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Minecraft Monday: It’s September 12th. Do You Know Where Your Adventure Patch 1.8 Is?

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“When is patch 1.8 coming out?”

Flyin’ spaghetti monsters has that been a popular question the past few days!  Unfortunately the release will not come out today, September 12th.  From what I’ve read directly from the developers at Mojang, they plan on fixing the bugs in the pre-release first.  At that point it will be an official 1.8 patch and they’ll fully release it for all once it gets to that polished point.  Until then you either have to wait, or try the buggy pre-release they ‘leaked’ over the weekend.  (It is quite buggy and lag is ever-present, I’d recommend yall wait for the real and fully optimised patch instead of the pre-release, but feel free to take a stab at it if you’d like.)

Minecraft Beta 1.8 Pre-Release ‘Leaked’

Not so much a leak, but a red herring mixed with a scape goat haha  We think SlienK summed it up well on our previous post as to this whole situation:

I believe thats why jens Pre released it also, 1. to cover his backside because he promised a 8th release, 2.because there was way more bugs and probs with it than what they first anticipated so its their way of getting other people to find the bugs for them


There has been no official word on the leak other than one of Notch’s tweets casually winking its sudden existence, and another stating “it wasn’t intentional”(source). Jeb shared the casual nature of this ‘leak’, stating he felt much more at ease as the hardcore fans that wanted the update could play the pre-release and it took a great deal of stress off of his back.  While that is good to hear and we all know a lot of work went into patch 1.8… we still want to play an official and bug-free version! XD

Where Patch 1.8 Stands Right Now

Currently it is still in limbo.  Jeb came right out with it, stating “the current status of 1.8 is that I’m trying to fix the reported bugs of pre-1.8. It’s hard to say how long time this will take” (source) following that up with “Got a lot of work done today, but not enough for release. (source)”  Just about an hour ago he added what we all were expecting but hoping to avoid, that “There wont be an update today, but tomorrow I will *at least* update the prerelease (source)”

So while he squashed a lot of bugs today, it will not be updated by tonight.  Tomorrow he will update the 1.8 pre-release, if not the whole adventure patch to date, which is wonderful news.

What’s In, and What’s Out

Currently there are strongholds, ravines, rivers, swamps and swamp biomes, as well as npc villages near a brand new world’s spawn point.  Two new mobs, Endermen and silver fish.  Pigs have actual snouts, chests open and close when you use them.  You can now charge up a shot with your bow to deal more damage and shoot it further.  Sprinting, new food options along with a hunger and experience bar are all present.  You’ll be able to farm watermelons and pumpkins as well!

What is not included, and likely to be polished off in 1.9 is all the combat changes including the ability to spend those experience points/spheres, animal breeding (as they will no longer randomly respawn like they have since Alpha), and those villages will have NPCs actually living in them.  Jeb mentioned that at first only one stronghold will exist, but he’s adding the possibility of two more to the up-coming 1.8 patch, and making them infinitely possible to exist in 1.9 and beyond.

Here is a video Notch linked to showing off most of the changes planned for this patch, in case you wanted a glimpse at the near future.  Note, this is beyond packed solid of spoilers, so if there is something you wanted to see and figure out on your own (like Endermen), don’t click it and just wait a few more days.  There’s your spoiler warning, carry on as ye see fit ^_^

That’s all we know for now, so stay patient my friends!  The patch is extremely close!  I’d say it is fairly certain we will see it arrive before Friday now that Notch is currently off of the Rex Kwon Do project and back to helping program Minecraft again.

What parts of 1.8 and 1.9 are you all most excited about?

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  1. I could see MoJang just fixing all the bugs in the 1.8 pre-release and then releasing it as 1.9. Plenty of companies do this when they don’t meet the estimated release date. I guess we will just have to see what happens in the future. As for the pre-release…haha. Well I’ve been playing around with it since Friday. There are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. NPC villages have been spawning under sand, on the edge of ravines, and can be like 25 blocks high at time! The mines are not much better. They seem to go on forever and I always get lost in them. Not to mention they sometimes don’t even spawn correctly.

    I am being a bit hard on a game that is both a pre-relase and a beta. For all its glitches and faults it is an awesome update. I love attacking endermen and the new blocks are pretty awesome. We now have gates for our fences! No more using doors, YAY! :D I also really like the ravines and new biomes.

    In short the game is great now, but does need some serious work. Hopefully by 1.9 we will have a more polished product!

    • Hah! I saw that complex of yours. Keepin the endermen out might be a bit tricker than zombies ^_^ Weird stuff hearing about those goofy spawns. I mean, I’d get used to the mines because mine also seemingly never end and are equally confusing to navigate, but the floating towns is odd.

      I think Jeb let the ball go on this one, I mean I had a bunch of things I *could* have cited but I kept it neutral/upbeat. (If it is delayed another week or something I may change my tune, but for now I’m okay about it. -_^) I really want to spend xp on cool abilities though :/ That’s my one gripe about zee patch. That and if pigs and stuff don’t respawn when they die, yet we can’t farm them yet because the mechanic isn’t in it.

      I caught a sight of that spiffy new green door of yours on your blog! I suggest adding a sign to really confuse the creepers. “Bell out of order, please knock”, perhaps? :D

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