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Mists of Pandaria: Developer Question and Answers

‘Bout a week ago, MMO-Champion gave the transcript of the Question and Answer session that was held with a bunch of WoW developers.  One early one caught my eye:

Q:Where exactly is Pandaria located on Azeroth? many speculate that it is in the south, but I have always assumed it was to the west of Kalimdor. 
A: Pandaria is located on the south side of Azeroth. Think the exact opposite of Northrend. Come to think of it, we should have named it Southrend.

Now, I don’t wanna say I called it, so I’ll coyly repost my original thoughts and deeply imply that is what I am getting at when I typed this just about four months ago on the day when Mists of Pandaria was first noticed:

If the bulk of gameplay is really taking place in the Mists of Pandaria, it is sounding like another Wrath of the Lich King sort of continent being tacked onto the world.  Maybe south, this time?  I mean we got Eastern Kingdoms in the east (of course), Kalimdor to the west, Northrend is in the north (noticing a pattern…) and most of Cataclysm was involved with stuff going on in or near the Maelstrom right in the middle.  Kezan *kinda* was southish, but it is very small.  If it will be a full-blown xpack, I can easily see a ‘Southrend’ of sorts popping up below everything.

Encrazed Crafts (August 2nd, 2011)

And I just noticed this right now, I do not even remember typing it but dang:

Will they be a neutral race as they were in Warcraft 3?  Will both sides be able to play as them if that is the case? Will a ‘brewmaster’ be the new hero class?

Encrazed Crafts (also August 2nd, 2011)

I’z a dang mind reader!  Prognosticator of all prognosticators!

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  1. Wow, good call. But they are steadily running out of places to keep adding large pieces of land on Azeroth :D

    • Let us not forget the mythic Far Eastern Kingdom, or the fabled North by Northwestrend!

      Next xpack will probably be all about the demons attacking the world anyway so it would, in theory, be set in the same world as well as some zones on ‘their’ planet. Maybe with a few of our zones taken over or just attacked by the demons. Most of the stuff is all phased anyway, so it wouldn’t be too hard to pull off.

  2. You earned a cookie!
    I think they could keep adding new land for many years. I’m not saying they will, but I just don’t think they will run into problems creating new stuff. Like if the world map gets too crowded, they might just start focusing on under water stuff, or maybe add a floating continent that is floating in the middle of the ocean.
    Also, there is more unexplored land to the west of Kalimdor, and to the east of the Eastern Kingdoms, so if we go there, the map could scroll left and right like a globe.

    • Cookie? I earned a got dang cheesecake. Strawberried! With crumbly and butter crust!

      Actually, just finished making some tollhouse cookies.

      The only thing is, maps and globes and all that exist of the world already all over the place, like in Halls of Lightning at the end. People already asked why no one mentioned/drew the continent already on maps and that is why the lore is ‘it was shrouded in magic, but the Cataclysm disturbed it’s ancient furry panda magic’ yadda yadda. Half expecting a volcano to go off and cause a new continent to grow and that’ll be the reasoning behind a new island or something. No idea how people would have lived on it, but as PvP is getting a boost, could just be another Vash’ir-like platform both sides want to claim for their own.


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