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Minecraft 1.8: Swamp Biome Confirmed – Screenshot ‘N All!

Just about a week ago we posted the livestream of Notch at PAX.  During that livestream people were asking questions and one was if new biomes were in the works.  Notch seemed very interested in swamps and said “definitely” to them.  He must have known already, as just a few moments ago Notch posted an image of the first glimpse of the swamp biome on his twitter feed:

Swamp biome, CREATE: (source)

The image looks all right, but I do admit it needs a bit of work to really be called a swamp.  A new gnarly looking tree texture, and a great deal more brown is required.  If not straight up dirt and brown grass, maybe a new version of Soul Sand as sticky mud?  We’ll see how it takes shape.

Also, Notch has been going back and redoing old stuff to make it more dimensional and ‘alive’.  For example, chests now physically open and pigs have snouts!  The chest change is okay, but the pig one is kinda bizarre.  I might get used to it in time, but currently I liked it better the old way as they sorta look like a chicken as those have a similar-sized beak.

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  2. Hmm its ok but its missing an X-Wing fighter, then it would be a true swamp(bad Star Wars reference :P ). It would be awesome to see a Sasquatch mob as well. Actually that would be really awesome! It sort of fits in with the swamp biome. I wouldn’t be to surprised if there isn’t a mod that adds Sasquatches to the game.

    • Ha! Nicely done ^_^ Though you kinda one-upped yourself bud! While Sasquatches are cool, the idea of Star Wars in my Minecraft makes me want to see all sorts of mechanical vehicles in winter biomes, at least a tauntaun for a mount. Perhaps an ice monster as well? It was pretty much just a horned abominable snowman anyhow.

      Mods are going to come *flying* out of the game once 1.8/1.9 arrives man. That modding API is going to be noice. I like messing around with the texture packs because that’s easy to get at, but making modding easier for all is a great decision by Mojang.


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