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Mists of Pandaria CONFIRMED! New Race AND Class!

Wassup my babies!  Didn’t feel like shelling out the thousand plus it would cost to get down to Blizzcon?  Couldn’t afford the pay-per-view blizzcasts on your ramen only diet?  I gots you covered!

Welp, it’s confirmed.  Mists of Pandaria is in fact the next expansion to World of Warcraft.  If you missed the other things mentioned due to information overload, here’s a bullet point list of the things planned for WoW:

  • New Race: Pandaren  (Available to both Horde and Alliance factions)
  • New Class: The Monk
  • New Continent: Pandaria (Of course XD)
  • Level Cap Increased to 90
  • Challenge Mode Dungeons
  • PVE Scenarios
  • Pet Battle System
  • New Talent System

“Well that’s good and all.  I like lists so you started off on the right foot.  But uh, what does that stuff actually mean?”

Kudos my inquisitive friend!  I dug around the WoW site and found linkies!  Shiny, shiny linkies!

New Race: Pandaren

While leveling up a brand new Pandaren, you’ll have the option to choose which faction you side with as you quest along your journey.  The classes available to a Pandaren are Monk, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Hunter, Priest, and Shaman.  No feral Druid love, quasi-ironically.  Interestingly they already released their racial traits as well.  Food buffs will last twice as long, you’ll take half of the normal falling damage, cooking skill increased by 15, biggest one in my opinion is rested xp lasts twice as long as usual, and their active puts an enemy asleep for three seconds.


New Class: The Monk

The Monk will be a melee-based class that has offensive, defensive, and healing roles.  Aye, it appears we got another pally and druid in our midst.  It appears they will start out wearing cloth and then upgrade to leather after leveling up a bit, like druids, hunters, warriors, pallies and I think shaman do currently.  They will use Chi as their mechanic (like Rogues have Energy or Warriors have Rage, etc.) and it appears they will be entirely melee based as their available weapons are fist weapons, one-handed axes, maces, and swords, as well as polearms and staves.  Pandaren will not be the only monks, of course.  You can also level up one as a Draenei, Dwarf, Gnome (gotta make me one of those!), Human, or Night Elf for the Alliance.  For the Horde you got Troll, Orc, Blood Elf, Tauren, and Forsaken.  So pretty much everyone except the new races in Cataclysm; Worgen and Goblin.


Challenge Mode Dungeons

This one, I really-really like. Choose the Challenge Mode before entering a dungeon in Mists of Pandaria and you will be treated to the same instance as normal, but with the added bonus of a timer ticking down.  Depending on how fast you clear the instance and kill *every* boss in it, you will be graded from bronze to silver and gold.  The better you work as a team and the faster you complete the instance, the better your rewards. Every medal you earn will be saved to your character and can be used to compare to other players, guildmates, and even your entire realm.  Not only bragging rights are awarded, but you can unlock increasingly awesome looks to use with Transmogrification as you climb your way up the ladder and get more and more medals.  Only the coolest stuff will be handed out to winners of the gold, though.  So bring your A-game.  Also, to keep things even, all those who run a Challenge Mode instance will have normalized gear that matches the content.  No one is going to be allowed to get top-tier raid gear and go back to a normal run and cheat the system.  Think you are up to the Challenge?


Pet Battle System

This one is the funniest yet well thought-out additions to WoW.  Think Pokemon, and you got the right idea.  Not only can you duel your vanity pets with other players, but each pet will have its own unique abilities.  If you don’t like what ones they have, you can train them new ones and customize them however you’d like.  Every battle you and your pet wins grants them experience and levels, allowing them to grow stronger and unlock even more abilities down the line.

Fan of hording this little vanity pet-lings and companions?  Have an uncontrollable urge to catch them all?  You’re in luck.  Hunter’s aren’t the only ones who can tame animals now.  In Mists of Pandaria you’ll be able to purchase them, get them as random drops, or even capture them in the wild.  Just toss out your favorite companion pet and challenge it.  If you win the fight, you capture it all for yourself!  In order to make this process as addictive as possible, each pet in the wild has varying stats so if the loot gods above shine down on you, you can get a terrifically strong pet this way.

You can even train your little pets with NPC trainers.  Not all will give information willingly and require you best them in pet combat to prove your worthiness as a vanity pet trainer.


For all this and more, check out the official Blizzard Mists of Pandaria website.

I can already hear the Misses squeeing my ear off when she gets home to this news. While I find nearly everything mentioned to be massive steps forward for WoW, between the new ‘shinies’ and the Misses adoration with the Asian culture, it looks like I might as well get a year-long subscription now and save the money.

Good news!

If you actually do that, not only will you save like a gob of money, but you’ll get Diablo 3 for FREE.

Nurse?  Thank you.  Would you mind putting these games in a blender and shoot them straight into my veins?  I gotta feeling after these two release Mr. 101 will be seeing sunlight before I head ‘out there’ ever again.

…Lest we run out of nachos.

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  1. You were right a new race :) I knew we’d get pandas! I’m excited about the new stuff and new direction of other fun things to do. Glad you linked all the highlights, had a busy afternoon/evening and didn’t get to read too much about it until later. I absolutely love the new areas too, I always thought an Asian theme would be so lovely in WoW. *Squee!*

    • While Pandas in a place called Pandaria wasn’t too hard to grasp, I really thought they’d steer clear of having them playable due to the massive sub. count in Asia. Wondering what this will do with those numbers, actually. While I hope they fair well and I wonder what race China will end up with, maybe a Polar bear haha, I couldn’t be happier with these announcements. From pokemon to D3 for free, it was great. Certainly there will be more tomorrow, perhaps a vague, officialish target date? Last we gleamed from a conference call via MMO-Champ was it was intended to launch in February of next year, but that was before D3 got pushed back to that time as well. Will the both launch in the same month, and is this new combo pack a nod to that conclusion?

      I don’t really care what the answer is. I just wanna plays em! XD

  2. Glad you linked everything so I can look up all this awesomeness. I didn’t know the game had a site already. I really like everything they announced today. I can see the pet battle system and the challenge mode be something that alot of people really like, and that could be all they play. Similar to how 90% of my time in wow is spent on the dungeon finder and in the future, raid finder. It is like an entire new game within wow. You really like the challenge mode, I really like pokemon so I already now that pet battles will be what I do in Pandaria.
    Also, the monk sounds fun, I’ll try that out for sure. I’m pumped for Pandas!

    • Hello there, PalmOgranite. The pet system is pretty wicked, I must admit. But when it comes down to it I gotta feeling I’ll be investing far more time into challenge modes. Originally I thought that they were instilling a set limit, like 25 minutes is bronze and 30 is silver, etc., depending on the place. But based on screenshots, it will be entirely run by player’s times. While that makes the difficulty of getting gold all the more difficult, it also can be darned annoying :/ If an entire group is made up of people from the same server and they do the instance the fastest ever, poof. Top five slots instantly filled.

      Minor note of course, but something Blizzy might wanna take a gander at.

  3. Don;t forget the sexy mount you get with the annual pas too…

    Sweet sweet things.

    • I gotta admit, I’m a sucker for anything Tyreal XD The wings item/effect for getting the collectors edition of D3 really got my attention though I want absolutely nothing else. Well, other than the game of course ^_^


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