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Casting: Resurrection…

Almost a year ago today all Blog activity ceased from this sector.

Apologies and grovelling shall be dispensed.  Assuming anyone would be able to read it, of course.

But we are working on fixing that as well.  For where we hath failed a year ago, we shall not this day.  Seems like we had the right idea on how blogs work, but due to the hectic holiday season kinda got steam rolled by a lot of juggling acts at once.  Sorry, folks. 

Le Olde Blogge shall be updated far more regularly from this date onwards.  I have a feeling the next post is gonna be our feelings about the first Walking Dead episode…probably followed by the reaction to the second episode which should be out tomorrow as well.  Till then, stalwart readers!  Till then!

…And we’re out of beta, We’re releasing on time…

We officially opened our Etsy store on November 23rd!  Sorry that I didn’t get back to muh blog, but as I think we’ve only got some 5 visits at this point I don’t think I’ve disappointed anyone.  I made and will be closing our facebook fan page because it just was not jiving with me.  Not a fan of social networking sites, blame the introverted geek inside of me if you must, but I also dislike the harsh character limit per post.  This is also why we will never have a twitter account.  If I wanted to hear brief one liners with hardly any thought and definitely no pay off I’d watch the The Joy Behar Show.

No, definately not.  I dislike, nay!  Despise the stuttered and brief, machine-gun style of pointless updates on what someone is eating or what the hell they told someone else in a conversation I can only see the tail end of.  No.  No, thank-you.

So today marks both the reveal and culling of our facebook page.  Facebook, we hardly knew ye.  Your army of xVilles, xTowns, xWorlds, and xLifes will be always be a remembered for how one person can blatantly and unapologetically ripoff another’s ideas for profit.

In other news I just saw The Mist and after listing to Confused Matthew and the Angry Video Game Nerd‘s reviews (or rants, for the latter) I am nearly inspired to do my own review of it.  Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.  It’ll probably get more clickies if I have the girlfriend voice it though.  I must ponder about this.


Ingredients: Zinc Trisodium, Aspartate, Sorbitol and Bisulfate…

Not only are we out of stuffing, but several shades of felt.  Need to stop off and restock tomorrow.  Our stuffs should be complete by the end of the week, which is excellent considering we got a craft show to attend in less time than that.  Seems that the place sold out right away, but we were lucky enough to still get in though we are limited to a card table instead of that anime styled tower shield type of table.  (You know those ones that are made to look like they are made out of real wood, but are stuffed with cork and raccoon fur?)  I figure it’s actually a bonus, not only did we have to pay a little less for the entry fee, but now we can stack up our wares on a small table to further accentuate visual abundance of awesome. 

Which reminds me, I need to get some pics up, blast!  I’ll have the cuteness up shortly.

Off-topic, has anyone else noticed a complete dirge of anything decent on TV since early October?  What an utter waste of a month in terms of programming.  ABC Family I’m most certainly glaring at you on this one, you of all channels should have been on the ball with your supposed “13 Days of Halloween,” only to show America’s ‘funniest’ home videos and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  A big ol’ “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” and an oscillating middle finger are definitely pointed in the direction of your colossal fail.  “Nosferatu” has better voice acting than half of the things they picked out to show for gawds sakes.

At least AMC delivered in October.  Sadly they only seemed to buy the rights to Halloween, 13 Ghosts, and the two House on Haunted Hill remakes, and those get quite stale after quintuple airings per day.  But they get a big fat A for effort at least.

ABC Family…pfft.  Shenanigans.

They’re waiting for you, Gordon. In the test chamberrr.

Man, does time FLY.  Woo!  Well, things are settling and after many, many hours of trial and error, we are finally able to start cranking out some items.


Thar’ be a craft fair coming up we just found out about, so we’re getting ready for that one before we start throwing items up on Etsy.  But fear not!  Items are already waiting to be put up on Etsy, but I wanted more of a selection up there when we officially ‘open the gates’.  We’ll be updating this here blog in the coming weeks when we get more free time. 

Note:  I love referring to myself as “we.”  Makes me sound all-crazy like.  And to think we call ourselves “Encrazed Crafts!”  Pfft!  What a coincidence…

Speaking of people who creepily utter “we“…



Everything is Shiny, Cap’in!

Still working on settings and layouts. 

Nevermind the screaming, Chester is having one of those days again.  Be a dear and don’t uh, touch…anything.  ‘Kay?



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