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Minecraft 1.8: Thoughts on the Hunger Meter n’ Food

I’ve been tinkering with the 1.8 patch for a few days now and gotten quite used to the current setup.  It took some getting used to and I had a few knee-jerk reactions, so I kept playing as the game is quite fun, but also to allow me enough time to build up some info to figure out just what I think about the new-fangled hunger bar.

The Good

I like how it refills your health over time.  It adds subtle strategy to the game, as it does not refresh fast enough to survive a beating, but at the same time it takes a lot of minor “oh crap!” moments off the table.  (And while that may sound minor to the bolder adventurers out there, try lighting an never-ending cavern.  When you get to a fork with three or more entrances at once on different vertical locations, lemme know if you don’t fear a “Ssss…” ’round every turn. Did I mention the Creeper explosion does a lot more damage now?)  It provides a helpful boost without being heavy-handed.  If you mess up, the game will curb it for you naturally.  Misjudge a jump and lose a few hearts?  Break a sword in the middle of a fight with a spider?  Swear you didn’t think the water was that deep? Keep the hunger meter full and those aren’t even minor bumps in the road.

The Not So Good

The problem with the hunger meter is that it is quite demanding, especially on new maps.  The Misses and I started out new save like a week or so ago, knowing full well 1.9 will likely change it all and we’ll have to start fresh again.  Just setting up a base takes time, but now to juggle a hunger bar on top of that is pretty harsh for a fresh new landscape.  Sometimes it can take the entire first day to harvest enough wood and find a space to make camp, let alone the hunger costs associated with it.  In the end we built a sturdy base and ignored the hunger all together.  We would harvest some crops but not eat them as why fill the entire hunger bar when only a full bar would help anyway?  We’d jump into a mineshaft and respawn with a hull health and hunger and hoof it back to base just to avoid the annoyance in the first place.

My main concern is that for ten icons, only five actually matter:  the first two and the last three.  The middle ones are just filler and a waste of space.  If you have more than two hearts not filled, you no longer regain hp.  If you have three or less you cannot sprint.  The ‘middle’ five are pointless and only serve to stretch out the time it takes to lose health from being hungry.  Why not allow half a bar to regen your health (10-6), 5 and 4 do nothing as they currently do not, and the last three stay as is with the ‘no running’ rule in place.  This would be a lot more useful, especially with the change to how animals will stay dead unless you breed them in 1.9 or 1.10. (And to breed them takes, of all things, more food!)

…The Rage

The Hardcore mode/option just compounds this further.  I try to play all games as if it were hardcore.  The ‘rules’ are simple: Do not die.  (Bioshock did a doozy on my mental state because of this unspoken rule, I tell you what ^_^)  If I wanted to play hardcore mode that resets your world save every time you die, how would that even work?  If you kill animals they don’t come back, so going on a rampage will help you at first but hurt you in the end.  Grow wheat?  That takes *days* to get started and ends up with you staring at the same four walls, hoping for a crop to pop to eat before you starve and get dangerously close to death at all times.  Eating mushroom stew is about the only option I can think of, and you’d have to be extremely lucky to find any to make a snack out of to begin with, let alone the first day.

I know Notch is actually adding a ‘mushroom biome’ or ‘dirt biome’ in 1.9, but that does not help out right now.  Not to mention the combat upgrades are not in right now, and the xp we get isn’t doing anything but being dropped and picked up by someone else.  I am sure these new abilities will help out a great deal, but again, we do not have these right now, making starting experiences in a foreign landscape a huge step up in difficulty than in the past.  We were given new challenges without the proper tools to combat them, and while I appreciate the constant updates, I think they should have just lumped 1.8 and 1.9 together.

Zee Future

Notch made a comment on his blog that they plan on pretty much finishing the game in the next twenty days.  From October 18th and on they only wish to bug fix, polish, and optimize to make sure the game is spotless before the release a month later.  After that they go back into adding new stuff, but they want “to make sure the release will be as good as possible.”

Minecraft Monday: A Week of Notch’s Tweets After PAX Prime

Seems like this week took awhile to get through, but maybe it was just us ^_^  Notch has fired off quite a few updates on twitter that I thought were interesting so I’ve bunched em together in a nice bundle and thought I’d present them to yall like a Christmas ham.

Minecraft News

In no particular order, here are the series of 1.8 and 1.9 patch-related tweets Notch has put out just the past few days:

“Today I cleaned up sprinting (it’s infinite now, but drains lots of food. Jumping is boosted) and added the player list in multiplayer. (source)”  A small caveat of this change, however: “Strangely, running into a cactus refreshes the food bar. I assume @jeb_ added some debug code. (source)”

“I spent most of today tweaking stuff for 1.8. You can bind any action to a mouse button now, or to a keyboard key. Really helps trackpads. (source)”

This one didn’t have anything innately linked to Minecraft, but made me laugh a lot because I think we have all been there at one point: “Whenever I drop something expensive, my first reaction seems to be to hulk smash it mid-air so it hits the ground even harder. (source)

Anyone who watched the PAX footage we linked to will notice how one village was almost completely submerged by a river in Part 1 of the livestream.  While that would look cool as a simplistic depiction of Venice, when NPCs need to walk around and trade and all that in it, odds are something will go wrong.  Plus it looked really bad >.<  So Notch fixed it! “Fixed the biome code so villages only spawn on flat areas. Nice. (source)”

The other day Notch posted a few pictures, we linked the ones showing pigs with actual dimensional snouts now, as well as that chests physically open their lid when in use, but the one that seemed to get the most attention was his picture of a Swamp Biome.  Mostly because it didn’t look like a swamp biome XD  Earlier in the week he posted a really cool picture of vines coming off a floating chunk of dirt that reminded me of Nagrand back in Burning Crusade.  He took that code and applied it to trees, but didn’t change anything else.  That’s not a swamp, that’s a frizzy tree that needs to lather up with some conditioner.

After getting swamped with suggestions, Notch said something very interesting: “I love all your biome ideas! :D There’s no time to finish them for 1.8, but I’ll do as much as I can for 1.9. (source)”  Oooo!  So, that implies 1.8 will be out soon then, right?  I mean, if there is not time to add them all to 1.8, 1.8 should be just around the corner, eh?  I hope everything we have seen so far is going in the first patch with completely new stuff going in 1.9.  If not, it will be a nasty tease to all those drooling over the changes.

More good news in terms of a patch looming on the horizon was the admission of new lighting code being added: “Committing new light update code. It’s quite a bit more stable, so far. (source)”  “Committing” is a pretty strong word, so there’s some good news.

In quite a mysterious post, Notch said he was starting a new secret project titled “Rex Kwon Do” (source).  No idea what that is about, hope we get to find out soon though.  Dinosaur karate game, maybe?

Finally, he linked to a youtube video showing the Minecraft Paint Mod in action.

Personally I think you should be able to paint in squares instead of diamond-shapes from the get-go to make it a great deal easier to use, but I didn’t code it so whatever :P

There’s your Twitter Update!  Quite a busy guy this week, wasn’t he?  Here’s hoping the patch will be out soon!

Have a great day, everyone!  I had an idea of a way to pass some fun time before 1.8 actually drops which I might post tomorrow.  Still deciding the details XD

Minecraft PAtch 1.8 Livestream from PAX Prime – Part 2

Turns out there was a second video!  I had no idea haha  I kept adding notes to yesterday’s post and called it a day.  It was not until I checked out the site of long time blog bud Ben that I not only found out the livestream continued later on yesterday, but that the ponytail clad lass shown in the video is actually EZ herself!  I almost made a comment about her yesterday as to how she shares similar features with Christina Ricci but didn’t know that was his wife.  Color me surprised!

Anyway, thought I’d do a Cliff’s Notes of the second part of his livestream for completions sake.  There was a lot of repeated stuff I already covered yesterday, but still it’s news-y so here’s the video and the notes follow!

  • The start was mostly footage of a Creeper box-head raffle but about twenty minutes in Notch started to play the game for the crowd.  (All the footage of yesterday was just before anyone was allowed into the place.  In the last ten minutes or so you can hear Minecraft Chick mention they officially opened the doors.)
  • 18:50 –  Jeb tells the crowd how the hunger bar works. As I predicted a few weeks ago, keeping your hunger meter full and you’ll regenerate health over time similarly to how Peaceful mode works.  But if you let the bar get too low you’ll start *losing* health over time as well.  There will also be a cooldown on how often you can eat of a minute or so. Keep a stack of bread handy on your travels, which will be even easier now as food is finally stackable.
  • 20:00 – You can eat cooked chicken and beef, but at quite the cost.  If an animal dies off, it stays dead.  This was mentioned weeks ago and now seems to be official.  (Re-popping mobs is such a part of the game it’s actually hard to imagine, so it might help to think of them as moving versions of iron ore.)  Animal breeding will be added to the game as well, going hand-in-hand with farming wheat, reeds, and soon to be pumpkins and melons.
  • 21:00 – Creative Mode close-up of the items available.  Fans of Classic will recognize the similarities.  Also, you can fly and make servers be full-on creative havens at start-up.
  • 22:00 – Live Q n’ A starts, but the audio quality combined with the loud white noise of the massive crowds in attendance making this really hard to hear.
  • 22:20 – Question about TNT and how can you move it.  You can, of course.  (This was actually added in 1.7 a month or so ago.)
  • 22:50 – Will there be any more music from C415?  Yes!
  • 23:00 – Will there be new geography?  Yup, buncha new biome code.
  • 24:00 – Giant ravine!  Even without being filled with lava I was flashing back to the new Barrens in Cata.
  • 24:40 – Nothing new planned for redstone in 1.8.  It’s mostly about combat, and the explorer fans of Minecraft *have* been waiting for some love for quite a while.
  • The audio isn’t quite garbage, but I’ll just say the interference is amazing at this point.  Listen on at your own curiosity, but even though I’m a fan of the game I had to skip past most of this to the ending.  I could hear Minecraft Chick just fine, but the people asking questions and Notch were very quiet compared to the loud surroundings.

Luckily, most of the good stuff was found directly from Notch in the first part of the livestream I commented on yesterday, but there’s part two for all those inclined.  I did read a tweet that Notch made stating that “the rumors of 1.8 this sunday are greatly exaggerated. We’ll be in the air on our way to Sweden at that time.” (source)

While that shoots down this Sunday’s release, that doesn’t damping both the excitement and the knowledge that everything we saw yesterday and today are already up and running with working code.  Minus a few tweaks, that baby’s all done!  Keep being patient, buds!  Patch 1.8 and all the adventure goodness it will provide is just a short distance away ^_^

Minecraft 1.8 – Livestream from PAX Prime with Notch!

Just caught this linky from Notch’s twitter feed and have been watching it since.  WordPress won’t let me embed it, so click away if you are curious on the new goings on!

If you wish to view it, feel free.  I’ll be typing up a Cliff’s Notes version with a timestamp so you can see the topic at hand!  I’ll be editing the post frequently to keep updating the new info as I type it all out ^_^  Happy viewing!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • Right away you’ll be greeted with cheers and “woots!”, but most importantly a brand new title screen with rolling vistas and shinies!
  • 2:19 – Something interesting I read the other day was Jeb said old maps wouldn’t work with 1.8, yet I can clearly see a world save that states it is a Survival Mode.  Could this just be a fresh save named ‘survival’ to differ with the Classic mode that will also be packed in?
  • 2:40ish – Notch makes a new Creative Mode world and begins flying around in search of villages!
  • 3:22 – Lava, ho!  Looks quite bright, and Notch comments about the new bigger and unique-looking biome code that is in 1.8.  Hilly vs desert will look more hilly and more deserty, respectively. Still looking for a village.
  • 3:37 Found a village!  Took two worlds but it was a successful operation ^_^  Notch comments that the NPC villages will usually spawn near your first spawn point to make things easier, as trading and all that will play a part in 1.8 and on.  Can’t trade with people you can’t find, after all.
  • 4:20 – Watermelon – Currently not in the game.
  • 4:30 – The water and village code might need a tweak, the place looks trashed and he thankfully doesn’t dwell there long.
  • 4:46 – The new and improved Click-to-Charge bow!  Looks mighty spiffy in action and makes me harken to the Huntsman from Team Fortress 2 hee hee
  • 5:20 – Eating animation is in, and looks awesome!  I’m sure someone is going to rip Notch’s “om-nom-nom” ‘s and make a custom ringtone out of it.
  • 5:55 – He starts messing with time to show the new ‘no-lag’ lighting effects in game.
  • 6:15ish – Mentions skill points and xp.  He specifically mentions you cannot yet spend the points, which is a good hint at the upcoming patch.  If you have to spend the points, you can pick and choose (at least in which order) what abilities you want to get.  Some games you ding and poof, you have a set ability that is hard-coded to the linear leveling process.  Having the option to spend them means you won’t be forced to get what the developers give you.  I hope this idea sticks.
  • 6:45 – The camera man’s years at college and life’s choices are brought into question when he proceeds to wonder why the feed suddenly grew dark.  I’ll be nice and go out on a limb for the poor guy and say it was his closeness to the aura of awesome that encircles Notch that distracted him.
  • 7:40 – Notch fires off a few of the new dash attacks.
  • 9:49 – Endermen spotted!
  • 10:06 – First death.  You get a glimpse at just how tall the Endermen are compared to other baddies at least.
  • 10:40 – You can see just how far those arrows can fly with the new charging mechanic. Spoiler: Quite far ^_^
  • 10:50 – Notch says current worlds will work in 1.8, but it will not have new content.  Previous patches required you to run to new areas to spawn the new stuff, but it seems like this will not be the case.  The audio quality got a little iffy so I couldn’t make it out perfectly, I could be off.
  • 11:38 – Notch shows off the new Creative Mode item list where you can place any item in the world.  This will be a welcome addition to people who aren’t huge on adding mods, plus I’ve been needed to tinker with redstone and mining all the components is quite a hassle.  As I’d only need to hop on and try out an idea, something like this would be a great help and huge time saver.
  • 13:00 – Fish confirmed.  School of fish?  Silver fish? Tuna fish?  Couldn’t quite make it out, but whatever it is, it’s in ^_^
  • 13:49 – Massive underground area spotted.  Includes a mineshaft with railroad tracks, wooden beams, and cobwebs.
  • 15:00 – Notch shows off how seamlessly days and nights now change the landscape.  Again, it’s on a beefy PC, but Notch did convert the code to be far less of a drag on servers and RAM and all that.
  • 16:20 – In Creative Mode at least, you can destroy bedrock.  Notch then shows there is no infinite world below the ‘bottom’ of the world.  It is now filled with particles.  And death.
  • 19:30 – The xp spheres!  Look a lot like Scott Pilgrim coins to me.  Either way, you kill something and they suck towards ya like in Kingdom Hearts.  No use for em yet, still cool though.
  • 19:50 – My favorite part of the video so far.  An NPC blacksmith!  It just looks so cool! XD
  • 20:26 – Re-confirmed spendage of xp spheres on specific abilities of your choosing.
  • 22:35 A River leading to an ocean.  It’s actually pretty big, I thought the river’s would be small, but these are like 6+ blocks across.
  • 23:42 – He might add Rainforests, “I think so, yeah. And swamps.  I really want swamps.”
  • 25:45 – Second death.
  • 28:00 – New graphic sliders for brightness and whatnots.
  • 29:59   – Gets hit with a weird green thing, poison damage from a skeleton’s arrow, perhaps?
  • 32:00 Up-close and personal with Endermen! Apparently they die in water though.
  • 32:52 – Shows how different biome generation is taking shape. Just random to look cool while avoiding being too ‘busy’.
  • 34:30 – Quite a big pumpkin patch.
  • 38:00 – Xperia’s Minecraft in action
  • 38:50 – While the movement doesn’t help the quality at all, I think anyone can make out that pink ‘do from a mile away.  Minecraft Chick was in attendance!
  • 40:00 – Big ol’ NPC village and a huge house or town hall or something.
  • 40:15  – The town well!  Nice touch, wasn’t expecting to see on of those haha
  • 43:00 – Cobalt in action, another game in the works.  Looks like a side-scroller shooter with capture the flag elements, at least in the mode showcased.
  • 45:00 – Hands-on with Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • 46:25 – Classic Minecraft music chords playing in the background, along with random snarls and damage sounds from other players nearby.  Just wanted to give that music a shout out of its own :P
  • 48:36 – Minecraft Chick takes a shot of Jakob taking a shot of her.  Trippy.

There were also a few Official “Maybe” ‘d items from Notch during his narration, namely Whales, Ships or even larger vehicles, Volcanoes (“Kinda easy to do in the new biome code.”), as well as Rainforest and swamp biomes.  I’d like to see alligators or crocs’ in the swamp with hanging moss, but that’s another topic.

No official release date yet set, but it HAS to come out before November 18th or so.  So much is already in there, and a few times they mentioned they are likely to release 1.8 then a 1.8.2 or something to fit it all in.  They mentioned maybe Nether stuff in 1.9 or later, but adventure and combat specifically had to go in before launch in November.  So cross your fingers and don’t hold your breath!  Patch 1.8 is right around the corner and I’m guessing sometime in the middle of next month.

Minecraft 1.8 “Adventure Patch”: Sword n’ Board! Combat Updates and Additions!

Yesterday I mentioned that there is an experience bar and you can level up in the upcoming Adventure Patch to Minecraft.  I got a hankerin’ that these combat updates and new abilities are going to be *the* reason why you wanna level up at all.  But, and this is pure speculation on my part, but at this time I don’t know what else you’d earn from leveling.  Something to help you survive mo’ better seems about right, thus I came to this conclusion ^_^

Critical Hits and Sprinting

Critical hits meaning more damage, higher burst and all that.  I don’t know if he’s going the simple route of “2x damage” or the math-bending “1.5x damage” method.  I’m hoping the two times option because the brain processes multiples faster than fractions.  Mine does anyway.  It does ask the question though… eventually you’ll get the diamond sword and that nearly one-shots everything out right now.  So a crit of that would be beyond over kill… unless new mobs have a lotta more health.  Ah, ha!  Things to keep in mind folks, gotta work those angles -_^  Also, this ties into the perma death/lost items change he has planned.  Once you get that diamond sword with high crit chances you know more than anything you don’t want to lose it, making the fear of impending death even more harrowing.

And you thought the “Ssss…” of a Creeper was bad now.

As for sprinting, Notch seems to still be iterating this, but for now it’s a temporary speed boost that might also change our vantage point during the process:

So I added sprinting, just to try it out. Double tap forward to start running, like the fast jump move thing from Unreal, but it only works forwards, like sprinting in most modern FPS games. It felt slow and weird until I added a FOV change as well, but now it’s fun and addictive. I feel like there needs to be a drawback to doing it, though, or you’ll feel like you’re wasting time when you’re not sprinting. (source)

Field of view change.  Hmm.  Third person?  Increase the peripheral range?  Or just juxtapose the landscape during the process?  We’ll need more details before we can find out for sure.

Hold-to-Charge Bow Mechanic Added

In a tweet just about two weeks ago, Notch mentioned that bows will have a charging option.  You can hold down the fire button to add more ‘ummph’ to your shots.  I’m assuming higher the change, higher the range and likely increasing the damage as well.  They also mentioned two achievements related to bows for 1.8, one more realistic than the other.  One is to shoot the Moon (might just be a joke, but it sounds just goofy enough for him to actually add) and the other is to kill a skeleton at 50 meters, which Notch added “will not be easy.”

Blocking Attacks

Instead of just hopping in-and-out of combat like a one-legged pirate, attempting to dodge all attacks by merely being a mixture of ESP and nimbality, why not block stuff with your weapon?  (Technically, it’d be a parry, but it’s Notch so I’ll let the semantics slip this once :P  Hey, tank long enough in WoW and you’ll know the difference!)  Notch mentioned that doing so would be useless as there is no visual cue that the mob is about to attack, so he’ll add new animations as well!  Double bonus!

Maybe if we’re lucky we can stop arrows like a medieval Jedi!  Fueled entirely on bacon and rigorously trained by punching trees all day under the guidance of a hairy, old, and cloak-clad Creeper that can move blocks with his mind!  …But just being able to avoid damaging attacks while staying in melee range would be cool by itself, too.

So that’s about it on the combat front as far as we know right now.  There are a few more things that could tie into this of course, such as the food healing over time, new types of food via chicken, steak, and melons/pumpkins being farmable, as well as the new NPC villages and Strongholds.  How fun will those places be to clear out!  Just be careful you don’t sprint off into a ravine, of course ^_^  That would give you just enough time to curse to your heart’s content before turning to mush at the bottom and losing all those precious items and combat abilities!


Was watching Jeb’s conference and he actually mentioned the idea of doing double damage to mobs if you attack them and they fall down a block or so.  Like if you punch them not exactly off a cliff, but down a hill, they’ll take even more falling damage or something.  Which is nifty too!

There is quite a few more things, but these are the biggies and most likely to come out in my opinion.  Feel free to check out the whole list so far right here if ya like!

Minecraft 1.8 ‘Adventure Mode’ News: Higher Highs, Lower Lows

Just the other day, my good bud Allahweh asked me if anything new about the Adventure Mode/Patch was going on in the Minecraft loony universe.  Originally I was going to say no, but then I happened upon an interview and WOW.  I was way off!  Check out some of this news right from the Notch-man himself!

One does not merely walk into Mordor...

Read the rest of this entry

Minecraft Monday: Pistons! 1.7! 1.8?! Adventure Patch?! Crazy Times!

Ahoy hoy!  As EvE is currently dictating most of my life for me right now, and yall seem to just eat up the Misses’s stuffs -_^, I’z just going to do the news around the game and hand it off to madam on what she’s built this week.

Minecraft News

First off, Notch posted on his blog that 1.7 will be arriving ahead of schedule, but for a big cost.  1.8 is going to be the actual Adventure Patch now and will take a lot of time to think up (going to be a huge update), but to tide us over the guys at Mojang are going to give us… Pistons!  (Was it that hard to figure out, honestly?  I mean “pistons 1.7” is in the title of post ya know :P)

I found this really helpful video showing what pistons will be capable of thanks to my ol’ Minecraftarian buddy, Ben!

Anyone else think back to Portal once he started moving those brick walls around?  How how about slime balls actually having a use now?  That only took like a year ^_^

Also, the game is officially going to release during the week after 11/11/11.  But no hard dates.  Just that 1.8 is going to be the big adventure patch and it will change how Minecraft plays by quite a bit.  Here’s hoping our current worlds will be compatible!

And now, ladies and gents, skeletons and creepers, empty pumpkins and brightly lit jack-o-lanterns…

The Misses

Hey everyone!  It seems as if space pirates kidnapped the Mr. again. Please don’t harm me, I am only the temp he hired to replace him :D But I must admit after seeing you guys liking my stuff I have been working hard to give you more. See what happens when u say nice thing to me?  I want to be even better XD

Well lets get started on the first thing I wanted to fix, the interior of the hotel entrance.

Minecraft - Reception and Check-In Desk

In this pic I finally made the main desk. Nothing too fancy, I am afraid.  In the pic above you can see you have to walk out to get to the lobby. But if you remember the last pic of the front, all that was there was a balcony outside. Well I made an adjustment. You see when I first made the front desk I had no clue how to make the entrance. If I made it the way I wanted I would lose more than half of my lobby. And I would not let that happen. So I did this. I know not that pretty, but I likes it.

Minecraft - Lobby Terrace

After I did my best to get the front more functional, I needed to do something even better. Something I needed to make you guys go “Wow!” Or at least to have you pretend to say wow, right :P But not yet! Saving the best for last. (But remember this is my best, so don’t expect too much lol).

Before we continue is anyone hungry, anyone? Then please let me help you to the dinning hall. Don’t worry, I rented out the place just for you guys. After all I do own the place XD

Minecraft - Dining Hall

Yes this dining hall is huge. I wanted tons of tables and a balcony for more tables (not done with that yet. Dang you, sheep. I’ll sheer you yet!)

But Heart, as my friends online call me, why so many tables? Because now my hotel could not possibly hold that many people. Yes that is very true. I don’t have many rooms that will be in my hotel. Alas all i have is…

My first railroad and Nether portal, EVER!

Minecraft - The Floating Train and Nether Station

With the help of my Handsome and the fact he has yet to go insane after putting up with me trying to figure out where to place portals once inside the Nether, I made my first railroad track and Nether tele-portal system. So people all around my lovely world can come here to heat. (Zoom out slowly and all you can hear is crickets). Well. When I make the homes that is lol

And finally as I promised, My prized addition. ( Now remember I am still noobish :P)

Minecraft - Regal Ballroom

My ball room! I am afraid I have no one here to dance in it, but I must say I love it. The chandelier is nothing but fences torches and half stones. (Mind you after we made the Nether I was like AHHH MAN GLOW STONES /cry). But I loves it.

After making my ball room I must admit I have an idea for an even better one. But you’ll have to wait for a long bit, after all I still have a japanese shrine and town to make. As well as an Egyptian town and temple. But I’ll probably bore you out by then.

But until then hope you guys loved the pics and also hope to see ya again! Here is my last pic of the day, and this is the outside of the ball room.

Minecraft - Outside Ballroom

As always happy monday mining and build with all your heart.

-Heart :)


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