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  1. I think that the reason the old client (1.7.3) won’t work is because the loader was changed and you need to update the loader.

    I had the same problem myself. And spent a couple of days worry that my account had been hacked before downloading the new client.
    There really should have been a more useful error message.

    Minecraft login failed! Has my account been hacked? Try updating Minecraft

    • Yeah, but I still think it is kinda lame they didn’t change the original. Thought they stated flat out it would still work and you can choose to upgrade or not, and then poof. 1.8’s out and it just stopped working. They didn’t even say “oh hai! Its might not werk nao!” or anything, like a warning to all those using the old school version would have been too much. Or maybe they just totally forgot? I dig the new panning blurry camera view at the menu screen, just wish they would have gave all the people a heads up. Waited a few days before I tried the newer version, could have been playing since the first day if they just let us know beforehand. Or even after, for that matter. Haven’t seen them mention it at all :X

      • I agree. There should have been better communication with the Minecraft community about this change.

        If you google for ‘Failed login’ you will find lots of people with his problem.

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