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Minecraft Monday: Ten Million Users Plus Fourth O’ Julyness

Welp, EvE is still good fun but I’m currently at the point where I can fight off the urge to play long enough to actually get stuff done.  Luckily, as I have a LOT of crap to juggle.  As always, it seems hee hee  But onto the Minecraft News!

Minecraft News

On July 1st, Minecraft surpassed 10,000,000 or ten million users.  (Not to be confused with people who bought the game, that’s like 2.5 million right now.)  Users are the actual accounts people make to play even the free Classic stuff online.  But considering that more than twenty percent of that actually did pay for it so far, daaang.  It might not seem like much, but that really is a great ratio of players willing to purchase for the whole deal.  I’m sure that number will surge even higher once Adventure Mode is in full swing.  About that…

“Working on some new farming options. It’s very silly.” (source)

That sounds like fun.  I know theres a few mods out about planting cool trees and growing nifty plants and things like pumpkins and pineapples, but I think that a lot more of it should be added to the core game.  Farming is just something I like doing since Harvest Moon got me addicted to that style, here’s hoping more effort gets placed into it!  I wanna do more than grow wheat, I says!

“I had a very productive evening tonight, finishing up two new features from scratch. Now: Futurama. Soon: sleep.” (source)

Well that sounds interesting.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the supposed Experience Spheres and Giant Mushrooms that were found in patch 1.8.  Speaking of giant mushrooms, how about entire villages and new default Minecraft textures?  Check these suckers out, straight outta Notch and Jeb’s hardrive:

Click the image, the source one is *huge*

Here you can see a small village, likely the sort of thing Notch planned about NPC villages!  Dunno about the giant mushrooms… but it looks cool in an Alice sorta way ^_^ Also note the blocks in use in these houses.  Wooden plank roof, cobble wall…and mossy cobble bases!  New source o’ cobble.  NPCs or otherwise, you bet I’ll slaughter the younglings for some snazzy and fast mossy stone.

Well, there is a LOT goin’ on here.  Let’s break this bad boy down.  First, of course it is some sorta ruins with pillars and stuff in the back.  Notice the textures in use both in the front and background.  It isn’t a new stone texture as stone is still in the mountain in the distance, which makes this either a re-texture of brick or something completely new.  I’m leaning towards new for a few reasons.

One, there are actually three versions of this new block in view already.  One is plain stone brick, the second is mossy stone brick, and the third is cracked stone brick.  Also, the ‘room’ without a roof on the right looks to have an iron cage-like door sealing it off.  Curiouser and curiouser…

Off topic but still important…

Ironic that I found out about this on ‘Independence Day’ but, looks like the guv’ment wants to throw a whole buncha people in jail because yet again they have no idea how technology works.  (Need I bring up the whole series of tubes example set so many years ago?)  Notch posted a link about this to X’s Let’s Play, my fav. Minecrafter who had a big part in me purchasing the game… and thus getting it for the Misses and making four of my buds get it as well.  In short, all copyrighted material you post a video of on youtube or any other video sharing or streaming site will equate to an automatic felony.  It won’t matter if the game company is alright with it, as it will be a government issued bill, the government will enforce it unless the game company makes a specific clause.

Check out the video for more links on the details and how to voice your opinion.  It affects a GREAT deal of stuff, to the point of being laughable that it has gotten as far as it is.  Sucks that laws get past with such vague polices openly in place so things can get taken out of context left and right.  But being able to state our negative opinion about something is one of the bonuses of being free.  And until that gets taken away all together, we still got something to celebrate this Fourth o’ July!

Minecraft Co-Op: Happy Fourth Of July!

Happy Fourth, everyone!  Be sure not to lose a hand setting off TNT blocks tonight.  It has a six second fuse, after all.  Use that to its fullest!

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