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Minecraft 1.0 Is LIVE! Finally XD!!!

It is Beta no longer, folks!  Notch and the rest at Team Mojang were very happy to announce on twitter just recently that yes, the game is finally launched and live.

Minecraft 1.0 is out. No longer beta. Thank you, everyone. =D


So break out that Minecraft client, dust off any of those cobwebs it might have sprung.  It’s a-live!  Igor, it’s A-LIVE!!

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  1. Nice! My son has been playing it a lot lately. You guys still playing WoW? I haven’t been playing a lot lately but plan on jumping on more soon.

    • On and off, though I’d like to ding 85 before 4.3 drops. Misses has been busy quite a lot, and I’ve been strapped for time workin’ on a Minecraft project that should be up and around in a few days. Currently trying to hammer out the audio potion of it, and I’m no audio geek XD I’ll get it right. If given the time haha

      I did play a bit of Minecraft the night it dropped, though. Was happy to see a rather old-schoolish world. Simple dirt and rock, little sand on the horizon. The new 1.8ish world generation was neat, but kinda… ‘not Minecrafty’. This new world is totally like how it was when I first started playing, which is kinda fitting as the game is out officially now and all that ^_^

  2. I’ve been playing Mincraft on Hardcore survival mode now that it is officially in the game. Playing with out a health bar is odd but then again nearly all the FPS’s I play they don’t have a health bar either.

    • Weird, no health bar? That’s kinda… odd. I’m not sure which would be worse, seeing you have only a heart left after a Creeper attack, or not knowing you only have a heart left after a Creeper attack lol

      Oh! I played Brink a bit yesterday! Did all the challenge maps for the guns and upgrades, did a little bit online. Can’t tell who is a person and who isn’t, minus names with numbers in them or something. I like a lot of what is in there, and I certainly think it is more fun than the instant death bs that is all over MW/CoD, but there are a few issues they need to work on. Namely, every time I turn around it has to render the world, even if I just turn one way then right back again. I ended up going Heavy Engineer with a minigun as my main hand and some accurate smg or rapid firing rifle as my off hand. I don’t like running out of bullets and not being able to resupply myself like soldiers can… but generaly I don’t live long enough to run out of both the mini gun and the smg. Though I did yesterday, which kinda sucked. All I could do was kamakazi ‘run’ (as I’m heavy he’s slow as hell) and melee Hulk Smash everything down to the ground till I got popped.

      The jumping and sliding is a bit slippery, though. Which could be why I chose a heavy to avoid it, but on the one challenge map where you have to jump onto all the pillars of light, I had quite a few instances where I wanted to just jump from x up to y, and instead the game though I wanted to jump off the wall or slide or if I did get up I slipped right off the other end and back down to the floor I go. Beat it on medium so I unlocked everything from it, but it was annoying to basically have to mash the buttons and hope the game registered it the way I wanted it to. Add in the time limit and frustrations occurred lol

  3. What did you think of the AI? I gave my copy to a friend who is quite the gamer, He has a shed load of trophies and stuff on the PS3 and is really good at FPS’s (I’ve played with and against him, he is way better than me) and he got stuck on the same mission and at the same spot I did because of the AI :)

    • Gah! Hate it when you type in something and get an error and it doesn’t save it. It was all finished too, argh!


      When I was doin’ Brink, I went Heavy Engineer with the stereotypical minigun. Cliche’, but it still brought out the fear of god, in my hands it did anyway mwah-hah-hah!

      As I was an Engy, I might have gotten past stuff you guys got stuck on? When I mean engy, I mean I ONLY play as an Engy. Heck, only recently I even invested any skill points so I was bare-bones and everything.

      I only do the storyline missions, but I do them online. I don’t really see anyone playing the game which is a bit odd, so in that case I’d have to say as I’m pretty much just playing bots, I’m playing singleplayer. In that case, I didn’t have any trouble yet and I only really have like two missions to go on the Cop side.

      Buuuut, I will say I had a very hard time with the first Challenge mode thing where you have to play as multiple classes. (Set a bomb, repair something, hack something else, run that item to the finish line.) The first time in was a relaxed pace, shoot a bit, die a bit, get used to the controls and all that. As soon as I beat it I loaded it up again, wondering if I had to complete it faster and not die at all to unlock the second star rating. But very quickly I noticed it got super, SUPER hard and I was dying before I even got near the thing to plant the bomb at. I had to restart to beat it, and I did the second attempt pretty quickly as I was now expecting the difficulty, but DANG was that a very ‘loud’ first attempt if you catch my drift XD

      Othat than that, no problems. AI can bunch up a bit, but that is both good and bad. Good is when I turn a corner and can unload, earning several kills in just a few seconds. Bad is when I turn a corner and get annhilated from six guys blowing by face off. Medics actually revive quite frequently which is nice. Soldiers give ammo and that which is cool. I sometimes hear spys saying they are gonna attempt to steal the look of an enemy, but I haven’t tried that so I dunno how well they do XD

  4. It turns out the lack of hearts is to do with the texture pack I was using lol/

    • Oh, wow haha Nice find at least! That must have been one heck of a rough ride till you figured it out!

      • It was lol. Stealing the look with a spy was easy, point, click, wait then you are the guy. I will say it seems that I was “spotted” quite easily so not sure what I was doing wrong. I always prefer playing the Assault class normally as it used to be the least played class although things have changed a little.

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  6. Did you buy brink or rent it?
    I might buy it as its like $10 on amazon.
    I wanted it when it first came out, but it got lots of bad reviews so I thought splash damage messed up bad, but now if you read user reviews it sounds not as bad as I thought.

    Also, which one would you recommend? god of war 3 or bioshock 2?

    Yay, go minecraft. Liked your pig video.

    • I borrowed Brink. Not bad, really. I’d say it’s a solid rental, but if you can get it for like 10, go ahead at that price. Single player will be fun enough, and honestly I still don’t really know when I was shooting at or with other alive enemies/players. I do think I had one person on my team for sure once though, as he picked up the item you need to turn in to win the match, but he ran the wrong way and stayed there. Like for ten minutes, stayed there. I shot at him after awhile but he just stood still, so I was wondering if the AI was bugging out or what.

      The enemy never really ever got close to him but once and I handled them nearly by myself. (Five dudes one after another came flying down the hall and jumped down from upstairs). They died, had a minute left to go, and he just started booking it. I chased after him and shot a few guys there were at their very spawn point, but we capped it just before it ended.

      Think he was afk xp farming. I did that accidentally for like an hour. I joined a match but then company suddenly showed up so I got up and spent time with them. Came back a level higher or something like that, just for standing at spawn haha

      GoW3 or Bio2. Oy. Well, if you could get half the game at a time, and DLC is *nearly* there in the current market >.>, I’d say get the first half of GoW3, because you already got the ending down and the second half really, really sucked.

      Bio2 I played for a few hours, four to eightish, and it wasn’t bad. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one. It might not be as fresh because you already know the surroundings (which is why Infinity looks cool, it’s a new setting we don’t know much about), 2 does well enough. You might even like it more because of all the little things like extra voice cameos by Cohen and that.

      I’d say Bioshock 2 because that has a chance to be great in the end, and GoW3 was friggin’ awful at the end.

      And ty for the compliment. Now I just need to figure out how to promote/tag it to get some hits XD


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