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Minecraft 1.8 ‘Adventure Mode’ News: Higher Highs, Lower Lows

Just the other day, my good bud Allahweh asked me if anything new about the Adventure Mode/Patch was going on in the Minecraft loony universe.  Originally I was going to say no, but then I happened upon an interview and WOW.  I was way off!  Check out some of this news right from the Notch-man himself!

One does not merely walk into Mordor...

Map Height

This is what a mammoth of a mountain looks like when the height map is increased four-fold.  Instead of 124 height cap, this is at 512.  Notch commented on twitter that the coding isn’t exactly meant to work at these extremes, but later said that he plans on making it easily adjustable via mods in 1.8 with the Modding API.

Experience and Leveling

In the picture above you’ll notice a thin, segmented bar below the hearts and above the quick-bar.  While how experience hasn’t exactly been decided, Notch said he loves the idea of ‘roguelike’ games where once you die, you die.  Le fin.  But what is confusing is that he seems to flip-flop on the idea, or maybe he might just be confused on what the term “permanent death” means, at least in Minecraft terms.  I’ve heard of people deleting their entire world save upon death and starting fresh every time.  *That* is permanent death, but Notch’s information is confusing at best.

“The idea is that you level up really, really fast. You can grind away and level up fast if you want to, or you can just play as normal and level up that way.  The longer you play, the bigger the risk of dying becomes. It’s the part that really works. If it feels like it’s too harsh, we might make it half or something like that. But the fact that you lose everything – you lose all your inventory anyways.” (PC Gamer)

“You lose everything.  You lose all your inventory, anyways.”  I still see it as wishy-washy.  Like he wants perma death, but knows the fans will riot if he comes right out and says it.  But what I think is more important is, why do we want to level up?  What new things will be offered to out-weigh the risks of perma death?  And I emphasize “new”, I don’t want that downgrade of what happened to diamond tools once gold tools got a buff.  (Gold mines faster than diamond, but diamond got nerfed to slower speeds over all.  And who in their right mind makes gold tools?  Right.  So that means EVERYONE got a slower-speed nerf and the insane minority got a barely measurable boost.)

I’m not opposed to the idea of a ‘perm’ death, if only he advertised the proper verbage.  It isn’t a perm death if you can respawn.  If all you do is lose your items that still sucks, but it *is not* a permanent death.  That’s just annoying.  But still, here’s hoping leveling is fun and useful!  Flying spaghetti monster knows I wasted far too long on the MMO mod, hurling myself to a hasty demise just to level up a skill that slowly negates falling damage.  But it was fun, and I think this fleshed out version will be too!

Personally, I dislike a one death rule and Notch’s information makes me question just what is his meaning of “permanent death”.  It is heavily suggested that once you die you lose all of your items (at least all items on you) as well as all of the experience you currently have.  But is that really permanent death? Permanent item loss, yes.  And I’m not even saying the idea of losing all the hard-earned xp wouldn’t be stressful.  I can totally see being surrounded and lost and low on health regenerating items leading to exciting times, but while that still sounds great, that is not “permanent death.”

Hunger Meter

Yet another thing you can see in that image above, the partially gnawed on meaty drumsticks are indicative to how hungry you are.  Supposedly optional, it reminds me of a similar system in use in Dransik/Ashen Empires.  How it worked there was you’d eat stuff or else your regen of health and mana was terribly slow or stopped if you were starving.  While he hasn’t given the exacts, he did mention food no longer heals instantly and it will be an over-time effect, to the point of you actually stop and display an eating animation with some sort of sound effect (munching, I gather).  So before you nibble on strip-o-piggy, make sure the coast is clear.

Ravines!  Chasms! Strongholds!  Oh Em Gee!

Ravines are going to be deep, deeeeeep paths through rocky terrain.  In this shot we see not only a zombie about to take a bath, but one of the new underground Strongholds! (Also known as Ruins, the same ‘ruins’ I posted a pic of a few weeks back.) This looks particularly nifty, and I can’t wait to explore one of these guys.  I like how the torches are lit down in the distance, hinting that these Strongholds will not exactly be wide open for exploration, and will likely need to use the new combat abilities Notch has been talking about.

Recently I noticed terrain generating stuff like nearly perfect circles in caves, forming a natural auditorium and nifty mineral vistas.  Cool as they are, I’d much rather get my Indiana Jones on in a place like this.  So for me personally, I can’t wait to deafen the Misses screaming the Indiana theme song, loudly and way off key as I cleave a path through the place.

“Da dun da-da, dun da-da!  Dun da da-DA, dun dun da-da-dah!”

So that’s it for today’s post!  I’ll add more tomorrow as well as our usually unusual Minecraft Monday!  Woot!

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  1. Awesome update man. You’re keeping up on things better than I am these days!

    • Thank-ya, bud! As I said in the post I really thought the MC universe was on ‘radio silence’ as Notch said they would be hush-hush till release. Then POOF! All this info the buggers ninja-released. Tricky guys…

      I’m about to type up the combat announcements post, as I don’t think I have much to add about my own personal buildin’ as the Misses has the laptop with the world save I was helping her out with. But then again I got APB:Reloaded installed so that maaaay have sapped my attention away from it, too hee hee

  2. Very good update! I know you had emailed me about this, but this clears up even more! It looks like we are in for a treat with 1.8, and whatever isn’t done in that update can likely be done with mods.

    Any news yet on NPCs and what they might do?

    • Not yet, just that they will exist and you can choose to help the villages or destroy them. He didn’t even talk about the Stronghold stuff yet, and that place better be filled with lootable mobs! It looks like an epic battle waiting to happen in one of them, I’z can’t wait!

      As soon as I find out more I’ll be sure to mail ya and/or make a post about it ^_^

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  4. Wait, so leveling up just makes the game harder?

    • Not exactly. When you level up you get access to new abilities (in 1.9, it’s not out in the current patch 1.8) which makes the game easier. But if you die you lose all your abilities you earned, so you have to start over skill-wise. This makes it very interesting as you get confidant in your abilities and maybe cocky. But if you get killed in your hubris, you lose all those abilities that made you so strong. So you end up strong, but still cautious about your future because you can take a hit, but if you take one too many you start from scratch. It’s a spin on the ol’ Risk verses Reward approach.


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