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Minecraft Monday: New “Enderman” Mob in Adventure Patch 1.8 Announced!

Notch updated his blog with this nifty post about the ned “Enderman” mob coming to Minecrafts near you!  He laced his post with spoiler alerts so I am going to do the same.  I think they sound awesome, but after reading what it says, I cannot wait to see people’s reactions to this new guys when the patch drops.

So, you have a choice my friends!

Do you want to wait and see what’s new when it occurs with your blinder caps securely in place till patch day, or do you want a sneak peek?  I’m telling ya, it’s great stuff.  You will find out exactly how the mob works when you play the game yourself though, so if you opt out of reading you will still learn about it in-game and all you miss is early details.  Don’t feel like you *need* to read this if you want to genuinely be surprised.

The choice is yours!


As Notch blogged not too long ago, Endermen is the name of the new mob he’s got in the works.  As for the nitty-gritty, he wanted to make another creepy mob.  And we all know and love Creepers, so what could go wrong?

Endermen are sleek and gangly, and quite tall.  Three meters to be exact. (The player is two meters tall, so this is one you’ll have to look up at to see eye-to-eye.)  They start out as gentle giants, but have another disturbing trait.  They can move blocks.  As in pick-up and drop-off somewhere else.  He didn’t give too much detail about what or why, or if these might be villagers or what.  Just that they slowly walk around and do their own thing.  But now that mobs can move blocks, that means it’s only a matter of time till another can, or they might already be able to! /gasp  I recall reading he wanted zombies to be able to move blocks, is that in the works or is it more a lantern idea?  Good in theory, bad in practice?

The Catch…

This game is filled with spiders that can climb up undefended walls and silent, exploding ninjas.  You didn’t think there’d be a catch? Pfft!  You crazy!  The one thing, and I’ll give you another chance to avoid this part as it’s a biggy.  This is THE reason why it’s a spoiler, so you’ve been warned!  Actually, like three times warned by now, but it’s a good surprise so it’s worth the extra questioning.  If you don’t want to know, just close the page or go read one of the blogs on my blogroll.  Or go shopping or something ^_^


Horror is in the Eye of the Beholder

When you first see these big guys you might just glance and watch them move boxes.  After a bit you’ll instinctually mouse over then as that is genuinely how people ‘look’ in a game.  …And then the mob starts to spin.  It turns very slowly until it can see you, and stops.  And then it stands there.  Staring.

That’s uh.

That’s kinda creepy.

So after an awkward silence you opt to go the other way, or at least break eye contact as the unnerving terror starts to set in. “Oh gee, look at the time!  That pad of butter in the sky is gonna set any minute now and I gotta—”  You look away, but it’s already too late.  He’s on the move.

And my oh my, can he move. He runs incredibly fast and does hefty damage when he arrives.  Go and run to your house if you think that will help.  It won’t.  I don’t care if you just spotted him on the horizon and your castle is “just like right there,” if he got a lock onto you, he’s on a mission and he is bookin’.  If he’s too far away to meet you in just a few seconds, he can teleport and blink even closer.  If he cannot reach you in a short amount of time, he will find his own darn way to reach you in a short amount of time.  Both your sight and fate are locked the moment you mouse over one of these bad boys, even if you were looking straight ahead and they walked into your cursor, “it’s on.

A bit of Advice from Crookshanks MacNab

I think the Endermen sounds AWESOME and will rightly live up to its name.  Add in nightfall with skele’s and zombies, or even any lingering Creepers during the day and that battle will get quite a bit harder to fight.

Admittedly, I wanted you guys to stew in that fear a bit longer, but I already got battle plans to take him down.  In case you got worried about how to handle these guys, here’s my take on it.  Not only does this sounds like one epic manuever to me, but I have to ask, what’s stopping you from stopping him?  We’ll be getting a sprinting move that knocks enemies back as well as a parry.  I say take ’em head on!

(And this could very rightly be the Warrior in me talking.  He was a a troll as well as a gnome, but for some reason he’s apparently now a dwarf as it came out like Scottish or something based on ‘his’ dialect.) 

If ya lock on’tae him and ‘e turns ’round, it’s game time, lad.  This isn’t time to start quakin’ in yer wee little bewtz!  Nay, says aye!  It is time to roll up yer’ perty sleeves and steele yerself for the glorious moment at hand!  You stare down that beastie;  not with a nervous glace nor even a grimace, but a smile.  If he turns his ‘ead to you, ya stare right back at that hulking Navi pansy-boy and you let your presence be felt!  Let it be known! 

Look down ’round yer feet, lad!  Make sure your laces all strapped down nice ‘n tight, trussed and fussed.  Right about then the baddie will be hurtlin’ towards ya like an anvil off a cliff.  And ye’ be ready fer ’em!  With steel in ‘and, you sprint forth and meet ’em head on!  When ye’ collide the force will send the poor sod careenin’ away, opening up for a counter-attack.  If he manages to whip right back to ya’, don’t fer’get you can parry with that sword of yers, too!

The patch just keeps getting better and better!  Hope you liked Crookshanks, as I don’t know when he’ll ever be back XD Have a goodin’ all!

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  1. Very good – so when is 1.8 going live?

    • There will be a demo/version of it up at this upcoming PAX from August 26th to the 28th. If it’s ready enough to show the press who tell everyone else about what they see, then I’d like to think it’s done. But he said he’ll tweak a few things to see how others react (new combat, mobs, level generation, maybe goofy glitches they didn’t run into yet, etc.) and go from there. If there are no changes necessary, it could launch by the end of August, but odds are early to mid September. Everything else is just a guess (I’ll put September 18th in as my randomly generated one!) and until Notch offers something more concrete, that’s the best I can does!

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