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The Gut-Wrenching Season 2 of the Walking Dead

So the Misses and I finally sat down with some grub and decided to watch the first episode of the ‘second half’ of season 2 of The Walking Dead.

…and seven frustrated minutes later we shut the damn thing off.

Let Me Just Beat the Dust Off This Thing…

Hey guys!  Another few weeks, another post! XD  I might have to change Minecraft Monday into Minecraft Monthly or something at this rate hee hee

I was informed by a rather lazy family member that if we don’t post the animations to this blog they don’t know how to find them, so I might as well just post them before that person goes and breaks a nail -_^

First up is zee Impatient Chef!  Not that it is required, but if you want to go full screen with either of these two, 720 HD is available.  (Thought any higher would be over-kill XD)

Second one has a cool ending, actually.  Remember waaaay back nearly a year ago now with Developer Appreciation Week?  I did David Jaffe and the rest of the Eat Sleep Play crew as my first post?  Well, after this animation someone linked it to him on twitter and he mentioned that he wanted to post it on the official Twisted Metal blog.  How cool is that?

Working on a a sequel to it right now.  It’s pretty much set, but the wording might be a smidgin’ off so I’m chipping away at it.  Also had two more Walking Dead ani’s planned, but we might just scrap those even though the next one was gonna have Daryl in it.  Doubt we’ll have time before the season ‘starts up’ again, but we’ll see.

Anyhoo, enjoy the animations and have a good day, everyone!

The Talking Dead: Is Felicia Day Always That Cold and Superficial?

We tend to catch the Talking Dead segment after the Walking Dead airs, though I know it can be late or just non-interesting for some.  Some people out there likes them some zombies and that’s that.  No harm, no foul, says I!  I just think it’s a goofy little geek-centric show anyway, but for now it keeps my interest and I think it is great that the nerd culture is expanding in such a positive way.

Think about it; Two years ago a zombie based tv show was unheard of.  Not only do we have one of them now, but we also have a talk show about a zombie based tv show.  Awesome.

In case you missed this week’s talk show,  Napoleon Dynamite and Codex guest starred.  Or for you non-geeks, that’d be Jon Heder and Felicia Day.  Jon seemed to be enjoying himself and goofing off, while Felicia professed her undying love to Shane. To be more precise, her undying lust for the body of the actor who plays Shane.  She then went on to say that shooting an innocent and distracted man who helped her in times of need was not only smart, but inevitable.  Anyone know if Codex really is a priest and not a frost mage because she sounds like one icy…

That lust part of my statement did not take long to appear. Within the first five minutes of the show Felicia already drifted off and daydreamed about the two shower scenes of Shane and how she wouldn’t mind talking about just that for the entire half hour.  I know people can exaggerate, but she brought it back up several times and it got creepy-excessive.

Chicks digging hunky guys is not uncommon, but it was pretty odd to hear her mention it so openly.  For one, I’m pretty sure her largest target audience is all beings located in Nerdom.  Talking like that not only ignores the crazy high statistical amount of guys who watch her, but it shatters their dreams while collecting their salty tears for demonic IV bags when she prattles on about a buff jock, the nemesis o’ the nerd.

Archival footage of a traditional encounter between a jock and a nerd.

It wasn’t a one-time dealy, either.  The show opened with her public infatuation with the poor guy’s body, but she then leapt to the conclusion that Shane wasn’t just a lovely thing to look at (her opinion, not mine), but she stretched it so far as to say he is actually a good guy which is flat out wrong.

Based on said infatuation methinks something else is steering her thought process besides that grey noodle in her head, unless she never watched the first season and this was her first episode.  Which would make her a terrible person to have on air talking about a show she knows nothing about. Perhaps she is familiar with the graphic novels the show is based on, then?  I haven’t read much of it, but doing reviews like this I read quite a few that divvy out spoilers so I am aware of what goes on and how Shane acted in the comic.  But, there too, he was far from ‘good’.  Who this mysterious person is she is championing is unknown to me.

The show eventually carried on and they asked the audience about Shane and Otis, wondering if we would shoot Otis or not.  If I recall correctly, others on air himmed and hawed but eventually sided that shooting Otis was not the best idea.  Felicia on the other hand was in full support of Shane, surprise-surprise >.>  Based on the poll results one could argue that the basic data of those on air matched, 60% said they wouldn’t have shot Otis.  What separates her from that statistic though, is just how supportive of her murderous machismo man she was.  Not content with merely casting her vote in Shane’s favor, she was the only person on set to go so far as to say that Shane was not only perfectly right in shooting the defenseless man who already risked his own life to save Shane at this point, but that “it was inevitable.”


Really?  Someone was going to turn the corner at the farm one day and pop off Otis for no reason at all?  Not to mention the director really did a lackluster job showing the audience how bad off the duo was, considering they were a good fifty feet ahead of the zombies who weren’t gaining on them, nor the fact it took nearly a minute to pull the supplies from Otis after he was shot and then repeatedly bludgeoned, showing just how much of a lead they had which was more than enough to start weaving in-between cars that they were approaching to give them even more distance between ‘the herd.’

But, Ms. Day was trying to say that Shane was just worried about his own survival.  I think that survival instinct kicked in at a pretty plot-convenient time in the story, but okay.  We can go that route, too.

Shane *did* have a bit of the crazy eye the moment he landed wrong on his foot and hurt it the second time. (Going to ignore the impossibly long time he never checked the room before going out of the window, as this was likely done to lazily allow the writers to stick in another zombie attack that ultimately was just a time waster as Shane got away just fine.  Plus it was kinda cool to see him shoot the zombie to have him let go.)  As he dragged himself towards an extremely vulnerable chain fence he did appear to have the ‘crazy eyes’ he had nearly all of last season.

Note the crazy eyes.

So one could say that perhaps that whole time he was just thinking about survival and his terrible actions last season were a result of an overwhelming desire to live.  ‘Kay.  Except that, just a short few scenes later, Shane falls and throws in the towel, demanding Otis carry on without him. That is not the words of a man with a massive will to live.  He just gave up right there and then.  He didn’t care about glory in saving Carl, he didn’t care about looking good to Lori or Rick.  He. Gave. Up.

So that idea is out.  It wasn’t instinct, it was just moronic and a dash of evil.  The following scene backs this up.

Shortly after Otis saves him, Shane shoots Otis to buy himself some time.  Mind you, the zombies were far from close at this point.  If they were supposed to be breathing down their necks it was not expressed well at all on camera. We never get to see just how far away the truck is parked, so we don’t know how much further the two had to go.  Was it a block away? Two? Who knows.  But what also does not make sense is, if Shane is in such dire straights to resort to killing his savior as a means to buy himself some time to get away due to an injured foot…. wouldn’t carrying double the load make him progress even SLOWER than before?  That is twice the weight putting strain on his injured foot every time he takes a step.  Only AFTER he kills Otis does he need the extra time to get away as the pain slows him down even more.

Does anyone else notice the moronic lack of thought-process he just pulled?  Pointlessly shooting Otis was not only evil but turned the situation into a self fulfilling prophecy that didn’t even need to get started in the first place.  It is a senseless, selfish, dark downward spiral.

I thought that perhaps, actors being actors, maybe she was just trying to play the devil’s advocate and have a good time on air.  Well, later on Felicia further defends Shane’s actions in the after-after show which can be viewed at this link.

In that video she states: “I don’t personally think Shane is a bad person.  He is just a guy whose morality changes because of the circumstances.  Which is what you shouldn’t do.  Probably.”

For one, there goes that ‘out on a limb’ statement I had in mind that she might just be acting, and two, that is one mighty big “probably” if you ask me.   Let’s take a look at a few of the things Shane has done in the past that we the audience know about, shall we?  This was all in season one, mind you.  This stuff should be public knowledge that she is aware of, unless of course she does not, in fact, know what series she is talking about.

Episode 1 – Shane has a ‘manly’ talk with Rick about how dumb his girlfriend is and how lucky Rick is to have Lori and Carl.  It is heavily suggested that Shane is jealous of Rick for this reason.

Episode 2 – An extremely animalistic sex scene between Shane and Lori is followed by Shane ignoring requests for backup from the scavenging team in the city. If it were not for Rick’s Guts-y actions (hee hee hee), the entire supply scouting party would have died. For the record that group consisted of Glenn, Andrea, T-Dog, and Merle.  If it were solely up to Shane, they all would have died.

Episode 3 – Rick returns to camp.  Lori totally cawk-blocks Shane and he takes out his frustrations by utterly beating the snot out of Ed’s orbital bone.  This is the first real sign of Crazy Shane as he started out with decent intentions but went too far.

Episode 4 – Ties a dehydrated man to a tree. Granted, he was actually ‘nice’ to the guy while Rick was more than forceful during his travels, it’s like the two swapped personalities.  This is the only episode Shane isn’t arrogant or crazy.  So that’s what, 17% of season one he was an okay guy?

Episode 5 – Shane takes a comment from Rick entirely wrong and then, when hidden in the forest, cowardly places Rick in the iron sights of his shotgun.  He tremors and grinds his teeth a long while, but ultimately doesn’t fire, though was caught doing this by Dale and awkwardness ensues.

Episode 6 – He gets drunk, attempts to rape Lori, then nearly kills the one guy that knows how to open the door and save them all before shooting off a few rounds into various computers with his shotgun.  Rick body checks him and then asks “Are you done, now?”

So, I’m not quite sure what anyone could cite to say that Shane was ever “good guy”.  Heck, he probably was barely a ‘decent’ guy. But Ms. Day painfully continues with the most outrageous thought-process yet:

“Shane is evolving.  Rick is kind of like a guy who needs to be forced to evolve.”

I think Beast sums my reaction to that well enough:

This statement just blows my mind by taking logic and bending it so hard that it bursts into a bizzaro universe where chickens eat Human Noodle soup and bacon is no longer awesome.  Since there is nothing negative one could can say about Rick compared to Shane, the only thing she could do in an attempt to pump up her hunky selection was to redefine Shane’s crazed actions as evolutionary.  Yes, because rape and random armed violence is the next level of human consciousness.  Anyone who doesn’t do that clearly is not as advanced as her preferred stud.

That was truly a great performance.  Felicia Day, in under an hours time, was able to leap from one extreme comment to the next with the finesse of a hardened circus performer, bind science and law to her will like an advanced quantum physicist, and then remodel previous facts of last season into a completely new perspective with such precision to mimic Michelangelo terra forming a slab of marble as he sculpted the statue of David.

I am sure fans of hers will be overjoyed to know that if the acting gigs ever dry up, she will be one top notch turd polisher, yarn spinner, or Lead Ignition Technician of combustible pants.

Bravo, Ms. Day.  Bra-vo.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 3 Review – Recap and Analysis

The Walking Dead
Season 2, Episode 3

Save the Last One

While it wasn’t as bad as the first episode, I think this one was just “okay.” Similarly to “Bloodletting” last week; it had room for improvement.  The flow was still fairly brisk, but that was only because the setting jumped from one group to the next.  People even broke up into smaller groups this time around to aid with that, but still I think very little actually happened. And what did happen wasn’t a big deal.  I’ll get to why I think that is in a bit, but first I’ll give the busy person’s play-by-play.

Yet another shower scene of Shane.  If you include the bottled water bit at the start of this season, that makes it the third.  He is shaving his head and has a crazy look in his eye.  Oy.  Looks like they want to bring the ‘Crazy Shane’ of last season back >.> Bad way to start this off, in my opinion. To put it in polite terms, ‘Crazy Shane’ wasn’t the high-point of the first season by any means as he was about as consistent as runny egg yolk. But according to a certain red-head on the third episode of the Talking Dead, he’s hot. So who cares, right? (More on that double standard in tomorrow’s post.)

Carl is getting worse to the point of having seizures and Rick is just about out of cherry koolaid. He, Lori, Hershal and his crew are waiting on Shane and Otis, but Lori wonders if Carl would be better off dying in his sleep instead of surviving.  This monologue gets a bit long, but at least Rick is finally acting like his last season self.  Lori made him eat up a scene before it, so I guess all it takes is a sandwich to bulk up on confidence and assertiveness.  If he downs something from a glass vial labeled “Drink Me” will he shrink down, too? XD

Glenn and T-Dog appear during all this, and I was honestly not sure if they would still show up after Derle gave the ailing T-Dog some much-needed meds.  They show their support but ultimately disappear for most of the episode as the other duo’s took center stage.

"Pills here!"

Carol is still a pointless character, but this time around her wailing in the back of the RV paired with Andrea’s incessant tinkering with a loaded weapon (that nearly got her killed in episode one) drives Derle to leave under the guise of looking for the missing girl.  Good man. Andrea tags along and they happen upon a zombie hanging from a tree.  Andrea feels for the starving zombie, and pleads Derle to shoot him and end his misery.  He first nixes the idea, but Andrea answers a question of his, stating she still isn’t sure about if she wants to live or is merely doing so as a habit.  Derle still thinks it is a bad answer and a waste of an arrow, but ends the tree zombies ‘life’ anyway.

Dale sets out on his own, but they don’t really say why he opted to walk quite a distance down the road without a flashlight.  Either way, he returns to see Andrea and Derle make their way back.  While he is happy at the sight, Carol starts crying about not seeing the daughter and dives back into the van.  Because it isn’t good enough that they came back safe during an ill-thought search at night. For HER!


If only she had stolen two grenades from Rick so she could swallow one now.

Spoiler Warning

Shane and Otis appear in the school.  It isn’t explained how they got in, nor how zombies are less than fifteen feet behind them the entire time.  They end up momentarily parting ways and distracting zombies from one another, but in the end Shane injures his foot, falls, and gives up.  He tells Otis to leave him behind, but Otis refuses to do so.  We’ll get back to this in a sec.

Shane makes it back in time to help Carl who is now stable, but Otis has fallen.  Rick breaks the news of the post-mortem Otis with Hershal and Maggie appears to have a thing for Glenn.  Nothing physical happens, but it certainly came across to me that Maggie was a wee bit flirty with him.  During this, Lori returns to Carl who is sleeping and Shane steps in.  Lori says he can stay, and whether she ment in the room or in the group is up for debate.  Either way Shane gets clothes from a rather disgruntled Maggie, stating they might be big on him as it was Otis’s attire.  We are then once again back with Shane in the shower.  Two shower scenes in one episode. New record >.<

Team Jacob, eat your heart out.

Remember when Shane gave up and Otis forced him to carry on?  Sadly, Shane didn’t pay it forward and instead shoots Otis in the leg, using him as a distraction.  Otis does not go down without a fight and even when getting bludgeoned with a pipe (or something similar) is able to rip off a clump of Shane’s hair.  Shane manages to take the supplies Otis was carrying just before the zombies eat him alive, in gory detail.  I’m sure that bit unsettled the majority of the fans at home for better or worse ^_^  Anyway, Shane is seen shaving off his hair in an effort to hide the damage that the late Otis inflicted unto him and the credits roll.

All in all, decent episode.  Some twists, slight boring bits, some action and some dialog.  Nice over-all mix, but eh… there is one thing nagging me.  It isn’t a deal breaker, but it could be in future episodes.

The Problem

While the episode was far from bad, it wasn’t great.  There is plenty for people to claim and cite as awesome, and I can even provide a list for ’em.  Hordes of zombies, guns that were actually fired, Derle venturing out at night and also firing off a bolt Rambo-style, a gory death scene with close-ups, some plot and character developement, an actual human finally died which was a first this season, and while it isn’t a high point by my standards I know a lotta ladies and a few guys probably enjoyed seeing Shane’s buff physique in the shower. (Again, more on that tomorrow >.>)

The problem that undermines the whole thing is that I was not emotionally invested.  I had zero attachment to anyone involved.  I didn’t care about Shane’s plight as I knew Carl was important to the story (for some still unknown reason) so he was safe.  Otis was not as he was a new addition an episode ago.  Add in the “Crazy Shane” intro and you can fill in the rest of the blanks yourself.  I do not want this to appear as if the issue is tied to a lack of surprise, as even though I knew more or less what was going to unfold, I did not yet know how.  That “How?” is where the crew should have stepped up and made the audience give a darn about people making it away safe and intact.

I’ll even give them credit that they tried to do that, but it didn’t quite work.  Carl flailing around on the bed was supposed to be a heart-tugging and raw scene.  Instead it was a child that was instructed to flop around for two long minutes in front of the camera.  It stunk of “Emmy Award Reel” too much for me to believe it was actually happening.  Instead of intrigue I was left with reality; a child actor trying really hard to look like he was spasming or just dancing very badly.  I give the kid credit, though.  If the scene was cut down to moderate levels and the emphasis and music was not so bombastic and so dominant it might have actually left room for me to care at all instead of them trying to force it on me :/

One final thing that bothered me to the point of getting me angered was during the Talking Dead preview of next week’s episode.  If you want to stay completely out of the know, feel free to divert thine eyes now.

Courtesy gap.

This has nothing to do with episode 3. It's from episode 4. For some reason they included it in the third one's gallery, so by golly I'm gonna use it and blow your minds.

So, the group is now at the farm and for some reason they are lowering Glenn down a well.  There is a bloated zombie down there, and they all know about it.  Suddenly the crank holding the line breaks and juts forward, causing Glenn to fall further than expected and closer to Jobba the Well Zombie than everyone would like.

Suddenly the footage is clipped and Mr. Dynamite is nearly falling off the couch screaming “That’s IT?!  It stops THERE?!” and immediately I was repulsed.  Why does he care that much?  I like Glenn a lot, and it would be a shame to have him go, but the show has not yet given any of us reason to care about anyone.  Let alone enough to act as over excited, shocked, and frustrated as he did.

Is he being dishonest?

To what end would that prove to benefit?  The audience?  How would over-acting help anything?  Maybe we’d tune in next week, but if it didn’t pay off or wasn’t handled properly, why would we return?  No, it seems like too much work for that scenario to pan out, plus the show has a massive following and has just been signed for a third season.  They are far from hurting for ratings.

Is he being honest, then?

Ironically this is the worst option of the two.  This provokes the question of why does he honestly care as much as he appeared to after that clip?  Has he been watching the same show as us?  Is he a long-time fan of the comic and drawing his connections to the characters from there, perhaps?  If the next episode is as ‘okay’ as the last two were, or anything near as bad as the first one was, last season was episode for episode far stronger and better off than this one.  In that case I have to wonder, if he really did care that much to literally be on the edge of his seat:

Is this how little it takes to impress those in Hollywood?  Is this why crap is so often sold to the masses?  Is this why our standards for entertainment are so disappointingly low? /coughtwilightfilms

I’ll leave those questions for you, my awesome commentors, to wax philosophic in the comments below.

Furthermore, Andrea should be destroyed ^_^

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2 Review – It Was Good!

Score this one as a small, but important victory.  The episode wasn’t over-flowing with either zombies or action, but it never felt dull and always changed things at just the right time.  It found time to expand on characters, kept the story flowing, stuck in a flashback right at the beginning and T-Dog even got some camera time.  Also, Andrea almost was a decent person that I didn’t wish harm upon.

Till she snubbed Dale again.

As she was near the RV at that point, I really hoped a zombie would blind-side her like her sister.  The one in the woods was tantalizingly close to taking a chunk out of her, but ah.  Patience…

Carol is still a pointless character.  At least this episode she gave quite an emotional blow to Andrea when she mentioned right in front of her that she prays her daughter doesn’t end up like Amy.  Ah, it was great.  Misses and I had a good laugh at that one.   I still think Carol is zombie grub on two legs, but wondering if they are going to the polar opposite or irony and going to end up making her daughter a zombie that actually takes her out in the end.  Rather Dawn of the Dead style with the girl in the basement, but if done right would still get a laugh.

More Like This, Please!

More like this episode, and none like the first episode, please!  Feel free to improve upon it, of course ^_^  Let’s hope the next episode is another actiony one and not a talky.  Break the curse of the first season!  Happily surprise us!

I have to give pointers to Rick’s actor.  He completely nailed being in shock when he was on the porch after dropping off Carl.  Seeing him jitter about, glazed eyes and staring off on auto-pilot as Shane wiped the blood of his forehead.  Seeing him nervously muck about with the soiled rag was spot on.

Hats off to the writers this season, as Shane is a completely watchable human being right now.  He usurped some of the Mary Sue out of Rick and has become a great guy and hero of his own story in his own right.  Last season I wasn’t pleased with his actions but felt he was also getting a terribly raw deal.  This time around they are showing him in a different light which is interesting to see.

Inversely, I am a bit miffed at how often Rick is crumpling this time around.  While the too human, human last season was a bit much in one direction, this time around we get the opposite.  A mess of doubt and emotions who is constantly second-guessing himself and full of questions on reality, morality, and even his own reasoning abilities.  I gather from the interviews of Talking Dead after the shows that this is temporary and is sculpting him to be ‘the great leader his is in the comics’ but right now, I’d like that to happen a bit faster.  I don’t have comics to base this on and keep saying “I know it’s bad now, but just wait, you’ll like it.”  Heck, Andrea was supposed to be an awesome character and thus far I cannot see why Dale would have stayed with her, nor how anyone with ‘gun rights’ (or crossbow for that matter) would want to save her at all, if not straight up do her in themselves.

I can envision this comic where Andrea is on the RV doing nothing productive as usual in panel one, panel two shows Dale opening the door to check up on her, and panel three is just his left arm and leg in view as the door rips off his hinges and giant crimson letters spelling out “RAAAAAGE” have knocked him out of frame as they fly out from inside the vehicle.

Just give that chick a bullet already. I don’t even mean shoot her.  Just give her a bullet and let her fall onto it from a great height.

And coat the bullet with salt.

Dale is still a cool guy.  T-dog is in a tight spot, we’ll see if the drugs kick in to save him or not. Glenn finally got some camera love and even got a joke this time around!  Yay.  Daryle is being hyped up as this uber cool tough guy, but I sorta think he was more awesome last season.  Perhaps this time around he feels… a bit stock?  Too soon to judge, but that’s my gut feeling at the moment.  It’s like every scene he’s in he just dominates and everyone else there is only there to serve him his best representation possible.

Side note:  There were two mentions of Merle this episode.  Will that amount to anything in the near future?

Anyone else flashback to Left 4 Dead when they started throwing flares?

As often is the case, a decent product following a terrible disappointment tends to shine quite brightly by dynamic comparison alone.  (Matrix 2 vs Matrix 3.  Star Wars 1+2 vs Star Wars 3.  Cataclysm vs Mists of Pandaria, though MoP would have done fine on it’s own.  I just wish Cata didn’t seem like such a waste or even a filler by comparison.)  I liked the whole episode.  I liked how commercials weren’t shoved in my face this time around, in fact instead of dreading the commercials themselves, I dreaded having to wait five minutes to get back into the episode because it hooked me this week.

This was a minor victory.  This proves you are actually adequate for television.  By many standards, being adequate is proof you are actually too good for television, but I digress.  Kudos to a good job, but keep it up.  You have plenty of room for improvement and to grow, so do not drop the ball again!  Continue to dazzle us in the coming weeks, please ^_^

Furthermore, Andrea should be destroyed.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Premier

What did I think of “What Lies Ahead?”

In a word: “Commercials.”

In another word: “Let-down.”

And yes that is a single word. It’s hyphenated, it counts as one! XD

It wasn’t bad, but I was expecting more.  This was yet another ‘Talky’ episode that I disliked last season.  I understand a lot of stuff is going on and they are explaining a lot and setting a stage, but I also think they only made it 90 minutes to sell the insane amount of ads that we running near the end.  If they cut it down to an hour not only would the ad problem go away, but they would be forced to terse and tighten up the action and lop off the boring bits that were ever-present.

Again, it was not bad.  But it was clearly edu-tainment.  It told us stuff so they can actually act on it later.  In comical terms, it was the setup of a joke, and the punchline will be given next week.  Or two from that.  Sometime.  Just not *now*.  And I wanted payoff *now* after waiting a year to watch this.

Some good news though!  Shane and Lori are now actual, factual characters!  I’m so proud.  Last season they were just graduated foil characters.  This time Lori is actually doing something and holding her own, while Shane is apparently shedding the ‘crazy’ bits and going rogue for the good of the group.  He went from neutral villain to anti-hero.  Kudos to him.

Andrea can go stick her finger in an outlet.  I don’t care what she does in the comic, I want this chick dead.  Nothing but hate and angst.  Every scene she was in was like watching a highschool poetry class unfold.  Big words people do not normally use, let alone under threat of zombie attack, and again not when that ticked off. You just don’t have higher brain functions going on when you rage as much as she was against poor Dale. Ungrateful for his intervention she wishes nothing more to be killed off.  We here ate Encrazed Crafts truly wish that she succeeds in her goal.  Quickly and with gory detail.

Dale is still awesome.  Delaying the group from making a tough decision so coyly and seeing T-Dog willingly go along with it was great.  “Tricky hose” indeed ^_^  Sadly, Rick is still a Mary Sue.  This time with extreme comparisons to Jesus.  Well done on the subtly there, crew.

The gore this episode wasn’t over-the-top, but I did notice the rest of the group I saw it with got a bit squeamish and complained at how realistic it was.  The only thing I was thinking when I saw Andrea attack the one zombie in the Road Warrior was frustration as I had an idea to write a story were people really did resort to using a screwdriver in such a fashion against a zombie.  Now if I do it I’ll get instant comparisons and claim that I stole it from them.  Raspberries!

One final nifty thing of note, as I mentioned up top, last season I complained how every other episode seemed to be all dialog while the others were action.  The fifth episode prompted me to state the following:

One final bid for longer lasting viewership:  action keeps people glued to their seats.  Dialog and only dialog episodes make people feel like they are sitting in glue.  (Subtle change, that is.)  The first is exciting and pushes the story along wisely and still finds time for character advancement.  The second is slow, uncomfortable, and fairly boring.  (I did like the humorous explosion in the lab, though.  Nice comedic timing of the robotic voice.)  The Walking Dead doesn’t need to be *filled* with gore, action, and zombies…but if all it IS filled with is speeches and heart-felt discussions…well…we are left with this:

After they bite off your ear, they'll talk off the remaining one.

Encrazed Crafts 11/29/2010

So imagine my surprise when I found out they were actually having a live after-party talk show titled the “Talking Dead.”  I don’t wanna say I called it, as I’d much rather prefer dividends for coining the idea XD

What did you guys think of this episode?  A little slow on the pace?  Commercials a bit much?  Also notice they still managed to squeeze in a shower scene as Shane opened water from the truck? Man, they sure do love shower bits on this show.  That’s what, three so far?  Every time the people in them are super smiling too.  Kinda creepy.  Tell us your thoughts on this Walking Dead episode below!

Furthermore, Andrea should be destroyed.

The Walking Dead – Speedy Recap o’ Season One!

As season 2 is just about here (less than 24 hours, woot!), I thought it to be wise to give a quick refresher on what the goings on was in the first season.  Both as a reminder for potential plot reasons, as well as a quick run-down to all those unaware of the awesome that is the Walking Dead.

Ironically, I had this whole thang typed out, but upon reviewing my previously typed up stuffs I noticed I already did this before!  XD So, as I found it critically biting while still being a solid outline of the events that happened, I’m just gonna copy/paste it right here.  I would put up a spoiler alert, but if you are going to watch it tonight most of this will be ‘spoiled’ anyway.  If you are unaware of the goings-on in the teaser that was season one, you might be confused.  But in a good way ^_^


The first episode had Rick escaping the SNAFU’d hospital with one snazzy transitional scene thanks to those wilting flowers.  The flip side of that coin, sadly, was just how lame the intro shot was of Rick shooting the obviously turned teddy bear zombie girl, and how much the hospital bit reeked of 28 Days Later.  Luckily this was left behind without a seconds thought as Rick passed by the Half Biker Girl Zombie torso and he met up with Morgan, who quickly threatened to kill him at least half a dozen times.

Morgan and his son Duane got Rick up to speed and out of town in no time flat.  They even had time for a shower!  Anyone drop the soap?

/crosses fingers!

Duane has a heart wrenching moment where he is unable to put down his unliving wife and Rick puts the barely there Biker Girl Zombie to final rest before ‘borrowing’ a horse and trading it up for a tank and a grenade.  End.

Shane and Lori, spread eagle near a tree.  C-O-U-P-L-I-N-G!

Guts starts off with Glenn helping Rick escape, some crazy old blonde chick puts a gun to Rick’s head, racist southerner gets ‘cuffed to a flimsy and eroded pipe, Rick and Glenn get a deep tissue massage made from deep tissues, and a clumsy black guy drops a key.  Glenn likes him some sports car.  End.

Frogs shows that Shane and Lori might actually be decent characters after two terrible showings in previous episodes.  But!  Oh noes!  Rick’s back!  Lori tells off Shane who immediately reflects this anger and ever-so-mild distemperment into Ed’s skull after Ed is seen slapping his wife.  Racist Redneck decided drilling through his ‘cuffs was too hard, but didn’t think to go through the thin, corroded metal twig, and instead recreated Saw with magically almost no blood loss.  Mighty fine grip you got going on with your belt there, Amos!  End.

Vatos!  Ah, how I’ve missed you.  Rick attempts to snatch his cache of weapons and radio, but in exchange he loses Glenn to a marauding latino gang.  Racist Redneck Jr. gets a butt shot off before they get away though, so so it’s all good.  In the end the Vatos were just posing as tough guys and Granny gives Rick a tour of a medical facility…that Rick never thinks about holing up in with the rest of the people back at camp.  Oh, bother.  And zombies attack the campsite, leading to a very fulfilling chaotic zombie battle, with bats, shovels, shotguns, crossbows, and rifles.  Woot!  End.

Wildfire lingers far too long.  Andrea should be shot.  Jim is the real man’s version of Rick without Main Character Powers.  Black Lady is offensive and does not visibly have a relationship with T-Dog.  Shane wants to shoot Rick for no reason.  Andrea wanted to shoot Rick for no reason.  Mr. CDC hijack’s our TV and takes us by surprise before blowing up his wife’s remains in a botched experiment.  It made me laugh, though.  End.

TS-19 was another great episode, yet it is fairly split on the love/hate-o-meter to the reviewing audience.  Mr. CDC explains to the dum-dum casual audience what zombies are and exactly what we should have known from day one.  He could have said “Watch Shawn of the Dead” for the first half of the episode and saved a lot of exposition.  I still liked it, thought he acted wonderfully, and hope he gets a lot of great work after showing off his abilities here.

Back to super short recap:  Everyone likes wine (‘cept Carl, boo!), Shane is mad in the shower, Rick and Lori are very happy in the shower, Andrea is wasting our time as well as theirs with all that hot water washing down the drain, Shane fails at Surprise Sex, Rick’s drunk, Mr. CDC locks everyone in for no honest reason, and then he lets them go before getting all Lost in Translation with Rick.  Black Lady and Mr. CDC die in a massive explosion that, again, half the reviewership thinks was over done or out of place and fake.  A short sandbag wall blocks the flames from killing Andrea, sadly. :(


Wasn’t that great?  Man, I’m awesome. (Misses: “And so modest, too -_^!”)  Speaking of the Misses, it’s our anniversary today.  So how’s that for a nice Anniversary gift, eh?  The Walking Dead is back on AND the Halloween event in WoW starts up tonight.  We still need to level up hardcore to be able to queue for that as we are 78 now with no rested.  I’m hoping we can queue up for it at 81 as 85 just is not in the cards for a handful of hours to play >.<

If you’d like to know more about the episodes or even just what I thought about em, check out the previous posts I did on em!  Have a great day every one, still about… fourish hours till the show starts.  Have a good’in!

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(FYI, my favorites were four, six, and one.  In that order.)


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