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Minecraft Monday: A Whole New World

I don’t know if you guys got a chance to load up a new map or at least generate a few new chunks on your world saves, but the new biome and world-generation code at work in 1.8 is amazing.  Just to try it out I loaded up a brand new one in creative and was surrounded in tall mountains and a ginormous desert.  The textures look a bit different with the lighting changes as well, yet keeps the familiar feeling we’ve grown used to.  The Misses and I have not started a new map (she doesn’t even know I secretly updated her client yet, actually ^_^) but when we do, I’m certain we will have to tag-team every single cave we find as they sprawl out waaaay more now than they have in the past.  Good times are sure to be had.

Minecraft News

Quite a few nifty posts from Notch this week, thought I’d pass em on to yall!

First we have a shot that proves snow biomes are in and will work and is likely one of the bugs Notch squashed recently, as 1.8 did not actually support snow!  (They messed with the coding and didn’t add that in on time.)

Purty shot, no?

Another snapshot, this one is a bit weird though…

Strawberry Milk, anyone?

This looks plain ol’ interesting haha  Can you havest the ‘shrooms off the cow, or do you have to kill it?  Can you breed it with normal cows to get weird results like Pumpkin Cows instead or something?  Who knows XD

Notch also posted this funny Donkey Kong remake in Minecraft that he found on youtube.

As Notch mentioned that they were working on more content for The Nether, Jeb posted a picture of something he added to it!  Check out this wicked ruined bridge!

Have a great week everyone!  Hope you are having a blast in the patch.

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