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Minecraft Cake – For Realies!

Hey guys n’ gals!  You might have noticed that yesterday the lovely kaozz of the ECTmmo blog got the free gift we sent her via the knit it forward post a few months back.  You might have also noticed that her cats went nuts over it, because we stuffed these bad boys with catnip, baby!  Everybody loves them some cake, kittehs are no exception!

Just wanted to let ya know that we threw one of these up on our Etsy store, so if you have a cutey kitty that totally deserves to be spoiled, you know where to find one of these for your very own furry companion :D

While you are there, be sure to give Kaozz’s Etsy shop a look-see as well!  She’s got a lot of nifty graphical options for all your imaging needs.  To summarize: the lass is a Photoshop wizard.  If she was in Salem a few hundred years ago and they saw what she can do with a pixel, she’d be running away from a zippo is all I’m sayin’.

Minecraft News

Might as well round it off with something new I just found from the ol’ Notchster’s tweets!  The combat one sounds awesome, but both are interesting.

I’ve spent a day and a half trying to make town borders look good, and I’m getting very sick of it. Back to combat tweaking for a while! (source)

Town borders, he says? Like fences?  Curious…

Hitting a mob while rushing now sends them flying. It’s satisfying, and I’m giggling a bit. (source)

Now that sounds epic.  I keep flashing back to the Stronghold with a ravine going through it and thinking how cool it would be to duke it out with a mob army in there.  Being able to punt an enemy off a ledge and down to his demise is nearing the top of my list of things I cannot wait to do once 1.8 goes live.

Have a great day, all!

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  1. Aw ty for the flattering nod in my direction!

    The kitties are still loving the cake, hehe! I just may have to visit the shop to get them another one soon. It really is the cutest thing!


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