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The Gut-Wrenching Season 2 of the Walking Dead

So the Misses and I finally sat down with some grub and decided to watch the first episode of the ‘second half’ of season 2 of The Walking Dead.

…and seven frustrated minutes later we shut the damn thing off.

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  1. So what did you all hate about it?

    I thought so far it’s been interesting, but I admit that the show has gone from more of this post-apocalyptic horror thing to kind of a high-school drama. X_X

    • I attempted to respond but I ended up in like a mile long idea web of failures that everyone involved in the series made before it aired XD As I’ve napping for months I’m trying to stay positive on my first comment back, so I suppose the main reason for my disgust was Sophia was pointless and to be honest, nothing more than an extra. To hear the only other kid (who himself was reduced to ‘oh no, I hope he lives!’ for three+ episodes and only exists to matter later on in the series :/ ) say that he never expected her to be dead and then he started to wax on about a white picket fences fairy tale with him and her and sunshine, buttons and puppy dogs–

      Click went the remote.

      If the writers kept going down that path I wouldn’t be surprised all the zombies suddenly started to sparkle in the sunlight by next season >.>

      I just hate how often the show threw information at us and expected me not to react negatively when it was never subtle. I’m flashing back to the Robot Devil from Futurama:

  2. Meh! Did you see the most recent, last Sunday?!

    • Yeah, where Dale got killed?

      What pisses me off about the show is how stupid people in it are. First, no one watches that kid – life is pretty dangerous where they are, yet that kid gets to do whatever he wants and get into all sorts of trouble. It was his fault that Dale died because he messed with that walker, yet it was also everyone else’s fault because of their poor parenting and supervision.

      I do also hear that Shane dies soon due to a spoiler on the AMC website. That’s good though, honestly I’d have killed him long ago, LOL.

      • I believe Carl kills Shane in the comic shortly before the show took them to the CDC, so that man was on borrowed time far too long already. If they kept him sane, retcon as that would have been, it would have been for the better. He will not be missed.

        Dale on the other hand was the only guy on the show I liked, and when I found out he went down I was a bit sad :(

    • Have not sat down to watch it since I posted this original entry. Out of random curiosity I stumbled upon something with “walking dead spoilers!” from a news site and clicked it as I thought I would not be phased by said spoilers. Boy was I wrong.

      They are doing ANOTHER mid-season break in Season 3.

      Urge to kill. Rising…


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