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WoW 4.3: “End Time” Anagram Isn’t Too Hard

You might have caught the ginormous update on MMO-Champion yesterday, and it was a doozy.  First off, the Diablo 3 beta has kicked off, so that’s awesome.  Secondly, they laid out all the new five mans, that is what they will be about and likely bosses and all that.

Something that caught my attention back in BC was that no one could figure out who this nasty time-altering dragons were.  Bronze dragons who just *know* everything and when it will happen had no idea how or where these Infinite Dragonflight dudes were coming from.  Suspicious.  In Dragonblight you even have a quest to help out your future self in killing some of these which culminates in revealing the leader of the bad guys are….

Nozdormu suddenly appears instead.  How odd, your future self says, that he would appear instead of the big-bad in charge of them all.  Also curious is how often ol’ Noz has been AWOL since Burning Crusade…

But then right in the first new five-man named “End Time” they state that “…the maniacal figure blocking Nozdormu’s vision will be revealed at the Bronze Dragonshrine. None of the Dragon Aspects could have predicted what entity would have such power to interrupt the sight of the Timeless One… the ability to create a new and infinite dragonflight.”  Then to seal the deal we get this impossible anagram: “Only by destroying a mysterious dragon known as Murozond will you give Azeroth’s protectors the opportunity to avoid the potential outcome to which your eyes bear witness.”

Nozdormu. Murozond.  Happen to notice all those letters are present, buddeh’.

I know they state this is only one potential outcome… but those dragons already DO exist.  We’ve been fighting them for like four years now at least, in-game time for over a decade.  Their existence is not probable, but definite.  This will lead to a whole bunch of questions that you much approach fourth-dimensionally, but in the short of it: Noz will go bad, in time.  Quasi-intentional pun.

There’s a whole lot to read, but that detail caught my eye.  Reminds me of when someone noticed one of the vendors near the new Void Storage was named Warpweaver Hashom which is a cheeky anagram for “A WoW Rehash/Revamp.”

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  1. LOL Murozond! That’s Blizzard for you, abusing that anagram machine one too many times.

    So looks like of the dragons, only the gals kept their heads :P

    • To be honest I have not followed nearly any story info since Cata dropped, so I might be wrong, but based on the blue posts I got muh’ info out of for this post alone that while a good chunk of dragons have been male, there are still a few female heads we separated from their bodies. Most recently Sinestra (which we’ve been teased since BC!), before her was Sindragosa, and before that was Onxia. Of course poor ol’ Ony has been brought back like three times now, do those individual versions count as well? XD It would still be like 3 to 1 ratio of male dragons killed off. Heck, in Obsidian Sanctum alone was there even one chick dragon?

      But speaking of gals and that, I didn’t mention it, but you have to fight a ghostly version of two random leaders in the instance before Evil Noz shows up. The selection is: Slyvanas, Tryande, Jaina, and… Baine.

      Baine? Really? The new guy? Why is… are they saying he’s chick-ish? Why three girls, important lore figures at that, and one brand new character of the opposite gender? Neither makes sense. Why not Aggra, for example? They could have even swung a huge ‘the heroes failed me and I lost Thrall!’ sorta angle, but eh. Minor ‘wtf’ moment among a really cool looking and sounding instance.

      • Ah, I was talking of only the five dragon aspects…Neltharion/Deathwing = nuts. Malygos = went nuts. Nozdormu = going to go nuts at least in one timeline. At least Alexstrasza or Ysera haven’t taken it upon themselves to destroy us poor mortals. But yeah, if we go by any of the dragonflights there have been quite a lot of kookie females too.

      • Haha, good point! Though, hmm. I has a theory! Lore wise, Neltharion only went bad due to the Old Gods tempering. Maly tried to fight off the Lord of the Ring style ubercharged Deathwing and was slapped so hard he got a permanent condo in crazy town. The Infinite Dragonflight is a cross between, at least I’m assuming because it is close to factual at this point, between Black and Bronze.

        All three were post Old God interference. Up until that point has either Alex or Ysera tried to go toe-to-toe with DW? I think Alex was captured for awhile, and I didn’t get far enough in Hyjal to see what was up with Ysera. I read Alex was recently defeated by DW, probably Hyjal related. (Not much of a surprise there, if he lost… what’s the point of us taking him down in a raid? XD) But Maly was ‘changed’ after his loss to Deathwing… perhaps this leads to a potential plot development in the future? I’d guess they won’t go that route, but nifty none-the-less ^_^

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