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Minecraft PAtch 1.8 Livestream from PAX Prime – Part 2

Turns out there was a second video!  I had no idea haha  I kept adding notes to yesterday’s post and called it a day.  It was not until I checked out the site of long time blog bud Ben that I not only found out the livestream continued later on yesterday, but that the ponytail clad lass shown in the video is actually EZ herself!  I almost made a comment about her yesterday as to how she shares similar features with Christina Ricci but didn’t know that was his wife.  Color me surprised!

Anyway, thought I’d do a Cliff’s Notes of the second part of his livestream for completions sake.  There was a lot of repeated stuff I already covered yesterday, but still it’s news-y so here’s the video and the notes follow!

  • The start was mostly footage of a Creeper box-head raffle but about twenty minutes in Notch started to play the game for the crowd.  (All the footage of yesterday was just before anyone was allowed into the place.  In the last ten minutes or so you can hear Minecraft Chick mention they officially opened the doors.)
  • 18:50 –  Jeb tells the crowd how the hunger bar works. As I predicted a few weeks ago, keeping your hunger meter full and you’ll regenerate health over time similarly to how Peaceful mode works.  But if you let the bar get too low you’ll start *losing* health over time as well.  There will also be a cooldown on how often you can eat of a minute or so. Keep a stack of bread handy on your travels, which will be even easier now as food is finally stackable.
  • 20:00 – You can eat cooked chicken and beef, but at quite the cost.  If an animal dies off, it stays dead.  This was mentioned weeks ago and now seems to be official.  (Re-popping mobs is such a part of the game it’s actually hard to imagine, so it might help to think of them as moving versions of iron ore.)  Animal breeding will be added to the game as well, going hand-in-hand with farming wheat, reeds, and soon to be pumpkins and melons.
  • 21:00 – Creative Mode close-up of the items available.  Fans of Classic will recognize the similarities.  Also, you can fly and make servers be full-on creative havens at start-up.
  • 22:00 – Live Q n’ A starts, but the audio quality combined with the loud white noise of the massive crowds in attendance making this really hard to hear.
  • 22:20 – Question about TNT and how can you move it.  You can, of course.  (This was actually added in 1.7 a month or so ago.)
  • 22:50 – Will there be any more music from C415?  Yes!
  • 23:00 – Will there be new geography?  Yup, buncha new biome code.
  • 24:00 – Giant ravine!  Even without being filled with lava I was flashing back to the new Barrens in Cata.
  • 24:40 – Nothing new planned for redstone in 1.8.  It’s mostly about combat, and the explorer fans of Minecraft *have* been waiting for some love for quite a while.
  • The audio isn’t quite garbage, but I’ll just say the interference is amazing at this point.  Listen on at your own curiosity, but even though I’m a fan of the game I had to skip past most of this to the ending.  I could hear Minecraft Chick just fine, but the people asking questions and Notch were very quiet compared to the loud surroundings.

Luckily, most of the good stuff was found directly from Notch in the first part of the livestream I commented on yesterday, but there’s part two for all those inclined.  I did read a tweet that Notch made stating that “the rumors of 1.8 this sunday are greatly exaggerated. We’ll be in the air on our way to Sweden at that time.” (source)

While that shoots down this Sunday’s release, that doesn’t damping both the excitement and the knowledge that everything we saw yesterday and today are already up and running with working code.  Minus a few tweaks, that baby’s all done!  Keep being patient, buds!  Patch 1.8 and all the adventure goodness it will provide is just a short distance away ^_^

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