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WoW 4.3: Rockin’ Nozdormu Picture (Or Is It Murozond?)

A massive slew of info and pictures outta MMO Champion today.  One in particular I focused on was a shot of an actual, updated Dragon-form model of Nozdormu and the less-than-curious and more-than-obvious similarly shaped Murozond. (As I already touched on this a few posts ago, Murozond = Evil Nozdormu.  Or, more accurately, “already existant in the future, Evil Nozdormu.”)  But as visuals go a lot further than words alone, here are the two snappies to prove it.



Anyone else note the resemblance?  (Is that racist to dragons?  Dragonism, or something?)

Now, at first glance I thought that Murozond was merely a negative swap of Nozdorumu’s original colors which would be cool yet incredibly lazy on the graphics department.  For the record, if you DO invert colors it comes out pretty close XD  They did tweak a few things here an there, like his eyes stay blue and the tail and chest actually get brighter instead of lighter.  I still think they at the very least wanted to mimic the Inverted Nozdormu look, but what I found to be way, WAY cooler is an Inverted Murozond!  Check this image out!

WoW 4.3: Murozond Inverted

I’m a huge fan of the albino drake mount, but I would TOTALLY ride a mount that looks like this until the end of time.  Doesn’t he look wicked?

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  1. “Now, at first glance I thought that Murozond was merely a negative swap of Nozdorumu’s original colors…”

    I don’t mean to think so lowly of the Blizzard creative team, but I admit, that’s the first thing I thought too >_<

    I like the inverted Murozond! I was pretty fond of the albino drake too…but as a villain, I think the original works better because the dark colors scream "doom-bringing!!!" more loudly :P

    • I dunno, those creepy red and black eyes scream “Doomed!” like a golden C3PO outside of Jabba’s palace to me. But I do admit, in terms of pure badassery, the ‘original’ colors do prevail. But I still likes the albino version. It’s kinda like a dragon version of candy corn, now that I think about it…


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