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Minecraft Monday: Notch Be Married!

Minecraft News

As for the game itself, news is slow this week.  Notch got hitched this weekend, after all.  There was a related ‘event’ of sorts this weekend, if you bought the game you’d get a free gift code as a bonus in celebration of the legally binding ceremony the two swedes had on Saturday.  As that’s really the only news, here’s a few tweets from Notchster about it!

4:19 am, time to go to bed. This time, as a married man. =D (source)

Still wearing that bowler...

(‘Case the pic doesn’t work after awhile *again*, here’s a link to it.)


Hours later Notch commented on his thoughts about married life and his outlook in general.

Also, I was totally expecting to feel way more grown up now, but I still enjoy jokes about flatulence. (source)

Good man.

I was unable to find any information about the ring, which everyone always seems to ask about at one point or another.  I think it is safe to assume that Notch made it himself at a workbench beside of furnace by combining one bar of gold with a diamond.  And possibly a redstone filigree and lapis lazuli accents.  Either way, congratulations to them both!

Buildin’ News!

I still have a piston idea I want to hammer out, but the drive to game hasn’t been very heavy with me lately.  (It feels almost exactly like writer’s block, just applied to the video game realm :/ )  But I do still have goodies for ya!  While this video is great, it wasn’t holding all the facts I was looking for, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t help out you guys!  I’ve seen a lot of vids like this so this was more cool to watch than outright helpful, but people who haven’t dabbled in redstone or piston stuffs will probably love how helpful this guy is.  Super friendly instructions, the whole nine yards.

Have fun, all.  See ya next week!  PAX is just under two weeks away, here’s hoping even more Adventure Patch news comes out before then!

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