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Mists of Pandaria Enjoyment Tip: Give It Three Days

The most common problem with games, namely MMOs, is a toss-up between Burn Out and Lack of Content.  As MoP is an expansion I hope this is more or less immune, but as new game releases have clearly shown (Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3) a great deal of things can go very, very wrong and *fast*.

My advice to avoid all that, and I know this goes entirely against the unspoken Gamer Law, but why not just let it sit for a few days before diving in?  The content will all be there just the same. Jumping in at the very first moment might sound good in theory, but with so many people doing just that the quest items, mobs, and lord knows with the new Cross Servers being added, it is likely no zones will be barren and ripe for the XP pickings for long.  And, going on that topic, if you were to lead the leveling pack, just to what end does that get ya?  Capped fast and content starved.  Aye, there is a great deal added just for level 90s, a whole randomified zone in fact (kudos to Blizz for that extra mile), but even so, you just deprived yourself of all the stuff you already did just to get there.  Next time you see it, you’ll be rolling both your alt and your eyes at all the stuff you skimmed over in the first place.  And for what!

I mean, I love standing in town for hours in queues like everyone else (or randomly doing laps on foot while constantly jumping as I talk about nothing particular on vent), but I think we can raise the bar just a smidge this expansion pack, no?

Let Us Not Forget the Tale of the Turtle Mount and the Brown Rabbit Companion…

“If rushing to the end doesn’t exactly win the game, why not just do a little bit of everything all at once!”  Good replacement to the bull outta the gates strategy, but still a bit flawed.  While rushing to the end has a clear goal you can also avoid, a constantly wondering attention span to all the New Shinies being added can be just as detrimental if you do too much too fast. Instead of impatiently humming to yourself as you re-read the quest text for the fifth time trying to see why you can’t turn the darn thing in (forgot to take that *one* quest item off the shelf, didn’t cha’?) you’ll be scrolling through three of every maxed out Poke-panion you have while wearing a mixed set of pvp, heirloom, and raiding gear completely transmogrified into either A: Tier 2 of your class, or B. a full set of Challenge “Bronze be darned, the gear is still quasi-rare and I had to put up with ten afk DPS to get this pirate hat so I’m gonna wear it!” Mode items.

First off, get a glass of warm milk and a crate of muscle relaxers (ya got this forehead twitch thing goin’ on) and secondly, why not just do one thing at a time?  While the game doesn’t officially start at max level this time around (finally!), you also can’t jump into everything at once because you are still over-consuming the content.

Patience is the Key and Moderation is the Lock

Let’s be honest, even if you get the digital copy odds are the servers are gonna be laggy from all the people coming out of the treants to get the game downloaded and up to date because Elune knows they could not have just downloaded it like the rest of us a month prior.

(Don’t tell this to any one of the ‘them,’ of course.  It’ll somehow end up your fault, but don’t worry too much. You’ll get the last laugh as odds are they’ll jump in, hit the level cap, then complain the game sucks just like they have done the past three expansions. “Man, you just don’t know how badass classic was.  Forty man raids, dude.  Four. Tea. Talkin’ Hillsbrad pvp, none of this flying mount bs.  And pallies were on Alliance, like it should be…!”)

My suggestion is to purchase the game as you normally would, but give it at least two full days before hopping on.  Any lag, or at least most of it will have subsided, quest mobs will be a possible to click on, but the pace should still be pretty fast.  Heck, why pass the time and start an alt to relearn all the new skill/ability/talent crap they decided to completely overhaul a second expansion in a row?  (But just not a Monk or Panda, as those zones and classes are going to swarm the servers like locusts at first.)

Mind you this *is* just a suggestion for most casual folk out there.  Any World First-ers, auction house kingpins, and achievement junkies need not apply.  At the end of the day it is your game and yall see fit to enjoy it as you like, just posting a passing thought that some people might not have thought about.  But a word of caution:

If you have thought the same thing I did, you just shared something I also thought up.  Be afraid, my friend.  Now, I’m not saying you definitely are going to have a psychotic episode… but try to avoid sharp cutlery, cinnamon-flavored floss, and japanese eggplant for a few days just to be safe.  (If you do, you kinda might possibly wake up with an extra arm badly stitched atop your belly button.)  Then you’ll have to spend the rest of the day figuring out what grave it came from so you can return it and… ya knowwhat?  Who needs details?

Avoid the dang eggplant, just sayin’.

Let Me Just Beat the Dust Off This Thing…

Hey guys!  Another few weeks, another post! XD  I might have to change Minecraft Monday into Minecraft Monthly or something at this rate hee hee

I was informed by a rather lazy family member that if we don’t post the animations to this blog they don’t know how to find them, so I might as well just post them before that person goes and breaks a nail -_^

First up is zee Impatient Chef!  Not that it is required, but if you want to go full screen with either of these two, 720 HD is available.  (Thought any higher would be over-kill XD)

Second one has a cool ending, actually.  Remember waaaay back nearly a year ago now with Developer Appreciation Week?  I did David Jaffe and the rest of the Eat Sleep Play crew as my first post?  Well, after this animation someone linked it to him on twitter and he mentioned that he wanted to post it on the official Twisted Metal blog.  How cool is that?

Working on a a sequel to it right now.  It’s pretty much set, but the wording might be a smidgin’ off so I’m chipping away at it.  Also had two more Walking Dead ani’s planned, but we might just scrap those even though the next one was gonna have Daryl in it.  Doubt we’ll have time before the season ‘starts up’ again, but we’ll see.

Anyhoo, enjoy the animations and have a good day, everyone!

Absent-Mindedly Generous – A Short Schwan’s Story

Not sure if you guys are familiar with the food service called Schwan’s, but you order food (they are well-known for their ice cream, actually) and every month or whatever they deliver if you placed an order.  And even if you didn’t they make sure to ring the bell anyway.  Think of it as a mix of kindness as well as business savvy; if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right? -_^

We haven’t bought anything from them, honestly in many months.  We used to have the same guy come up to the door for years, but one day someone new was in his place and it just didn’t feel the same since.  (He was a cool guy, too.  Even brought biscuits for our dog now and then.)  These new guys were replaced quite often, and I think we are on the ninth replacement now.  Either way, we *finally* placed an order and got our usual stuff as we were running low.

The guy pulls up and happily walks over and tells me the daily sales and that.  I let him go through the speech as I’ve been in that position before, but politely decline and say I’ll keep it in mind next time.  I give him the cash and he goes to get the items and my change, should be like five or seven dollars depending on tax.  I hear the compartments opening and closing and wait for him to walk on back to the house.

When he returns he gives me the bag of goodies we purchased as well as a sticker to let me know when they’ll be back and some pamphlet about making a pizza that we could win 1,000 dollars with.  Probably just in-store credit, but I’ll keep it handy.  When he gives me the change he was counting out the amount and gave me two singles and asked if I “happened to have 35 cents” or so.  At this point I’d have to go quite a distance to get that, and be it laziness or this congested head of mine, I ask if it would be okay for him to just keep it, if it wouldn’t throw off the till or his register or however the process works.  He just smiles and raises his hand to shake with mine, and I do.

He did the usual “have a great day” and all that stuff, but I only half-heard him as at this point I was trying to figure out what just happened.  He was happy to get thirty-five cents?  Was it… is he trained to do that no matter what amount he gets?  Was he being sarcastic?

I close the door thinking “That was weird…” and walk away.

As I was placing the stuff in the freezer it hit me.  He was asking if I had thirty-five cents, meaning that would have made it an even dollar amount and there was more cash to be handed out.  As I should have gotten back five or a little more and he gave me two singles already… I think I absent-mindedly gave the dude like five bucks XD

That gave me a good chuckle.  His genuine smile and handshake made a lot more sense after that.


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