my stripe block is up there at all is to see how the image gets scrunched up.  If you look closely, not all stripes are intact.  Quite a few merge together. I cannot compare this to a previous version to see how that may have changed things, but I will say, staring at the image file these are based on, the textures in question did not change between patches.  At all.  This suggests a coding change somewhere, and that I do not wish to tangle with.

New Textures

A spiffy thing I just noticed was this nestled in the same texture file as the dirt and that:


These are the dead (Desert biome) and alive (I guess anywhere else ^_^) versions of the new shrub thang’ he added.  Haven’t spent too much time in new chunks to see these in action, but I will say that the tall grass is working so, in theory, these should be as well.  Oh, and the reason that one on the right is gray is because the game should take in the current surroundings and make it more vibrant green or muddy brown depending on the locale.

That’s it for this week, let’s see if E3 adds anything new to the table!  Last time Notch went to a place like that, we got Wolves!  I doubt we’ll get something that big, but still, couldn’t hurt to hope a lil’, right? ^_^


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