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Minecraft Monday: Feature Freeze and Minecraft Pulled of Kongregate

October 18th marked the day that no new features will be added to Minecraft ’till Minecon a month later to the day.  This is the time the team has put aside to tweak the game as good as it can be so it is nearest to flawless as it can be by November 18th.  Personally I’d like a real patch before then as it’ll be about three months since we got one then… but I got a an angel-winged horse and a free Diablo 3 game coming my way eventually so no sweat off my back ^_^

Minecraft News

The only thing really news-worthy this week is that Minecraft was originally put onto game-site Kongregate before being taken down a few days later.  Neither Notch or Kongregate have any admitted hard feelings, but it is nifty how massively popular things in the media are turned down only to rocket to super nova status later on.  Harry Potter and South Park, for example.  Notch called it “a bit of fun trivia.”

As for our own Minecrafting, we haven’t even booted the game up for weeks to be honest.  Last time we played was when I showed the Misses the place I etched out of a ravine on our buddy Ben‘s server, which was probably a month ago :(  I haven’t even thought about playing the game after they mentioned the patch has been yet again postponed till Minecon and I am more than a bit miffed that they settled for such conclusion.  Don’t want to harp on it, would end up a rant and either way they aren’t coming out with it sooner.

Meanwhile we opted to play WoW again.  Started up before 1.8 (as that patch was delayed several times as well /zing) and haven’t really stopped playing since.  Leveled up a few toons, got them pretty high pretty fast considering it takes the Misses ungodly long to level any of her toons.  She is basking in hallow’s end right now, though she has yet to see Sylvanas during that event atop Undercity.  Speaking of which, that should be occurring in just about twenty minutes so I’mma go log on and watch that again.

Happy crafting everyone!  Catch you next week!

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