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Notch No Longer In-Charge of Minecraft: 1.0 and On

Just found out that Notch stepped down and has let Jeb take the reins in earnest in programming and designing Minecraft’s future.  While this was unexpected, I’m not exactly surprised.  Back during 1.7, Jeb helped with making pistons and really started to get attention of the fans on twitter.  1.8 came around and Notch was busy working on another idea still only known as “Project Raptor Ninja” and during that time Jeb was promoted to temporary Lead Programmer.  If Notch trusted him then, of course he can trust him now.

Kudos to Jeb and the rest at Mojang.  He had a lot of good ideas already, and based on a few tweets in the past, I was slightly more in favor of Jeb’s than Notch’s when it came to things like Jumping. Notch wanted it to be you only jump once per pressing of the Spacebar, while Jeb wanted it to stay the same.  At least I think that was Jeb’s take… it’s been a few weeks since and it’s a wee bit hazy.  Either way, he was in charge of structures and all that, and I think those are awesome so again I say congratulations to Jeb and enjoy your mini-vacation Notch!

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  1. Notch no longer in charge of Minecraft…Yay?

    Are they done with it? Or are they going to add more and more stuff? If they are done then this is expected I would think. I think he is done with minecraft and resting and then going to make something else.

    And would you kindly play bioshock 2 this christmas.

    • Maybe he wants to work on Skyrim I mean Scrolls?

      • Haha, nah. He’s just letting Jeb take over, and I gues Jeb’s first plan is to add the mod api (program) to the game.

        So he can ‘use’ the content other people make and pretty much paste it into the game like they did with pistons and smooth lighting XD Think how Blizzard “uses” addons that other people make and makes and official version like threat levels and gear score, etc.

        Game isn’t goin’ anywhere. It’ll still rock.

  2. Minecraft won best independent game at the VGAs.
    Gratz, but that still makes me want my 2 hours back. I’m never watching the VGAs again.

    • Yeah, VGA’s were okay when they first came out. Haven’t watched Spike since haha. I need to check out the d3 trailer, I know they have shown like three different parts of it already, so I’m curious what they left out for the full version to surprise meh’.

  3. O Blizzard got an award for just being awesome. They showed a diablo 3 trailer. I like the first half because it looked cell-shaded, or hand-drawn or something it was cool. 2nd Half was good too.

  4. Cobalt is coming on Friday!


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