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New Mode For League of Legends: Dominion and Battlefield Theme Shenanigans!

I got into LoL when it first came out but then kinda dropped it completely once the formula was noticeable.  I know that’s kinda common as the Red Tinted glasses are off at that point, but the time required and the fun it gave out even under ideal conditions was not self-sustaining for my tastes.  By far though, the biggest issue I still have with the game is that it takes far too long to complete any current map.

Note: Even after a year there are still only two maps available. (People complained APB only had two maps after a month on the market, and theirs were far more varied, detailed, and interactable.  Thanx for stoppin’ by Mr. Double Standard!)

But it looks liked the new mode called Dominion is working to change that!  Promising faster action and shorter games, it already holds my interest.  Actually I really wanted to enjoy the game from the beginning, so them adding a new way for me to play it that matches more with my likes rather than dislikes is great news.

Instead of grinding your way to the enemy base and towers and all that in the way, this will be a big circle in the Capture and Hold style.  Hold more bases than the enemy, you win!  I like this addition as you can actually see a finite finish line instead of hoping to win or praying for the enemy to finally finish you off, as that is usually how the current mode ‘ends’.

The one thing that bothered me was the sound clip starting at thirty seconds in.  Anyone else notice it seems a wee bit similar to a huge FPS title?

That is beyond ‘blatant Battlefield ripoff’ if ya ask me, but luckily it really doesn’t affect the game itself.  Just makes me wonder what they were thinking of adding that clip in there, it’s so out of place :X  Either way, Dominion should be out soon, so if you haven’t played LoL in a while, dust off that account and mix it up in the League!

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  1. Sounds cool, is this coming soon, or very soon? I will indeed, as you say, have to dust off the old LoL account!

    • Hopefully soon! I did a google and all I got back was a general “no hard dates set yet” as a response. I will say, though, that last night when I loaded up the game there was a pretty substantial patch waiting for me. Far larger than the small data tweaks on dps of various classes would require. So likely soon, but hopefully even more soon than that hee hee

  2. My son loves LoL, I still have yet to try it but I’ve been meaning to, looks fun. Oh and I like the new look to the site!

    • If it wasn’t for the crazy-long game times they always seem to end in a loss, I wouldn’t mind. (In fact, most games are decided by the 15 minute mark, just about when you can vote to Surrender. But even though the writing is on the wall, the rest of the stupid team refuses to tarnish their pride and go at it for another hour. Mind you, you do not get extra honor like WoW based on kills. This is entirely per game based. A loss is a loss, be it fifteen minutes or nintey minutes.)

      The new mode is something I’ve been waiting for, as the game is pretty good. I just want out of a loss faster (you get nasty penalties for leaving early, no matter the reason). At least now I can fight NPC bots! Last time they took that out as the servers were getting jam-packed.

      I’d say download the game and do some rounds with people against robots on easy. Play around till you find a character you like a lot. I’d look at the cheaper ones at first, way easier to stash 450 points than 6,300 XD The bigger guys tend to dominate later on, but those cheap starter ones can handle their own just fine! Just remember, the bots, while still smart, are far more forgiving and abusable than real players. If you are easily aggro’able, you might have to pace yourself in LoL. It’s right up there with FPS games on the volume of one’s voice once the frustrations start piling up :D

      And thanks for the compliment! I like this layout and style, seems so chipper n’ purdy!


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