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EvE Online: Incarna – Captain’s Quarters Brewhaha

This was quite the oddness.  The Misses got me EvE just a few days ago.  (Many, many thanks, by the way, Babe.)  I’ve been scoping the game out for easily a year now, just never thought the rigs we got would work with it.  Only part that actually did was the character creation.  …Only now you have to see that every time you dock.

Or do ya?

There was one monster of a post on the EvE forums and easily half were people requesting that the dock and 3d avatar business be made an option.  The other half were people saying “shutup, get a new pc.  It’ll cost like 50 bux for a new graphics card, rofflerofflelozer”

Luckily, I can say that you *can* turn off that Captains Quarters stuff!  Wanna know how to turn it off?  Do ya?!  It’s in the options, silly!  (I easily missed it like five times, so don’t worry about your vision if you passed it up too ^_^) You just gotta uncheck the box.  It’s in the video options, which should be the default screen when you hit Escape, and just above the boxes that you can change the settings from High to Low or whatever.  Heck, even if your rig can run that bit, many are saying it will get old fast.

So there ya go!  Uncheck it, and game on.  I’m quite happy that we can so easily side-step that stuffs as the game is great and not being able to turn it off would have probably ended my run with the game right thar’.  (Mind you, if I had a PC that could load that stuff without lag it would be *awesome*.  But till then, I’m happy I have the option to turn it off ^_^)

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  1. So how demanding is EVE on your system? Like, what sort of requirements does it have and what does it take to run it on the absolute highest settings?

    I’ve always heard that it is probably THE best space-age MMORPG out there, hands-down a million times better than Star Trek Online, and I’ve always been curious about it.

    So why don’t you like the walking around portions they are adding?

    • Well, I do not know the exacts, but I can guesstimate ^_^ This rig can run WoW fairly smoothly with acceptable frame-rate issues. I’d say 16-20fps average, even during the graphic intensive stuff. RIFT was a lag fest even at 800×600 and on “dev mode” which makes everything look like crap but fast. It was playable, but as the servers were *terrible* during the beta I could not tell if it was me or the server lagging during big Rifts.

      As for EvE, the game is easily playable with everything on High. As the game is known for being a bit pvp-friendly, I do tend on the side of caution and turn off a few bells and whistles though. I leave off Shadows and also After Effects like bloom and all that. I did turn them on and the game looks amazing with. It’s just that, I tend to dabble in a profession that not everyone sees as a perfectly legal in EvE, though the developers fully support it. So just in case, I’mma go ahead and leave off those frills for the sake of survival and a fat haul ^_^

      As for the walking around bits, the ratio of lag is immense. I can play the game for hours and the only amount of ‘lag’ in play is the short wait as I undock or jump from solar system to solar system. Yet if I turned on the option for the Captains Quarters it brings the computer to a painful halt. There is no real in-between. No lag as you fly around shooting stuff (playing in space in a space game, as some said on the forums), but when you see the new avatars I’m facing jagged and jerky controls that I do not need to suffer through if I only use the same interface that’s been in the game for years.

      Also, it’s a question of utility verses aesthetics. In this sense, I do not care how pretty it is, I just want to dock, unload my haul/restock my auctions and reload my ammo reserves, and I want to do that not only as fast as possible, but how I grew used to it for the previous fifty hours of play or whatever I racked up.

      The change is still great, don’t get me wrong. If my rig could handle it, I think it would be awesome to check out the news and loadouts on wall-mounted flatscreens and holograms and all that. But as I cannot, just let me have the option to turn it off and use the same system that’s been in place for years. It might not win awards for beauty, but dangit if it isn’t compact. (Plus, I was really worried there would be *no* option. Docking is a pretty important part of the game, and if I *had* to lag every time I did so, I don’t think I would have played it the rest of my ‘free’ month, so I’m glad it’s there and hope it remains an option as they continue to add on to that 3d avatar stuff.)

      The game is great and I’m having a blast playing it. I could always send ya a 21 day trial if ya like -_^ I’ve been eyeing it since Burning Crusade, and Wrath only prompted me to stare longingly at it, thinking the beefier of our rigs wouldn’t be able to handle it. All it took was a surprise gift of the game from the Misses and now I’z happily jumping through space hoops :D I can send out like nine of those invites a month I think, so I got plenty if you did wanna give it a shot. I’d highly recommend it.

  2. I’m not sure what “dev” mode is in RIFT, though they probably removed that option in the live version. Yet, I can say that the game is poorly-optimized and programmed in some areas. I run it at 1920×1080 on max terrain rendering, max textures, and max object distances, and it does fluctuate quite a bit in what speeds it gets. I’d say it averages in the 30s or 40s, but I’ve seen it dip to around 20 FPS or soar above 100 FPS! What’s funny is that on the Defiant side of things I get 55+ FPS (on the low end!), and yet on the Guardian side I get a good 15-20 less than that!

    But, the issue I have is that basic things like processor loads are handled badly. You have to manually alter the Config file to allow the game to use more than one CPU core, or to use the lower-used core. That’s basic stuff, and shouldn’t require such work on the end-user.

    That said, I might one day be interested in trying EVE, I’m just not sure how much time I really have to invest in that, RIFT, and other things, lol. But we will see!

    I’m glad you are enjoying it so much!


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