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Next WoW Expansion: “Mists of Pandaria”?

Just caught this on MMO-Champion, it seems very likely that the next WoW expansion is going to be titled “Mists of Pandaria.”  And yes, you read that right.  The drunker brew master that only existed slightly in Warcraft 3 and as a mini-pet in Wrath of the Lich King, is getting its own expansion.

Curious, this is.  Will they be a playable race?  If so, I’d assume the Horde gets them, as they helped during the ‘horde’ campaign in WCIII and the Alliance got an animal in Cata.  In a way, Pandarian are a hybrid of tauren and worgen.  Just take a worgen, add cow spots and that totem they carry around and there ya go.

But if that is true, what will the Alliance get?  Something new from the Misty continent?  Perhaps something already in-game, like centaur or something?  At this point I have no idea.  Worgen and Goblins were both in-game to a degree, but both starting zones have been blocked off for years.  If the bulk of gameplay is really taking place in the Mists of Pandaria, it is sounding like another Wrath of the Lich King sort of continent being tacked onto the world.  Maybe south, this time?  I mean we got Eastern Kingdoms in the east (of course), Kalimdor to the west, Northrend is in the north (noticing a pattern…) and most of Cataclysm was involved with stuff going on in or near the Maelstrom right in the middle.  Kezan *kinda* was southish, but it is very small.  If it will be a full-blown xpack, I can easily see a ‘Southrend’ of sorts popping up below everything.

Will they be a neutral race as they were in Warcraft 3?  Will both sides be able to play as them if that is the case? Will a ‘brewmaster’ be the new hero class?  (Pandaren are primarily melee based, and I could have sworn Blizz said they wanted a ranged or healing style to be the next Hero class.  Will Pandas really go horde, or will they pull a Burning Crusade-like switcheroo? Time will tell!

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  1. Someone was pointing out that China has laws about what you can and can’t do to panda’s and violence is a big no no. So there were musings about how they might be a neutral npc class and we do stuff on their continent. Will be interesting to see.

    • Ah, good point! Definately do not wanna bother the biggest single location of most of WoWs remaining subs. If they are a neutral and furry Tuskar then, I wonder what will be the new class or whatever? And if China can’t see them involved in combat, then at least on their clients they wouldn’t have any of the Pandaren being escort NPCs or even guards. Unless they growled and everything around them died instantly or something.

      Here’s hoping for another healer class. DKs didn’t help much with the tank shortage (in a way it could have been made worse with those vids on youtube with DK tanks 1 manning raids left and right), but I’d like to see what they do in terms of healing/ranged classes. Volgin got a big boost since the tail end of Wrath, maybe a Shadow Hunter? Those could kinda heal too, I think. And that would fill the previous remark about ranged/healing being the next Hero. But then again I’ve seen Devs swear that a certain spell or spec wouldn’t change due to loud people on the forums, yet less than three days later a hotfix nerfed that very same spec, so who knows what actually is gonna go down ^_^

  2. Don’t have anything to add about WoW, but nice new WordPress theme! Very clean and nice big fonts :)

    • Your comments are always welcome no matter the topic, bud :D

      It was either gonna be this or another called Beach, but I liked this one better. Seemed ‘happier’ and more upbeat. I try to ensure my posts got that energy (minus stupid dev decisions/imbalanced stuffs), so I thought it was a good fit. I had a hassle and a half trying to get all the widgits back in place, but it’s all good now so yay. (Also, after I remembered everything I found out there is a list of previous things saved waaaay at the bottom of the page, so I could have just used that but I didn’t look way down there. That could have saved me like an hour haha)

      I might swap it around, but I likes the look of it so far. Might even add a picture, if this theme allows a header one, that is.

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