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WoW: Cataclysm 4.3 is LIVE, Buddeh’!

Dust off the ol’ Blizzard account, it’s time to let yourself get back into the poisonous addiction!

If you don’t have the patch already thanks to the Background Downloader, fire that baby up.  Looking For Raid is live, so think Looking for Dungeon/Group only a lot bigger.  You’ll get an actual shot at loot and seeing end game content without requiring a guild (finally!)  It’s a bit of a godsend for those stuck on smaller or really uneven population realms.

There is also the Void Storage which will help all ye’ packrats hold even more items.  Better still, you can Transmogrify any item you can normally wear for your class, which takes the item you like and makes your current gear slot look identically like that very item.  Somewhat of a vicious cycle for all the aforementioned packrats ^_^  Already have a bud with a completely full Void Storage and the patch has only been live for like an hour!

It costs 100 gold to unlock the storage and 25 gold to store each item, in case any of your were wondering what the final gold costs were for using the Void Storage.  I didn’t PTR at all so I’m glad to hear it is rather low overall.

I’mma hop on and take a look-see.  Have a great day, everyone!


Completely forgot that Tyrael’s Charger is now live as well!  So go and get your Diablo 3 tentacle angel love a flowin’ outside the AH or bank.

And that sounded a lot dirtier than intended.

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  1. Don’t forget the darkmoon faire zone and all the pets they added! (yeah yeah, pet addict here :P)

    Arg, if I wasn’t already so busy with SWTOR beta and Skyrim eating up all my gaming time, I’d be checking this out.

    • Haha, Pet Trainer in the making I see! I agree that 4.3 is a barrel full of awesome and was the big patch I was waiting for to resub. …Though I did months ago because the Misses wanted to play and then the annual pass business and all that happened shortly after XD But yes! Now is a great time to join, and luckily for ya, even if you sub after the Skyrim haze has lifted, MoP is cranking the greatness up to eleven. So if I was in full penny-pincher mode I’d wait to play till then anyway, but 4.3 is enough to satisfy my itch of seeing the devs pander to mine whims as they admit Cata was a complete bomb that quickly needs to be covered up. Like that cinnamin sawdust they toss out across piles of vomit at the mall.

      If I spent another minute or two on it I’d probably make that metaphor connect even better, but you catch my drift hee hee The game is great with this additions, but will be much, much better when MoP arrives to clean up that vomit pile as it were. (Ha, found a hook to connect them after all!) So game on with whatever posion of choice, I says! WoW will be here for quite awhile and will welcome you back whenever you choose to return ^_^

      • Sadly though the Head and shoulders for the Tier 11 (normal) set still requires a raid token. Considering it’s now the 3rd best raid set and many parts are of a lesser iLevel than the ZG/ZA drops I just do not under stand Blizzards thinking.

        Here in the UK as I type this it is 11:20am and the servers have surprisingly already up and I am just about to delve into what 4.3 has to offer, wish me luck :P

      • Consider your luck wished! XD

        Sorry about t11, bud. Personally I only really glance at tier for looks for Transmog as I’ve only really really raided back in Wrath and don’t care about the stats. When I did raid I only really cared about the current gear, and that is probably what Blizz is doing as well. Tokens for for current content, then everyone forgets about it so they leave it be as it was ‘working as intended’ when it was in it’s prime and all that. Do they go back and make old tier buyable without tokens? I never really paid attention so I dunno either way XD

        Maybe they will make all tier heirlooms at one point. So uh… give it a year? MoP might be a good time to jam in all of then outdated content. And I want my T3 dangit!

  2. Waited so long for this patch, lol. It has been a lot of fun thus far. Now I can finally do something with all that pretty, cosmetic stuff I’ve been drooling after ;)

    • Haha, enjoy the looks! I still need to clear out old places for gear myself. I know I linked that pally helm to ya, but if I do get the whole set I wonder if it would boggle the minds of anyone long enough to net me an advantage. Goblin warrior in purple pally gear. That’s gotta be a mind job waiting to happen if I catch someone off guard, eh? Eh?

      I hope XD


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