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Minecraft Patch 1.8 Release Date Pushed Back to September 12th

Things are heating up over at Team Mojang!  Notch has been busy working on a new secret game currently known as “the Rex Kwon Do Project” and has left fellow coder Jeb in charge of getting Minecraft patch 1.8 out on time.  Apparently September 8th was the initial target date for 1.8, and Jeb said a few days ago he was too busy for that to happen.

Just today on twitter Jeb said that “the new ‘good guess’ for a Beta 1.8 release date is 12th of September (this monday)” (source)  Seemingly to keep on track with that new date, Jeb also mentioned that “Notch has taken a break from the secret project to help me with 1.8, he’s currently talking sarcastically to the monitor.” (source)

This information was validated when Notch admitted on his twitter feed that he “did spend some time on 1.8 today, specifically with the lighting code.” He did have one other important bit of info to say: “I do not know when @jeb is planning to release it or how.” (source)  Not only does this prove that Notch really did hand off the Minecraft coding to Jeb, but that even he doesn’t know when 1.8 is going live.

Our current official and confirmed most-likely scenario is SEPTEMBER 12th!  This is only four days behind the previous release date, so even if they have to delay it again, it should still be out before the end of next week!

Before yall go, one big warning to all Minecraft fans:  They are planning on making mobs like cows and pigs stay dead once they are killed due to a new animal breeding and farming mechanic.  This mechanic, as far as I know, is going live in patch 1.9, the second part of the adventure update.  If they still keep the ‘animals stay dead’ bit in the adventure patch, be sure to stock up on leather, porkchops, and feathers if you will be needing them in the near future!

One would hope Notch would not let such a hampered addition to animals go in without a way to balance those numbers out, but long-time fans know how crazy things got last time a big change was added to the game back in October.  I STILL don’t play my first world save due to all those nightmares…

-Update- Currently, the afternoon of September 12th, Jeb has announced the patch might be up tomorrow.  We wrote a whole post about it right here with what is currently in an out of 1.8, and what will have to wait for 1.9.

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  3. Ugh…I can’t wait any longer haha! I’m really looking forward to the update, mostly the endermen. I know the first time I see one I will start screaming in fear!

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  5. damn its monday and STILL no update. i wanna play this REALLY bad.

    • It is still Sunday, love. Give it another 24 hours ^_^ Considering they leaked the buggy client shows the patch is just about done, they just need to optimize a wee bit. Should be out before the end of the week for sure!

  6. Look At The 1.8 prerelease its awesome

    • I have seen it, though I’ve heard it lags quite badly. As my normal client lags enough by itself, I’m gonna wait for the real deal to be fully optimized before I dive in. Besides I wanted the combat updates and those won’t arrive until 1.9. Le sigh. Thanks for commentin’ though!

  7. Hmmm…… I wonder what time it is going to be released on Monday.

  8. I myself am starting to get annoyed at this whole release date delay :(…they are very smart ppl over at mojang, so surely they could foresee or predict how long something like this would take, e.g testing…So why Give people false hope and mention a release date at all, until they are certain it will be. Imagine if all companies did the same, just small e.g, if all other game creators did the same, soon there would be no such thing as Pre-order, because everybody would wait til its on shelf, in case it got delayed, dont get me wrong, i know it does happen and prob in every industry known to man, but my only point is..
    Dont say a date if you are not 100% sure you can fullfill that promise, when you are playing with people’s money!.

  9. Oh one more thing. I believe thats why jens Pre released it also, 1. to cover his backside because he promised a 8th release, 2.because there was way more bugs and probs with it than what they first anticipated so its their way of getting other people to find the bugs for them, and in mean time have crashes and glithes etc :(.. (yea great someones game crashes or looses worlds, but hey thanks for letting us know) hmmmmm, i think its all a bit disorganized and who knows could even be a big advertisement ploy, to create stir and anticipation..

    • Totally agree, bud. I don’t think it is so much as advertisment as they sold over three million copies already, but it certainly will teach Jeb a painful lesson on stating dates and living up to them. Hopefully he gives himself ample room in the future ^_^ Also, Notch wasn’t available to help him out this week with all the work on the Rex Kwon Do side project, so this was *the* worst time to call out a date and quickly fall behind.

      It should easily be out by the end of the work week, but next time they might opt out of their usual ‘friday game night’ and taking the weekend off to ensure a patch they predicted would come out on time instead of falling behind twice :P

      Thanks for commenting, SleinK!

  10. It’s 12th September! WHERE IS 1.8?! T_T

  11. Its Monday and its 2:26 but still no update…..

  12. Damn… now its technically monday here (1:22), but no update!!! How much longer do I have to wait, Mojang?!?!?!?

  13. remember notch live in sweden, so u wil have to remember the time differences!!

  14. Thank you all for your comments and questions! We just posted an update to this with all the currently know info on when 1.8 is going to arrive:

    Short answer: Not by tonight. Check out the post for more details as well as tweets from Notch and Jeb directly. Danke!

  15. It the 13th no Update but theres a pre-realese so now i dont have to ragequit life


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