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GladOS Has a Word with Namibia…

Just caught word of this, and instantly knew what the bigger picture was.  A metallic ball has dropped from the sky causing nearly a twelve foot wide crater in Namibia, Africa.  Clearly is came from fairly high up to cause a dent in the earth that big.

Rather, it came from somewhere *very* high up.  It was reportedly made from an “alloy unknown to man” that appears to be a sphere that was welded together from two identical pieces.

This leads to only one possible conclusion.



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  1. “alloy unknown to man” just means “we haven’t figured it out yet” lol

    Oh btw Welcome back :)

    • Yeah, it’s awhile I know XD Been busy and not so much to type about. 4.3 hit, haven’t been on WoW very much since Darkmoon arrived. Not that it’s bad, just again, busy. Been doing a little MC with the misses lately but that has been really ticking the both of us off lately with some massively annoying bugs that weren’t present before launch and blaaargh.

      I saw this article that was really random and was like “ZOMG I should mention that!”

      So I did ^_^

      The alloy bit got me wondering as well, I mean it was found in Africa so I doubt they have the same sort of diagnostics as say, NASA. But the article even said they asked NASA for their thoughts. Did NASA itself say it doesn’t know what it is? I find that unlikely, but if it is true…


      How’s you been doing?

  2. OK, just seeing that picture made me skip down to the comments for fear of spoilers. lol not that I REALLY care, but whatever.

    I like all this NASA talk. I look at the periodic table of elements and see that a good number of them are man-made, so they should only exist on Earth. Well, maybe there are aliens out there making their own elements on their planet and this alloy was from an alien spaceship.

    I’ve studied metors and crap and they look like a ton of marbles or ice pellets all stuck together to one larger unit, but you can still see the individual rocks, ices, metals depending on what material it is.

    Still not going to read that article for spoilers. Not that I care.

  3. OK now I’m going to drop some more science since I like this astronomy stuff.
    I’m going to read the article because portal 2 is dumb and who cares about the story in that game I just want to do infinite falling in portal anyway.

    OK the metal was known to man.
    “It was made of a “metal alloy known to man” and weighed six kilogrammes (13 pounds), said Ludik.”

    Its probably iron, although I don’t know how much a hollow ball of iron that size weighs. Its got to be iron, there isn’t really that much of any other metal in space.

    I think it came from a planet that for some reason got smashed into a billion pieces and those pieces will keep flying around space till they hit something. Maybe a giant meteor hit a planet and this was one of the pieces that broke off in the collision( similar to how the moon formed), or maybe the entire planet shattered.

    The core of Earth is iron, and so is Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The rest of Earth is silicate rock formed originally from beach sand. Same with Mercury, Venus, and Mars. So the only metal the planets are made out of is Iron.

    The outer planets don’t have any metals at all, they are gas, ice, and liquid.

    So if it is metal it is probably Iron from the core of a distant planet. We find new planets on a daily basis, it isn’t just our solar system out there. That fact that it is known to man is good lol.

    At least I put my university astronomy knowledge to good use.

  4. Now that I beat portal 2, I think the metal ball in africa is the space core.


      Wanna go to Earth. Wanna go to Earth. Wanna go. Wanna go. Wanna go to Earth. Too big. Too big. Space too big. Wanna go to Earth.

      [falling through the sky, moments before impact]



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