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Minecraft Beta 1.9 Pre-Release: Animal Breedin’!

Was just about to hop off for the night when I caught a glimpse of this tweet and a pic from Notch talking about the new animal breeding mechanic he is adding in patch 1.9.

They won’t stop breeding!!!


I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.

He later went on to say how the breeding mechanic actually works.  It seems it is just like feeding pet wolves!  Just hold out some food, feed one and they get those same floating hearts that wolves do.  Then feed another animal to get them to enter that state as well and queue the Barry White.

In a way I’m kinda glad Notch is from Sweden and not New Zealand.  As multiplying with sheep isn’t limited to just sheep there.  Or southern United States.  Either way, glad to see the breeding mechanic is finally getting some… (giggle)  Lovin’.

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  1. Oh my, that picture. When I saw it, I just couldn’t stop laughing. There’s just something hilarious about a mountain of sheep.

    • It is a funny shot with a bit of twisted humor. He finally adds the option to multiply, and boy howdy are they making up for lost time.

      And a minor ammendment to post above, these critters actually prefer the less known baritone vocals of Baaarry White.

  2. Sheepcraft! Too funny!

  3. nicoinyourface


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