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Official Minecraft Patch 1.8 Release Date: Same as LoL: Dominion? -UPDATE-

The other day on twitter I saw someone mention that 1.8 was set to release in “five days” at that time.  Kinda odd to so accurately call it like that, and as I did not see Notch stating a specific anywhere I was bit surprised, but welcome to the information.  As I could not cite it I’d rather not face a pitchfork-wielding mob setting fire to my wooden cabin, so I kept that tidbit to myself.

I loaded up League of Legends just to see if they had a Dominion press release, which they have not.  I clicked the free champion listing just to see what was available this week, nothing award-winning but I’ll give Shaco another go.  From there I checked the Dominion forum to see if there was any news there as nothing has been posted in nearly a month about the new mode, to my annoyance.  One post did mention that perhaps September 8th would be the secret date, but that is still considered a rumor.  A happy rumor though!  I actually, for once, had a good time playing as my ol’ favorite Pantheon the other day.  I was quite pleased with myself ^_^

So from there I load up my blog, see Less Talky: More Shooty sent me a few wonderful backlinks (much obliged!) and yet again someone mentions that 1.8 is upcoming in a confidant tone.  So now I’m curious and dig through a few sites and POOF!  Official patch 1.8 trailer o’ Minecraft!

The Minecraft Adventure Update is gonna land SEPTEMBER 8th!  AHHH! /kawaiisqueeee

I know a lot of people think that’s a lucky number, so let’s cross our fingers it arrives quickly.  Unless you passed out from shock at the information.  In which case you’ll wake up just in time to download the adventure update XD

So color me surprised when it looks like both Minecraft Patch 1.8 and League of Legends: Dominion appear to arrive on September 8th, according to the web.


Color me surprised indeed, because now it is looking unlikely >.<  I offer two quotes from Jeb, one of the lead coders.

Less than a day ago, in response to suggestions of things to add to 1.8:

We’re supposed to release it on thursday, you know… (source)

And less than an hour ago:

Looks grim to get a release out on 8th. We need more testing, one day is not enough. And we never release on fridays… I’ll keep you posted (source)

Well, raspberries!  Oh well, the patch is *extremely* close to release, guys!  Keep on watch!  In more good news, Jeb also mentioned the possibility and perhaps outright confirmation of swapping a world from Creative to Survival in-game!  That was a popular question/concern, so there ya go.  Also: you cannot climb vines and NPC’s will not live in their villages until patch 1.9 (source).

-UPDATE #2-  Well it’s the 8th and no patch :X  Good news though! We just did a post on the updated release date right here!

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