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Mists of Pandaria: Release Date on zee September 25th!

Man, how many months has it been since I typed about Mists?  Heck, typed about anything at all, right? XD  Surprised was I to hear the intro cinematic to MoP was being shown on August 25th, but then like rapid-fire I found out the expansion is getting released a month later to the day!  Amazing.

I have not sat down to read a full-on WoW website in nearly a year, but as this announcement sparked my interest in playing again, I did see some things on wowhead that I thought was nifty.  Namely more detail on factions and things to do like farming a la Harvest Moon (which I believe was one of the games I did a shout out to many moons ago with the Developer Appreciation Week).  But it seems you can only start farming at 86 (and get rep at 90).  Will this eventually lead to lower levels being able to use it, like the Pokemon addition?  After all the farm is your own zone/instance so they could easily add a plot of land to the major cities with little hassle. They are probably playing it smart by requiring 86 and MoP zone only, you *need* to have MoP and all the previous expansions (cha-ching!) in order to access it.  Maybe in a few months or even next expansion pack they add a plot of land outside the major cities.

It’s not like Elwynn Forest is far from Stormwind, nor are those pig farms outside of Orgrimmar.

But as for the really important question: Who else can’t wait to kill Garrosh?  For reals this time!

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  1. I just resubbed to WoW as well, in preparation for Sept!

    • Yayness! I saw you were really diggin’ TSW so for you to resub WoW means a lot. Let us hope that MoP is as good as we (or at least I ^^) am reading the features to be.

      Sorta like when someone describes you something and you make out to be the most epic thing in the world, but when you actually see it, while your friend was accurate… but you just put the parts in a far better arrangement?

      Challenge modes, Harvest Moon farmin’, and transmog actually makes me want to level up a rogue for the first time evah’. Plus that one 90 talent for Mages seems godly enough for me to level up one from scratch:


      Reduces the cooldown of Evocation to 10 sec, but you passively regenerate 50% less mana. Completing an Evocation causes you to deal 25% increased spell damage for 40 seconds.

      (Though the Warrior talents *still* pale in comparison, I might add >.<)


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