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Minecraft Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 3 is Live!

Okay, I think this will officially be the last ‘leak’ before October 18th, the supposed last day of new additions to Minecraft until its offical release a month later, November 18th.  (That is not to say Minecraft will no longer be updated, all that is happening is “Beta” is getting lopped off next month.  Everything is shiny, cap’in!)

To quote Jeb:

Third time’s the charm! Minecraft Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3:


Same way to install it as before, think you just swap out the old .jar with that one and hope for the best.  Be sure to back up all saves before you venture out so nothing dangerous happens to them!

Speaking of potentially dangerous stuff, behold zee GOOP!

No idea what it is, or what it does.  But it looks trippy.  Very.  Trippy.   I am suddenly compelled to recite the intro to Star Trek: The Next Generation in a very bad Captain Picard imitation.  …Which sounds a lot like my Sean Connery impersonation.

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  1. Reading what the comments to that video say, it looks like that “goop” is actually going to lead to something called the Enderlands, where there are dragons and other fun things.

    • Haha, sheesh. Just started adding content to Nether and now another one planned? Oy. Unless that is ‘blue posted’ by Notch I’m not gonna jump to that conclusion just yet. Plus, didn’t this guy just walk all over it? I didn’t notice the portal ‘wobbly wobble’ effect. Hoping it isn’t lantern-sauce, but at this point iron is really easy to find, and I’m tripping over coal where ever I go, so I guess I should get out of the Alpha mindset XD

      …Though it would be cool to have a Ender world with goofy colors. I already was planning on doing a Tim Burton version pack o’ textures, that would save me trouble ^_^

  2. Pretty cool looking, looks like something from space or ‘other worldly’.

    • And how! I like the dimension of it all, but it does make you wonder what the heck it is. Notch said he spent a lot of time on it, ‘though you’ll almost never see it.’ That’s kinda cryptic XD


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