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Minecraft Monday: Endermen Pictures Revealed! Notch is Getting Married, AND Sued! What A ‘Lucky’ Guy!

Hiyas!  Last week I talked about the mysterious and haunting Endermen!  This week I got a picture of em!  Two in fact.  Plus a skeleton shooting a zombie, a lot of trees, an NPC village, and a dude wearing a pumpkin.  (Minecraft’s a busy place.)

I will not reveal the mechanics of how Endermen works so there will be none of that spoiling your fun if you want to be left out in the dark.  But I will be posting how he looks!  I don’t consider it a spoiler, but just in case I’m adding a “more” tag here so you can click to the next page if you wish to see him and a bit more Minecraft News!

Minecraft News

Notch is getting married and sued!  (The jury is out on which is worse! /ba dum tish)

Awhile ago Notch mentioned that if his math was right, he’d be hitting 3 million games sold just before his wedding, and he was dead on!  August 5th the game hit that 3,000,000 milestone and it turns out the block-making bachelor is getting hitched this very Saturday according to his twitter feed.  Kudos to you good sir as well as the soon-to-be Mrs. Notch!  I know some couples dream about living in log cabins in the middle of the woods.  I can think of no better brain to design just that than Notch himself ^_^

This is hot on the heels of Notch’s blog post about Bethesda’s lawsuit against the foreign programmer.  Seems that their legal department thinks the game name “Scrolls” is infringing their title “The Elder Scrolls.”  Again, this is just the legal arm of the company and has nothing to do with the creative people behind Fallout 3, the vastly superior of the two in my humble opinion.  (I think Minecraft has better combat mechanics pre-adventure patch 1.8 than all of Oblivion and Skyrim looks like a direct clone of it).  This lead to PC Gamer and many other sites vocalizing their opinion of just how useless they feel “The Elder Scrolls” part of the game’s feel as all they refer to is the part after the colon.  Like “Marrowind” and “Skyrim,” for example.  Hopefully this gets thrown out early on, as it’s pretty baseless.

A Wild Enderman Appears!

Here’s the shot promised.  As Notch mentioned, it is rather spindly and kinda creepy.  From the front it’s a little plain, but from the side he looks skin-crawlingly unsettling.

What probably makes this guy look even more foreboding is that he looks rather similar to the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4.

Hmm.  But something’s a little off. He should be a little more boxy, of course!  Lemme think.  Ah-ha! Add a dash of the Peg Limbed Pirate from Family Guy: Shamus!

There we go!  You’ve read it here first folks, this horror/comedy hybrid is comin’ at ya in patch 1.8.  Oh, and I guess Minecon is officially being held November 18th and 19th in Vegas, so way before then 1.8 is coming out as well as other patches as Minecon signifies the official release of Minecraft and that “beta” tag is gonna get removed entirely.  PAX is being held in just under three weeks and hopefully just after that we’ll get our hands on this build!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I can’t wait for 1.8! The endermen look awesome and will most likely give me nightmares too haha! I saw on Notch’s twitter feed about the lawsuit, I think its a tad ridiculous…

    • They do! That’s why I think the Regenerator-look is so powerful, those jerks messed you up and you knew getting near them was a bad idea. And if you ever did get too close, they reminded you quite quickly that wasn’t a smart move to make lol

      I noticed that they also give off a smoke effect wherever they are, based on the picture provided. That’s kinda cool too.

      While the lawsuit is quite dumb, at least they sued way before the game released. Of course it was named like nine months ago, but at least they didn’t pull the usual “Wah, wah! You made millions off the game and now we want some, wah!” stuff.

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