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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Premier

What did I think of “What Lies Ahead?”

In a word: “Commercials.”

In another word: “Let-down.”

And yes that is a single word. It’s hyphenated, it counts as one! XD

It wasn’t bad, but I was expecting more.  This was yet another ‘Talky’ episode that I disliked last season.  I understand a lot of stuff is going on and they are explaining a lot and setting a stage, but I also think they only made it 90 minutes to sell the insane amount of ads that we running near the end.  If they cut it down to an hour not only would the ad problem go away, but they would be forced to terse and tighten up the action and lop off the boring bits that were ever-present.

Again, it was not bad.  But it was clearly edu-tainment.  It told us stuff so they can actually act on it later.  In comical terms, it was the setup of a joke, and the punchline will be given next week.  Or two from that.  Sometime.  Just not *now*.  And I wanted payoff *now* after waiting a year to watch this.

Some good news though!  Shane and Lori are now actual, factual characters!  I’m so proud.  Last season they were just graduated foil characters.  This time Lori is actually doing something and holding her own, while Shane is apparently shedding the ‘crazy’ bits and going rogue for the good of the group.  He went from neutral villain to anti-hero.  Kudos to him.

Andrea can go stick her finger in an outlet.  I don’t care what she does in the comic, I want this chick dead.  Nothing but hate and angst.  Every scene she was in was like watching a highschool poetry class unfold.  Big words people do not normally use, let alone under threat of zombie attack, and again not when that ticked off. You just don’t have higher brain functions going on when you rage as much as she was against poor Dale. Ungrateful for his intervention she wishes nothing more to be killed off.  We here ate Encrazed Crafts truly wish that she succeeds in her goal.  Quickly and with gory detail.

Dale is still awesome.  Delaying the group from making a tough decision so coyly and seeing T-Dog willingly go along with it was great.  “Tricky hose” indeed ^_^  Sadly, Rick is still a Mary Sue.  This time with extreme comparisons to Jesus.  Well done on the subtly there, crew.

The gore this episode wasn’t over-the-top, but I did notice the rest of the group I saw it with got a bit squeamish and complained at how realistic it was.  The only thing I was thinking when I saw Andrea attack the one zombie in the Road Warrior was frustration as I had an idea to write a story were people really did resort to using a screwdriver in such a fashion against a zombie.  Now if I do it I’ll get instant comparisons and claim that I stole it from them.  Raspberries!

One final nifty thing of note, as I mentioned up top, last season I complained how every other episode seemed to be all dialog while the others were action.  The fifth episode prompted me to state the following:

One final bid for longer lasting viewership:  action keeps people glued to their seats.  Dialog and only dialog episodes make people feel like they are sitting in glue.  (Subtle change, that is.)  The first is exciting and pushes the story along wisely and still finds time for character advancement.  The second is slow, uncomfortable, and fairly boring.  (I did like the humorous explosion in the lab, though.  Nice comedic timing of the robotic voice.)  The Walking Dead doesn’t need to be *filled* with gore, action, and zombies…but if all it IS filled with is speeches and heart-felt discussions…well…we are left with this:

After they bite off your ear, they'll talk off the remaining one.

Encrazed Crafts 11/29/2010

So imagine my surprise when I found out they were actually having a live after-party talk show titled the “Talking Dead.”  I don’t wanna say I called it, as I’d much rather prefer dividends for coining the idea XD

What did you guys think of this episode?  A little slow on the pace?  Commercials a bit much?  Also notice they still managed to squeeze in a shower scene as Shane opened water from the truck? Man, they sure do love shower bits on this show.  That’s what, three so far?  Every time the people in them are super smiling too.  Kinda creepy.  Tell us your thoughts on this Walking Dead episode below!

Furthermore, Andrea should be destroyed.

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  1. I was not happy. It is blatantly obvious Frank Darabont is sorely needed. IMO, the current writers don’t have any direction so they focused on the gore and drew it out forever and a day. I couldn’t even look at the disembowling. I was looking away so long I started cursing. After everything she has been through, why would the little girl run off after Rick told her to stay put? It makes no sense. If she was was eaten by a zombie there would have been screaming. I hope TWD hasn’t jumped the shark already. DAMN!

    • Last season was kinda erratic as well, though. It could be said that while each director did it different, it was at least helmed by one guy. This time… who knows? I’m equally worried and hopeful to say the least. I’m chalking this one up as a “talky” like last season and hoping the next one is all action.

      And then I’m hoping the one after that is action too hee hee

      The gore really did not bother me at all. Others around me were bothered, and I’m watching the same stuff they are, but almost nothing affected me to cringe or anything. Mind you, show someone getting a shot and do a close up of that, oh yeah that freaks me out. But watching people hack up dummies? Not so much. I know different folks have different tolerances to that sorta stuff, but I think we both agree that the time could have been better spent. I personally would have liked something to happen after the horde passed by, as the episode really dragged on after that with all the bloody dialog.

      It started out good, then faded. There were zombies killed after it and chases and all that, but it didn’t feel right. All that time in the church could have been better allocated as well :/ Carol is a glorified extra, her use was complete after stealing the grenade and handing it back at the very end of last season. Give her something important to do or finish her off proper. Same goes for her daughter, who is suddenly missing. (Someone on the twitter feed humorously mentioned that the writer this season hate kids.)

      Actually that whole bit with Rick and the daughter is out of place. He had to leave her there because he was getting tired. Of what? Holding her? She made it down just fine. She walked away just fine. She wasn’t hurt. Why did they make him hold her? Why make him make her stay and make all the supporting cast tell him there was nothing else he could have done? Contrived drama is all that was. I want more physical and less mental, as this isn’t even mentally stimulatin’.

      They did a lot to improve it though, like Shane and that. The preview puts him in a nasty situation next week, so it looks like I’ll get my action request filled. Let us hope they get their priorities straightened out in the up coming episodes! I look forward to them, but not as anxiously as I would have hoped before watching this first one.

      Thank you for your comment, Morgan ^_^

  2. D’oh, I knew I miss SOMETHING on Sunday night. LOL. Time to set the DVR to hopefully catch a replay.

    • I’m sure they’ll rerun it. Heck, last year I missed the initial viewing and caught the recap a week or so later XD The only hard part will be scouring through the title of the episodes as on our screen (comcast) it just says “The Walking Dead” and we have to open up each one to see which it is. Add in they were re-running last season’s it got confusing after so many of those were on in a row hee hee It’ll be “What Lies Ahead” in case you were wondering.

      Actually I was kinda miffed. Searched for that for this post and saw all the episode names are already on the internet movie database. Now I know the name of a few of them as well as a screenshot on each! I thought they were the webisodes or I wouldn’t have scrolled down that far in the first place >.<

  3. LOL, the talking dead! Too funny. I enjoyed the first show but I do have to admit sometimes I want to smack each and every one of them because they says some really stupid things. They just don’t know when to stfu at times.

    • Well said! I understand the writers need to angle the shows for several audiences, not only zombie vets but also those new to the scene coming straight off of Mad Men, for example. The vets get the details, the noobies need some coaching. It can be annoying or eye-rolling when the obvious gets mentioned, but I understand why it is there. I just think they need to get better at it, as well as blending dialog and action bits.

      That said, I think a lot of the stuff is hammy when they let the dialog roll on too long. Like anyone in chuch this episode, or Andrea talking to Dale. For someone ticked off they made her use far too many flowery words. Chop it down to, say “I wanted to die in there. *MY* way. My choice. You mucked it up. I didn’t want your death on my hands, that is the only reason I’m out here now. ‘Thanks.’ ” But nah, let’s make the back-and-forth drag on for five minutes.

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  5. I love getting bashed on complaining about the amount of blabbing they’ll stick in there. They say, “Oh, it’s not ALL about zombies and gore!” which I totally agree with, but it’s kind of just annoying, background talk IMO—at least, this episode was.

    Though I didn’t mind Rick in the church. I still think he needs to yell at the crew to STFU if they keep depending on him to lead them, though. :’) Plus it’d be hot.

    • Haha, I guess it sorta comes down to the Matrix idea of ‘let them assume they have the option.’ Aye, it isn’t all about zombies if they let the characters babble. But is there anything interesting going on when it isn’t all about zombies? This episode, as you said, not so much. (Heck, even with them on screen it was a bit slow in my opinion. Gutting scene, for example. They can (ironically) breathe some life into the dialog. Maybe keep Gleen on screen a bit more and lop off the extra characters? Such as Carol. Actually I think she’s the only one without a purpose at all. T-Dog didn’t really have one in the first season other than to be picked on by Merle for being African American. But at least he seems to be like a chill kind of guy. (Translation: I’ll miss him when he’s gone.)

      Technically everyone is a potential victim, just a few I’d rather see go first ^_^

      They seem to be making Mr. Grimes doubt himself, and I wonder if this was part of the book series. I know he admitted he was fighting against time in the CDC… but he still fought. If he gave up he wouldn’t have left with everyone. I know the doubtful Rick is an option, but I’d like to see him a bit more determined. Which will possibly happen, and might even be a hook to get viewers on the edge of their seats.

      But if and when he does get back to leading and not second-guessing himself, as soon as he starts laying down the law and you’d probably faint from UNF-overload XD


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