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WoW: Cataclysm 4.3: Death of Tyrande’s Voice

I’m sure there are fans from Warcraft 3 still playing WoW, with potentially a lot of excited ones as more and more content of the 4.3 patch is coming to light.  Recently we found out ol’ Illidan and his blindfold of awesome will be back, along with Tyrande when we go back in time.

Now, there has been a great deal of times in-game when I wince hearing voice actors give out their lines.  Not always because they sound bad, but mostly because it simply is not the voice actor  it was back in Warcraft 3.  Well, for whatever reason, they actually have the original voice actress of Tyrande doing her voice again.  What should be a great time to celebrate a relative fan favorite isn’t shaping up that way at the moment.  As Dante from Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2 painfully made clear, just because it is the same voice actor at the helm, it does not mean the directors know what they are doing as a voice coach.

Considering this is a reoccurring character in a previous iteration of the ‘same’ game, you would think continuity would be a big part of development.  Even though they basically completely changed *everything* that happened in WC3 thanks to a Knakk novel, her voice should still be the same as it was, perhaps even more youthful as this occurs prior to when we see her in Warcraft 3.

Let me know if you notice anything slightly different between Warcraft 3 and Cataclysm’s 4.3 version of Tyrande Whisperwind.

Warcraft 3

Wow: Cataclysm 4.3

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  1. Now, there is that lore thang that Trolls actually morphed into Night Elves due to the very Well of Eternity that instance is about, and her voice is heavy on the troll dialect. But I doubt many people know about that plot thread that has been largely ignored in WoW, and even more so it seems greatly out of place.

  2. This is just awful. Even the troll theory makes no sense. Malfurion is about the same age as Tyrande and he doesn’t sound like this. He sounds just like the other night elves and Tyrande’s old voice.

    • Aye, it is really bad. The troll comment was more of a grimace than a reason, like a “I can see what they were *trying* to do…” In the end, no matter the reasoning behind it, the end result is dreadful XD

      Just google’d some more audio from the instances and you are right, all the other people involved are properly in character. Illidan sounds *like* Illidan (though I think it’s the same/new voice they used in BC), Mannoroth sounds spot on. They utterly bombed on the direction for Tyrande though. Hope they fix it up before live. Rather hear Sindragosa for a full raid than what they did here.

  3. Ugh, whyyyyyy. The mellow, even voice suits her the best. The added accent in the second clip just made me laugh.

    • Yeah, seems odd to depart so much from a fairly iconic character when she is reprising that very role. You’d think she would want to nail the old voice instead of giving it a spin, so she was likely directed to do so. Why, I have no idea. Well the troll idea, but as Becky mentioned no one else in the instance sounds Troll-ified. Even the queen in there sounds like the ‘traditional’ NE female from WC3.

      Praze be to day lide, mon.

  4. I have always been a huge fan of the night elves and then they went and did this.. It feels like a spit in the face from the director. But at least they didn’t redo her lines outside the dungeon I guess… :/


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