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Minecraft Monday: Notch Is Nervous About Minecraft 1.0!

Welcome to another Minecraft Monday everybody!  Actually got a few nifty things to link and talk about this week, which is nice.  It’s only been like a month since anything exciting happened.  Last week I talked about Halloween and mentioned at the bottom to see if you could find anyone in a Minecraft outfit.  Ironically, I did!  Was only about fifteen minutes after I hit Publish and I didn’t have a camera on hand.  Was a kid, bout ten or so tops.  Only had the torso and arms on, but ya knew what they were dressed up as XD

Minecraft News

Notch is nervous!  He is worried that it might get ripped to shreds by the press when the shield of “beta” is removed and the game goes retail in just a few weeks time.  I don’t think he has much to worry about from the press.  At this point saying something negative about the game doesn’t seem to go over to well with the massive supply of avid fans of the game.  That doesn’t mean I do not have my own gripes of my own about the game, but he does have a ‘by’ as he will continue updating it even after it is released.  Personally, I’d like all the stuff that was supposed to be in 1.8 actually make it into Minecraft 1.0, but hey, I didn’t program it.  Well, I guess since not all the content will be in 1.0, they didn’t program it either XD  Oh well, 1.1 or whatever will hopefully have the stuff that I’ve been looking forward to.

Some of my rage has been diverted!  We got square Sun and Moons again!

The sun and the moon are square again. Yep. :D #consistency (source)

Here’s a shot of the new Moon Phases in action.

Also, Jeb commented that not only will there be Boss battles available in 1.0, but they will also work on multiplayer as well!

@jeb_ So I hear after reading notch’s word that there is a boss fight, is this just a single player thing or SMP also? :O

@acidcobra2002 It will work in multiplayer too
 That’s about it for this news brief.  There is a video showing Notch and a buncha other internet celebrities and Valve peeps playing Team Fortress 2, in case you were interested.
Just about eleven days till Minecon and the release!  Happy Crafting!

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  1. Not that I pay much attention the the actually sun and moon, but one texture pack I had made them look round and I thought it was nice then I went back to ignoring them. :)

    I’m guessing when the game drops the “Beta” tag it will move into the realm of full product, thus making it cool to criticise rather than review. But as this has been the most public beta of any game in history that I can name, saying bad things about it now would seem childish!

    • What bothered about the Sun and Moon was how he implimented it. Posted that on the blog a few weeks ago, but the short version was he wanted to add them as circles out of nowhere. My problem is the default view should stick to square, as the entire game follows that motif and they have been a square since the very begging, not ever begin changed for over a year, ya know?

      Well, he posted on twitter that he planned to do add that and a lot of fans got pissy as well. He then made a poll and ‘promised’ to follow whatever the results were, but even though “Keep it square” won, he added all the people who were “undecided” to the “make it round!” option, thus ensuring his choice would win. After other people called him on it, not only did he block some accounts on twitter to talk to him because of it, but when they asked to make it an option in the UI he outright said “No.”

      Add in the constant delays and content that was supposed to be in months ago that is STILL not gonna be in the actual release, I got mad XD

      I don’t mind an option, like you said those texture packs do look really good, but we can use the default view if we choose, too. In the post about it I even said the very first thing I was going to do when 1.9 came out (at the time there was going to be a patch before retail >.>) was make the sun and moon like they were before. If he wasn’t going to give us the option, I’d just do it myself. That should not be the first thing a fan of the game should feel like they have to do, so I’m glad he changed his mind in the end lol

      We’ll see how it pans out. Hoping all goes well, of course. It’s a great game, I am just waiting for the good stuff I previewed months and months ago to actually get added ^_^ How’s your MC world doin’? Think the last we saw of it, you had a cobblestone castle covered in snow with a bridge near it, I believe?


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