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Blizzcon 2011: Predictions, Please! Mists of Pandaria, Races, New Classes, What Have Ya?!

Well lads n’ lasses, I believe that we have crossed the twenty-four hour threshold.  In less than a days time, Blizzcon 2011 will be streaming ‘cross Teh Interwebz and minutes later onto youtube.  People will attend for loot bags and a chance to talk to the Devs, as well as watch some pvp competitions spanning multiple games.

But thus far, minus a very mysterious title, we have nothing to go on.  Last year was horrendous, I must admit.  Reading MMO-Champion and hearing goblins and worgens and all that actually made me laugh aloud and think MMO got duped somehow.  And then nearly every line posted was mentioned months later at Blizzcon.  Rather disappointing, it were.  Was more shocked these terrible predictions were true.  (“Tauren Paladins, whaaat?”)

Much like MTV botching a live event, last years no-no’s have made this year rather dull.  (No offense, Mr. McCartney.)  This has also lead to a great deal of predictions and venomous declarations as to what is going to happen and what is not.  As I haven’t seen a WoW-playing psychic just yet (but based on sheer numbers there is bound to be at least one), how about we throw up some of our own ideas?  Keep it light, of course.  No need to bash anyone else, but feel free to gloat if you are correct ^_^

My zany predictions lie with in-game and book-related goings on meshed with previous expansions’ history.

  • We are ‘due’ for a new class as we got two races recently.

Not only would this co-inside with the beliefs that if Mists of Pandaria is the next expansion we will not be able to play an actual panda as it keeps with the ‘no new race’ idea.  So, if is a new class, which will it be?

  • Last time talk of a new Hero class was mentioned, they stated they would like the next one to be ranged.  Possibly a healer.

The common idea is that ranged + healer, plus hero class mix (as Death Knights are like arms warriors mingled with warlocks and a dab of necromancers) tends to be a Shadow Hunter which is pretty much a blend of shaman and hunter.  Meaning the next xp might focus on Vol’jin.  (Hopefully off-ing Garrosh just in time for Thrall to retake the reigns, but a man can dream…)  But this is a common thought, and as Cata’s ideas were really out there when I first read them, how about I take a stab at the darkness and throw out a different prediction?

  • In the new Lionheart book a certain Warden is mentioned.

Yes, the crazy metal hula-hoop weapon chick that had a dominatrix fetish on Illidan.  Among other things, they mention she is actively training a new batch of Wardens, which is quite curious.  Could this be the new class?

But what about Horde?  They have no connection to Warden stuffs at all!  Aye, that is true.  This is when I got another out-there idea.  What if all those Dark Rangers that have popped up since Wrath and even more in Cata?  One just yesterday told me in Scarlet Monestary that Vishas tortured her mother.  We saw Lil’ Vishas in the Caverns of Time when we free’d thrall.  The guy can’t be that old, meaning this chick is a relatively new addition to Sylvanas’ arsenal.

So if the Night Elves are training new ranged hybrids, and the Forsaken are training new ranged hybrids…

In a weird way I think this kinda fits.  Cata was all about bringing the game back to Classic with increased difficulty, more ‘balanced’ health pools, and sparking up the ol’ faction hatred.  Why not go the extra step and bring back the old Shaman and Pally model of one side not having the other?  Likely to happen?  Nearly “not a chance.”  But wouldn’t it kinda be cool , anyway?

So there’s my hair-brained and drooling idea.  Two new faction-dependant ranged classes.  What’s your crazy idea?

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  1. you know of all the ideas this is one of the few i could see actualy happening i miss the vanilla days when pallys were ally and shamies horde made playing those classes feel like they meant something

  2. A new class would be really refreshing. I might just stick around to try out something different. I think the Pandaran will make an appearance in some form, it would be a really fun race to have around even if we couldn’t play it, think of all the lovely zones they could spin off from that race. I just want to hear some exciting news, compared to last year where Metzen even said he didn’t think they should have even had a Blizzcon. Everything has been hush-hush thus far, so I hope to hear some fun stuff!


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