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Minecraft Monday: Patch 1.9 Pre-Release 5 is Live

Welcome to another Minecraft Monday everyone!  Team Mojang has been pretty tame in terms of news and twitter, but I did find a handful of nifty things to mention.  First of all, and likely the most prominent is of Patch 1.9 Pre-Release 5 which can be found right huah’.  One interesting thing on the change list is that iron blocks now look different.  Instead of totally silvery and flat, they have many ‘ridges’ and almost look like a stack of iron bars.  Was that what they were going for?  I have no idea XD

Minecraft News

Minecraft was awarded the GameCity videogame arts prize.  It was a new one they apparently just sprang at the last second, and while I’d like to avoid an Obama Nobel Peace Prize connection, I will admit that I find it funny how a game based on blocks and tiny graphics won an award for art even though I saw a screenshot for From Dust on the very page of this article.  I’m not gonna deny Minecraft doesn’t look super pretty, just think it to be kinda funny it won an award for it ^_^

Minecon might have had a minor setback as lead programmer Jeb was curiously locked out of/in an office for four hours this week.  Here is the shot of the alleged door in question.

The benefits of only crafting wooden doors is never depending on levers to open them

It took two security teams to get him freed.  Either that’s one heck of a door, or that’s one heck of a lackluster security they got over there :P

In other news, Notch tweeted not only that he is a playing and enjoying Battlefield 3, but even his in-game name which is apparently “Nizzotch” which I am fairly certain matches his youtube name. (source)  So if you enjoy shooters, Minecraft, and have Battlefield 3, like someone I know -_^, feel free to hunt down and claim his dogtags.  Can you still get people’s dogtags, or was that a BF2142-only thing?

Minecraft Halloween Mod!

Minecraft Monday ON the day of Halloween!?  This is some cause for celebration!

Happy Hallows, Everyone!

That picture took way too long to make haha  Next year I just might torch an NPC village or something to save some time XD

Also, be sure to check out this awesome Halloween Mod.  It is really cool, has a bunch of nifty things from new mobs like “Jumpkins” that pretend to be pumpkins, zombies that reach out of the ground to get you, and Halloween creepers that blow up and give you candy!  Here’s a video of it in action.

Have a great week everyone!  Get plenty of sweets but be sure to lock up all excess candy (and there is ALWAYs excess candy!) in like a Tupperware thing and seal it.  Not only does it preserve freshness, in just a few days you end up with a wonderful potpourri of soothingly sweet chocolate, caramel, and good ol’ sugar.  Just remember, that smell lasts as long as the candy stays in there, mind you.  So don’t gobble it all up and wonder where that pleasant scent disappeared to.  Happy crafting everybody!  Post any Minecraft related outfits you happen to see this year!

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  1. The Halloween mod looks like a ton of fun. I wish Notch would add witches to the game…Oh well maybe someday! :)

    • If for just the slime curse I’d be okay with it. Well, actually I’d prefer candy. Make slime balls INTO candy. YES. Genius!

      Haha, wassa man?! Did you go AWOL on me again? XD

      • Oh man I know I’ve been gone for a while haha. I did a post over on my blog explaining my lack of blogging lately. I’ve been busy with house work and just life in general. So how have you been?

      • I know that feelin’, mang! Life and general work tend to keep me busy as well. Still waiting on 1.9 to hit, and based on what is *not* going to be in it, 1.10 or even 1.11 as well :/ NPCs still don’t have AI so you can’t trade, and I haven’t seen anything to confirm the new attacks are a go that were supposed to be in 1.8, either >.< Get any more work done on the zombie fortress?

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