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Minecraft Monday: The Misses’sses World (I Always Get Those Confused! XD)

Hey everyone! “The Misses” here.  I am delivering the Minecraft Monday this week. Due to the fact I got him a game and he… we’ll he’s trapped in it’s grasp and here I am. (I’ll wait for you guys to run away before I continue:)

As most of you know, we have been doing a lot of server-hopping from RL buddy’s closing down theirs and nether towns randomly disappearing :P On an off I have been working on my own world offline for kicks, fun, and never having to worry about my lovely things leaving me like the socks in the dryer.

Before we go into this wonderful world of the “Misses,” I figured I’d fill ya in on my basic info about this place. First no scaries are on unless I needs the mats. (Scaries are mean, kill production time, and create an unsafe work place).  Yes I play nice with them, but not when I am on this world :).  Second, it is still kinda new with random things all over at the moment. ( I take breaks from one to the next lol).  Third, when I’m done it will be so filled with towns I may have to make zip codes /cry. But lets start with what I got before you leave from boredom.

When I first started my main world I was  in a nice place filled with trees and a cool looking flat faced mountain.  My first intention was a really cool tree house mansion. But that changed when I found lava at the base of the mountain…  So I made a hotel.

Minecraft: Full Hotel Entrance

my hotel

This is my hotel! It’s not finished yet, but one day. From the pic above you can see the huge fountain (don’t worry I called security on mr. piggy) and on the other side there are three water slides ( not finished, sorry!) This next pic is of the current entrance of the hotel.

Minecraft: Hotel Entrance

From this shot you can see were the lava was when I first arrived as well as the waterfall and tree. Was kinda cool how that happened really. I made the waterfall and tree into a cool little pool with a glass room in the back.  The wooden balcony starts at the first floor where the reception desk is. As for the inside not much is done. Lots of clearing and floor plan working going on. Planning to have a dining hall, ball room, work out room, kitchen for the faculty ect. ect.

These next few pics are from the top of the hotel.

Minecraft: Rooftop Park

Stop at the Garden.

When you first head up you can go to a look out over the area or take the stairs. When you first go up the stairs you find a small park. Nothing too big, but when u just wanna relax not a bad place. When you turn to your left you find a place filled with chairs and tables for family picnics and BBQ.

Minecraft: BBQ!

BBQ anyone?

This picture is where the cooking goes on for the family BBQ’s and in case of rain more tables.  I went crazy tree hunting for this thing.   The fences and the trap doors were driving me crazy placing them.

Minecraft: Hotel Roof Pool

Wait 30 mins before entering, please!

This is a picture of the adult pool, you can kinda see the kiddie pool next to it.  Due to the fact this is right by the eating place I had to post signs about waiting.  As for the tanning spot I hope my umbrellas aren’t that hideous :(  Kinda hard to do, but at least it gives shade right.  …Right??.

Now for this last picture…

Minecraft: Japanese Shrine Theater

Konichi wa!

This is a Kagura-den, or a japanese shinto shrine theater.  It is uncompleted at the moment.  I am hoping to finish it soon. I am still figuring out if I am keeping the mountains in the back or taking them down because I am needing to make two main buildings.  Amaterasu would be for the fist building and the second for her brother Susano-o and his sweet heart Kushinada-hime. (For all you anime fans, I am planning to put a Blueseed on the floor of the second lol)

Anyway that’s all I can post at the moment!  I am sure you all are getting bored by me rambling. Don’t worry though, think of this as a reason to be happy when the “Mr.” comes back. Hopefully you didn’t get too bored.  Anyway, have a great week guys and happy mining.  /bows

-The Misses

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  1. Hi Misses! Love your projects! They’re always so…HUGE, lol. So funny that finding lava made you change your mind from a mansion to a hotel…what about lava made you think hotel? :D

    Anyway, I really enjoy your guest posts, you should buy Mister more games so you can do your Minecraft posts more often! ;)

    • Where the hotel came from was the trees might have started on fire being that close to lava and it looked like a huge cathedral type thing, but I didn’t want to do that right off the bat. Besides I found a better place for that :)

      As for the Mister getting more games I’d need to find a job for that. And then I might not have time to make Minecraft posts lol Besides the Mister edited and did the picture placements and all that (I type terribly), so I still need him around :P

  2. I like it! Looks really good and well planned out! The hotel is really cool looking, I love to see buildings integrated in with the mountains.

    • Thanks! I was a little worried, I’m not used to posting my ‘projects’. Normally everybody has more cooler looking stuff to the point where I feel like a noob. I’m glad everyone seemed to enjoy it. If I get a chance to work on it more, I’ll post more pictures!

  3. Very, very cool. I need to get back into the game. I had a recreation of Hyrule from the Zelda 2 era running around on my computer, but it’s not quite finished yet…Maybe one day!

    I really love the hotel, and it’s already amazing, so it’ll be super-amazing when it’s all done!

    • Keep working on that Hyrule! The Mister showed me a few shots of it that you posted and it was coming along really well. Hopefully my hotel will be up to your expectations, I’m still learning so I feel new to this stuff still lol


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