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WoW Patch 4.3: Revenge of the Re-subs!

Welp, this is kinda funny.  I had my younger cousin visiting for a while and we got to talking about WoW.  Namely he wanted to play it, and I did not.  And since his character is on my account, I opted to keep the account frozen as there is nothing in-game right now that tickles my fancy.  The funny bit I mentioned above was we got on the topic of what worked in WoW, what didn’t, and just that whole line of thought.  He asked if they ever will do a ‘looking for raid’ sort of thing they added way back in 3.3 with the dungeon finder.  I said it’s possible, but who knows how long it will take them to do it, while grudgingly admitting I might even resub if a lot of the potential kinks in the raid setting were handled.  (People can’t get out of fire in the ZG/ZA instances, I can only imagine the repairs…)

I was actually thinking about doing a “So what if…?” post about how having a Raid Finder sort of thing would likely boost WoW right back and net a hefty amount of those subs that dropped off.  Well, looks like Blizz beat me to it!  MMO Champion reports that there IS going to be a raid finder in 4.3, among a lot more nifty stuff!

-Deathwing raid will be available (mind you, it took months for Arthas to unlock so don’t expect to jump right into him, they need to stall for the next xpack after all -_^)

-New 5-mans, one supposedly dealing with the War of the Ancients in the Caverns of Time.  Insert your own DotA joke huah’.

-Darkmoon Faire will have it’s own island.  And at least one new game, Whack-A-Gnome.  Male gnome subscribers under the age of thirty just skyrocketed by that admission alone, I’m sure.

Transmogrification – A process to turn the look of your current gear into other, older or just different, gear.  If you really like the look of Tier 5, for example, you pay the Etheral NPCs to change the appearance of your current item into that same model.  You can’t turn plate into a cloth item though, and it seems you’ll need the original item you wish to ‘steal’ the look of for this to work.  Which is annoying as most people never even got a shot at Tier 2, and that’s really the only tier I’d ever want to wear on my Warrior.

-Transmogrification Bank – Place to store all these items.  It will lose all the enhancements and gems and that placed upon them, but the storage is huge!  Like 100+ slots.  My entire bank will be finally opened up.  I still got like five guns and bows from BC that I thought looked awesome.

-Raid Finder – As I mentioned already, this will be in-game.  MMO specifically states: “The Raid Finder will be introduced in Patch 4.3, it will work like the Dungeon Finder.”  Short and sweet.  Just bring a bag full of hope, and another bag full of gold.  I’m sure this trip is going to be a bumpy ride.

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  1. You know what’s funny? All sorts of people that once said that RIFT was going to be the game that killed WoW have pretty much now returned to World of Warcraft. Even after all these years (7 years now?), the game certainly is doing something right! :)

    • I know, right? People jumping on Rift only to come back to WoW like a slinking wave during low tide? Totally did not see that happening in a million years -_^

      Personally, I mean I got my gripes with WoW and all that, but more than anything the reason WoW lost any subs at all is from lack of effort resulting in a shoddy product. Maybe it was cool when Cata first shipped since everything was new, but once that wore off… nothing. Nothing new has been added *at all* for PvP folk, heroics are too hard for casuals for some reason and the even more difficult ones of ZA/ZG did not help the matter. (Plus that’s mostly a rehash, and one is a rehash of an expansion which is boggling.) In 4.2 casuals got a whopping daily quest hub. A GATED daily quest hub at that. This is nothing like Quel’danas or whatever. There is no urgency here. I remember rushing home from work to see what phase we were on and doing those dailies as fast as I could on an alt or two to help out.

      The reason WoW lost those subs was lack of effort, pure and simple. In my opinion, the Activision overlords are to blame. WoW might have had flaws but it was still far better off with Blizz only at the helm. As soon as Acti clamped on, the game has nose dived. The one ‘good’ thing about the loss of players is, which it really isn’t that big of a deal as this ALWAYS happens towards the end of a xpack anyway, is that it might have gotten the game back on track. It hopefully got the message to those on high that they should not meddle with what they do not understand and allow Blizz to run things proper.

      I am honestly hoping Acti saw the loss of subs as a sign to back the hell off and let Blizz do what it does best. The dropping of charges to group up with Real ID is a great start, and the content and especially raid feature in 4.3 is a continuation of this good step forward. Heck, you could say everything mentioned thus far is *entirely* casual-friendly, which is fine. While I rate myself closer to hardcore (when I actually play it ^_^) it will make it even easier for me to get into raids. Hit the queue button and try it out. Heck, I’m hoping Lich King is still on the table for his rare loots) and the new 5 mans are well-needed. Still no pvp content, but Blizz really isn’t into that anyway.

      Currently my main point of concern is… I WANT MY TIER 3! >.< You can only transmogfrify items you currently have and I never had a decent shot at getting the t3 items in the first place. I sooo wanted them on my warriors since the first time I spotted them on the armor feature WoW's site used to have. (You know where you could swap out the race and gender and class and see the different tiers, even the pvp ones? It's been awhile, I know.) I'm hoping they get added as a blue posts said no-longer existing gear will be slowly added after 4.3, over time. That is like the ONE set I ever wanted, and teir uh… whatever the rehash of t3 was in Wrath wasn't close enough to the original. I wanted same color and everything. It's a bad arse set. DO WANT XD (But I fear admitting it publicly will lead to a surcharge being added with real life currency as they note the demand for it.)

  2. I am excited about the armor thing. And it makes me glad Im a pack rat and held onto my tier 5… lol. Wings! What raid was tier 3? I can’t remember anymore. We’ve been talking about doing old raids for ppl. Did Kara the other night…

    however, yea… I have been finding myself bored with my beloved world. I know its summer and this happens to me every year… but so many of my pals are leaving so I have a hard time doing the other things I love. Like the roleplaying and silliness.

    But we’ll see what happens….

    • Tier three for warrior at least was Dreadnaught. They reused the same look for everyone with the rehash of Naxx, so like tier uh… wow wiki tells me tier 7. So if you remember the original naxx gear, that was t3. T7 was the rehash, but again I didn’t want the rehash I wanted the original look. Lemme see if I can dig up a pick of the awesome for ya. Look at how brutally badazz this female gnome looks in it:

      And if you can look that daunting as a female gnome… I mean day-um. There’s also a pic of a night elf and female tauren on that page, though I’m sure google will give ya more shots if ya like.

      • Aww yea. no more ofig naxx. I get yea. Its pretty cool. Is the tier 7 a slightly different colour?

        Well fingers crossed they will bring it back for you :)

      • I believe tier 7 was the same/close match of the model but it was all yellow. And I wanted that icy blue! I think the heroic/25 version was blue but then they added swords and spikes and completely ruined the look. So either wrong color, or right color and wrong model were the options haha

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