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Minecraft Monday: WTB Redstone Torches

Oy, wudda week!  Dunno if you guys heard but Chicago got rocked by a storm last Monday, which is precisely why we didn’t update last week.  (Sorry ’bout that.)  I could say why, but this picture sums it up pretty well.

Took more than a single Stone Axe to chop that sucker.

That fell at about eight in the morning.  Took off a chunk of the… the thing on the porch.  I still don’t know what it’s called.  But on the way down it hacked off some of our trees (as the limb that fell in the picture was our neighbors) but *his* neighbor’s tree took down the actual power lines.  And it took five days and crews all the way from Alabama and Georgia to get us back up and running.  (Well, not just ours, you big sillies.  Over 800,000 lost power, so they needed reinforcements.) There are still a few homes unpowered, and a nasty, nasty heat wave is about to arrive.  Here’s hoping everyone is up and running before those triple digit heat indexes start to march out.

This is how Raisin Bran is made.

Minecraft News

You’d think a period of time passes and there’d be stuff to talk about, but unfortunately all is quiet in terms of news, so I can’t really add much here.  Nothing new on his blog, twitter wasn’t really that helpful, but how’s about this for an epic kudos from the ol’ Notchster:

“congratulations on the sex!” (source)

Well said.  (Hey, if you can’t be informative, at least be entertaining.  Right, Fox?)

Buildin’ Stuff Front

On the actual playing side of things, I was lucky enough to play a bit with the Misses this week after the power willed itself back to existence.  We got a local server thing goin’ and I helped out on her Hotel buildin’.  She wants to connect far away stuff via a railway system and a few strategic train stations to either pit stop and explore or to simply help choose your destination.  We’ll be working more on that one in the next few.  Hope all is well in your worlds, in-game and out, and we’ll see ya in the ‘Craft next week!

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  1. Holy crap! What a mess that is…I hope everything is all right, and yes, stay cool no matter what. The heat this summer is bad….

    • It’s all good, well pretty much all good. Minus a wee bit of damage here and there it’s like nothing happened. We lost a shingle or two (found it out front) but still dunno where it came from. (The roof, obviously :P) Some houses lost a lot more, so I’m glad we only have the little we gots. Checking out his tree to make sure the whole thing isn’t weakened and gonna cause more problems later on, should find out zee results in a few.

      Today the area has a heat index of 115. The Misses tells me the theme park she’s at with a friend is nearly empty of visitors. Bet the water rides have the highest ratio of riders today ^_^

  2. Wow that’s some serious damage. Glad you (and your house) are alright!

    Good that you still fit in some Minecrafting time, gotta unwind after a long day of wood chipping! We gotta play again sometime soon, though I guess I’ll blame that on myself not being online that much lately!

    • Haha, it’s wavvy gravvy man! Priorities take… well.. priorities! I’ve been tinkering with a few programs and even LoL this week myself, but I did manage to make a few pistons on my very first world last night. Had a ton of redstone and some iron stashed so I made a few. I think they sound awesome when they activate hee hee

      Seeing if I can get an overly-complicated Cactus farm goin’, just for the heck of it. It’s fun to tinker in the ‘Craft again. Normally I’m just mining or lumber farming and ‘working’ in-game, so to just sorta “ooh, how does this work?” with redstone for an hour or so was a welcome change.

  3. I sent you an email, by the way, to your gmail address (if that’s valid), basically with some more detailed MC questions!

    And that sucks about the storm and the tree falling, but thankfully it didn’t seem to do any more damage (like to the main structure of the house!).

    • I got it! Would have gotten to it sooner but I just didn’t check it till last night. Had a nasty storm roll though that luckily was just really loud for us, but damaged some a few miles south of us. More trees down and all that, but luckily not as wide-spread as last time.

      As for the MC questions I actually got a post planned! I seemed to miss a large wealth of information Notch has been giving out in interviews so I got the sites favorited and plan on whipping that up shortly, pics n’ all!

      • Not a problem, and to add to that question which you can reply to (or send a follow-up to), I was also curious as to if it’s worth messing with the AdventureCraft mod that’s out there, or will the 1.8 update render that null?

      • That mod is actually quite potent! You might want to make a back-up copy of your world and tinker with it. It will get a lot of the results you were looking for, just tack-on the NPC villagers one to get them to ‘talk’ when you run near them and I think that’s mostly what you were lookin’ for.

        When the real deal ships there will be a lot of random dungeons and all that, but you want to place them in specific spots so either do it by hand or give this mod a shot. (Also, you can make it so they cannot destroy any blocks I saw! So there ya go!) Best of luck!

  4. Dude, sorry to hear about your house and the storm. I’ve been through that many times with the hurricanes. Yikes! =)

    • Haha, that’s right! Had relatives in from Florida who didn’t see the damage but are feeling this Heat Dome (the weather peeps have been calling it that), saying it’s cooler down there than up here! The humidity is probably very comparible though. Jutting out into an ocean on either side and all that haha

      Crazy weather this year, I’m hoping for an early and long winter ^_^

      • It’s terribly hot down here, around 98-102 nearly every day, with very high humidity! It’s a wonder our power-bill this month won’t be $500 with how much the air is running! :P

  5. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the trouble you guys have had! Hope everything is back to normal. That is one big tree!

  6. Geez what a storm that must have been! Hopefully the tree can be reused in some way, maybe as mulch for a garden!


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