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Minecraft Monday: 15 Million Registered Players and Counting, Circle Suns and Moons, and a PSA for Project Zomboid

Minecraft Monday!

Hey gang!  Somewhat of a slow news week this time around.  Minecraft will be feature-locked tomorrow as they work on squashing bugs and maybe actually releasing the new content any time soon.  They are still on Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 4, and no new patch in sight.  Still hoping to get one prior to a month from now, but what can ya do?  Onto the curious bits!

Minecraft News

Something that really stood out as annoying to me was Notch’s decision to ditch the old sun and moon graphics and go with a circular model instead.  While the bonus to this change is the moon at least will have cycles (like crescents and full moons and that), the down-side is… it’s a circle.  A circle made of squares… but it is still a circle.  He made a poll and ‘promises’ to honor the result.  But he also mentioned that he added up all the people who voted “do not care” as “round”, putting his preferred look in favor over the actual results.  So while the poll clearly states an advantage sticking with the old square version, he will up and change it anyway.  People have asked to make it a choice in-game to choose from square or circle which Notch outright denied.

I know the first thing that I will be changing once I get my hands on 1.9 >.>

In lighter news, Notch also mentioned that they just hit 15 million registered users.  That’s  six zeros, folks (15,000,000, see?  Six!).  ‘Only’ about 25% of them have paid for the game thus far, but even that is huuuge in terms of marketing and carry over.  Getting people to jump from free to pay is a hefty task, but Minecraft is still finding a way to do it ^_^

Project Zomboid

In a bit of sad news, Project Zomboid has fallen on some really rotten luck recently.  I’ve been checking up on this game from time to time, as it is fully decked out RPG survival game all about living with zombies.  Well, living as long as you can with zombies XD (Including barricading doors, finding supplies, and keeping yourself and any living person you meet sane.  If not they might just up and walk out the door one day.  And if that happens when you are asleep, guess who is going to be starting over in the morning -_^)

The short version of it is they sold their game through PayPal till that got mistakenly frozen.  They went and make a Google Checkout account and made a huge boost of sales through that, but that, too, got frozen.  PayPal has since noted their error and got that account back up, but Google is refusing to release about 80% of their income at this time.  Pirates are copying their game, as all online games seem to draw this crowd, but recently the noticed some pirates were able to access their real deal servers and update their clients to the current content.  It went from old and outdated copies being passed around to full-blown clients being stolen.  To make matters worse, they use a Cloud system and get charged every time someone downloads something from it.  The pirates not only are stealing the game, but charging them to do so.

Over the weekend their apartment got trashed by a burgalar.

Among the emotional damage, they took off with the two laptops with a massive cache of game-related content and code.  While they found a semi-recent backup online, this still was a pretty devastating blow.   To make matters worse, there are a bunch of people dogging the game for delays in spite of these giant obstacles.  Any single one of those would have put a lot of people out straight away, but these guys have taken each one on the chin and continued on.

I just caught a glimpse of in-game footage and highly recommend you guys plunk down the tiny cost of this one for the game as well as to help these guys get back on their feet yet again.  (It costs 5 in Brit-cash, so probably 7ish American.) The game is coming along really well, and even in such early stages it looks like a blast.  If you cannot afford it at this time, at least send them an encouraging email for support.

That’s it for this Minecraft Monday.  Happy Crafting, and we hope you all are gearin’ up for Halloween!  Just a few short weeks away, gettin’ ready?  We leave you this week with some pre-alpha footage of Project Zomboid from the always humorous youtuber paulsoaresjr.

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  1. Wow, that is so horrible, all the problems they have had! I feel so bad for them :(
    Will have to check them out, see what the game is like, sounds like something my son would be into.


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