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“Why Can’t I Make A Pandaren!”

If you find yourself yelling into the night the title of this post, “Why Can’t I Make a Pandaren?!” then you are probably in the same boat as me.  Luckily for some, patience shall be rewarded!  You have, at this moment, fifty-seven minutes until Mists of Pandaria launches.  So, if you are like me and got the game at a Midnight release (though you might have already done this last expansion and that xpack turned out god-awful >.>), you still have to wait just a little longer, yall.

You’ll get in soon enough.

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  1. Got MoP? It’s better than milk and yes I have my Panda. I dinged Banhammer 90 a day ago and had also been leveling a Panda Monk called Gingerpaw. (I wanted Gingerpanda but alas it was gone.)
    I can honestly say I am enjoying this expansion, so much to do, so much fun to be had, even the pet battles amuse.

    • Hah, Ginger XD Yes, we’ve been playing. Leveled up duo monks from scratch, dinged 90 a bit ago. Tanking on it is vastly improved compared to my warrior, but I feel monks are still way undertuned. As they over clocked DKs to the fans demands only to slash and burn their OPness, Monks are the inverse, in my eyes.

      I like my Monk tank a lot, but I’m leveling up a ‘lock now because they still don’t know or care that ranged got it so much easier than melee. One roll every twenty seconds does nothing to slows, snares, fears… bleh.

      Monk rocks tanking, though. Just terrible, terrible dps. Pray nothing can stun you, either. Or get a psychic healer to let you know when to pop a cool down early XD

      Over all, this was what Cata should have been from the beginning. It is a shame they wasted two years of our time and lost so many subs for a half-finished and sub-par expansion about a crazy lava dragon, but hopefully their bankroll learned the lesson that quality does, in fact, matter.


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